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William Johnston & Company are leading gasket manufacturers and trusted suppliers of gaskets, nuts, bolts, watertight door joints, washers and associated products throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. 
Established in the 1940s by William Johnston, William Johnston & Company have continued to grow in size, expertise and reputation, and we are now one of the most respected companies in the UK market; trusted and relied upon to supply gaskets and parts for utilities, construction and varied engineering projects across the world. We are now one of the largest manufacturers of gaskets in the UK, and we have been pleased to continually grow the export side of the business to serve large projects nationally and internationally.
We stock a huge range of gaskets (including EPDM Gaskets, Industrial Gaskets, Marine Gaskets and more - all of which are met with BSI, WRC and FDA approvals), as well as other associated products – from rubber sealants to O-rings. For engineering and industrial applications we supply jointing materials including commercial rubber, SBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile , Viton, sponge, silicone, oil tan paper and graphite - cut as gaskets or strip to suit individual requirements. We also supply metal ring gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, PTFE envelopes and a full range of pump and valve packings in pure 24B PTFE. We supply the automotive sector with mudflaps, snowplough blades, antislip walkways and matting. 

From our bases in Glasgow and Inverness, we are excellently placed to directly supply national and international companies, and can offer fast, reliable delivery. We have a van available from our Inverness factory covering offering even faster delivery to local areas.  Visit our website for a comprehensive list of products available, or call our friendly team on 0141 620 1666.

Gasket Products

At William Johnston & Company we proudly manufacture and supply a vast range of gaskets – which have BSI, WRC and FDA approvals for our clients’ peace of mind. We supply EPDM gaskets, industrial gaskets, cork gaskets, flange gaskets, gas gaskets, water gaskets, pump gaskets, spirit gaskets, marine gaskets, automotive gaskets, food quality gaskets and steam gaskets. 
Our gaskets are manufactured from a vast range of materials, including natural rubber, Neoprene, Butyl, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, shot blast rubber, Nitrile rubber, Styrene butadiene, drab rubber and expanded PTFE. EPDM offers good resistance to heat, weathering and ozone esters. Natural rubber offers reasonable resistance to acids and alkalis, with abrasion resistance. Neoprene offers good resistance to corrosion and weathering, and is ideal for seawater applications, whilst commercial rubbers are low-cost options coming in a variety of compounds, and good for general engineering applications.  Nitrile has good resistance to hot oils, fats and alkalis, and robust Butyl is perfectly suited to weathering, ozone and chemical attack. Viton is excellent for high temperature use (up to 250 degrees centigrade), whereas silicone rubber is better for low temperatures (minus 60 degrees centigrade). Nitrile bonded cork gaskets offer good thermal insulation, fibre paper jointing offers resistance to oils and fuels, closed cell sponges vary in shape and density and can be weather resistant, and open cell sponges have similar properties and are supplied in strips or sheets at various densities.
Any member of our experienced team will be happy to advise you on which products are best for your individual requirements.

Branded Materials

William Johnston & Company also stock and supply exceptional quality branded products from KLINGERsil, Novus and Teadit.
Our KLINGERsil products include the C-4400 (a synthetic fibre jointing made of aramid fibres, and a great all-purpose option for internal combustion engines), the C-4430 (premium quality synthetic fibre jointing based on glass fibre and with excellent chemical resistance, making it ideal for use with air, steam, oils and gasses), and the C-4500 (a high quality compressed carbon fibre jointing material with good steam, oil and chemical resistance and with load bearing characteristics, making it a good universal material).
Our Novus selection includes the Novus 10 (premium quality carbon fibre material, ideal for use with oils, refrigerants and fats), the Novus 30 (a blend of aramid and inorganic fibres bonded with Nirtile rubber for a general all-purpose solution), the Novus 34 (superior performance high quality rubber binder with excellent mechanical properties), and the Novus 49 (with a high graphite content offering exceptional thermal values and ideal for gases, steam, oil and solvents).
We also stock the Teadit 24 SH PTFE – a gasket sheet produced from multi-directionally expanded PTFE, ensuring equal strength in all directions. It is ideal for all pressure and stress sensitive connections and is robust enough to be used with aggressive chemicals.
Our technical team are happy to advise you on the exact specifics of any product. Visit our website and fill out an enquiry form, or call 0141 620 1666.

Flange Gaskets/Bolt Sets

William Johnston & Company are pleased to provide flange gasket and bolt sets for UK-based as well as international water and gas industries, and we are the trusted supplier for many multi national companies.
Our gaskets, bolts, nuts and washers supplied to the water industry are all WRAS approved, and come in mild steel, as well as high tensile and stainless steel. Three forms are available – full face, two lug or IBC ring, and in thicknesses of the standard 3mm up to 6mm.
We supply Nitrile gaskets for the international gas industry in sets of bright zinc coated, or zinc and yellow passivated bolts, washers and nuts.
Our technical team are happy to advise you on the exact specifics of any product for your specific requirements. Visit our website and fill out an enquiry form, or call 0141 620 1666.

