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In recent years, Waste Handling Solutions Ltd have gained recognition as one of the UK’s most prominent suppliers of waste handling equipment. From our base in Bristol, we lease the finest and most up-to-date products in our sector to customers around the country.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff will deliver the appropriate solution to meet your particular business requirements, whether you need facilities for materials recovery, bespoke tools and machinery, or complete turnkey projects. When you sign up as a WHS client, we’ll firstly give you a completely free ‘waste audit’ to evaluate the type of savings you can realistically make, after which we’ll offer specific recommendations on the best way to achieve these.

The products in our catalogue range from balers and compactors to choppers, tipping equipment and shredders, and are constantly updated to reflect technical innovation and progress. Pressure-handling capabilities are between three and 200 tonnes, meaning the production of tied bales as heavy as 800kg. With our advice and support, you could reduce the volume of waste you produce by as much as 90%! WHS machines are available for fixed-term period hire, or alternatively you can ask us to collect, dispose of or recycle your waste products, whether they’re cardboard, plastic or any other material. Have a look at our website to see the full variety of equipment and services we can offer you – the answer to your waste handling predicament is just a phone call or email away!


WHS have been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing balers for more than six decades. We’re the only distributors in the UK for the prestigious Zugil and Sacria makes, which can produce bales of between 50 and 1,000kg in weight. Our extensive selection of balers means we can accommodate your needs regardless of the scale of your output. We’ll supply balers by direct purchase, contract lease or contract hire, while you have a choice between new, used and refurbished machines. All machines incorporate state-of-the-art safety features, with every installation organised and carried out by our expertly trained team.

Vertical