Nuts, Bolts & Washers

We stock a vast and varied range of nuts, bolts and washers, often available for same day or next day delivery. We have continued to expand upon the sizes, ranges and finishes that we stock to meet our ever-increasing customer base and their individual requirements. The added capacity of our Thornliebank branch means we can now stock an even wider range, in even vaster quantities.
We are able to supply nuts, bolts and washers in small or large packs, sets, or in larger boxes or bag quantities, and we can provide customised labels reflecting a client’s particular branding. Our range includes sheradised, galvanised, bright zinc, sheraplex, B7, rislan-coated and zinc and yellow passivated.


William Johnston & Company are a leading UK distributor of Teadit packings, and as such we are able to offer one of the widest ranges to suit your requirements and budget. Our knowledgeable staff are fully versed in the various benefits of Teadit’s packings, and are happy to provide technical specifications when required.
We have full technical literature detailing the properties and functions of all packings, which we are happy to provide upon request. You can also discuss any additional queries with our team on 0141 620 1666, or by filling out an enquiry form on our website.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

We also stock a huge range of different spiral wound gaskets, which come in a selection of different metals, with various filling materials.
Some of our standard and non-standard spirals are able to accommodate pressures from high vacuum to over 700 bar, and can even seal from cryogenic to over 1600 degrees centigrade.
Our technical team are happy to advise you on the exact specifics of any product for your individual requirements. Visit our website and fill out an enquiry form, or call 0141 620 1666.

PTFE Gasket Sealant

Our versatile PTFE gasket sealant - Teadit 24B – is a high grade PTFE joint sealant gasket tape that is produced by a special monoaxial stretching process from pure PTFE.
It’s approved for use with foodstuffs, and is ideal for flanged joints, housings pumps and compressors, as a lid seal for vessels, for sealing manholes and heat exchangers and other pressure sensitive and stress joints. It is chemically inert, is UV resistant, suitable for a wide range of temperatures, and is easy to use with an adhesive strip. It is exceptional value for money, can be removed easily, is highly malleable and is fully tested and approved. Just ask our technical team if you have any specific requirements or queries about Teadit 24B.

Boiler Survey Consumables

As part of our expansion, to offer more products to more customers, William Johnston & Company acquired ESCO Steam and Marine LTD in 2005. Following the successful acquisition, we are delighted to now be able to offer a full range of boiler survey consumables and chochran boiler parts.
Our range includes non asbestos door joints, boiler door joints, glass and ceramic ladder tape and rope, gauge glasses, rubber cones, annular rings, square braded glass packing, spindles, handles and gauge cock parts. Visit our website and fill out an enquiry form, or call 0141 620 1666 to find out more about our boiler survey consumables range.

Watertight Door Joints

As part of our successful 2005 acquisition ESCO Steam and Marine LTD, William Johnston & Company are also able to offer a range of watertight door joints. We can supply water tight door and hatch rubber (which is chamfered for the perfect fit), ro-ro ferry main door seals, rudder post packings, thermal insulation blankets and port rubber strips, also available in Neoprene. Each product can be tailored to your specific requirements, and many are available in a range of materials.  Call our technical team on 0141 620 1666 or send us an enquiry via our website for further information.

Other Materials

As well as a full range of gaskets and associated products, William Johnston & Company are also able to supply additional, robust materials to our valued clients.
We can supply electrical matting, available in various thicknesses, and which can be cut to your exact requirements. BS921 matting is tested to 15kv for working voltage 650.
We have a wide range of standard size snow plough rubber blades in stock, and can manufacture bespoke sizes and designs for individual requirements. Our skilled team will work closely with you to design and manufacture non-standard sizes, each of which is made to the highest ISO9001:2008 standards.
William Johnston & Company manufacture mudflaps for all size and make of vehicle in our durable and tested double nylon ply insertion rubber. Just ask us for details.
We can also design and make custom shaped, adhesive-backed walkways for stairs, ramps and runners, and our factory has the flexibility to manufacture other rubber and sponge sheets and strips using a wide range of materials. These are ideal range of capacities, as we can cut up to 25mm thickness and can bond layers together for extra strength and depth in the shape and size you need. Call our technical team on 0141 620 1666 for information on this, or any of our other products, or send us an enquiry via our website for further information.


As an established, trusted supplier for a wide range of industries, you can expect quality as standard from William Johnston & Company. We have BS EN ISO 9001:2008, and we continually undertake quality assurance checks throughout our manufacturing processes, for your peace of mind. All our suppliers are carefully checked for full accreditation, and we have a long standing relationship with many of them. We are pleased to provide full traceability on any product, if required, and we will always aim to provide the very best quality and service that clients have come to expect from William Johnston & Company.
We are members of the Gasket Cutters Association (GCA), and CEED Scotland, and we continue to work closely with the organisation to provide education and training to continually improve our products and services for the future.

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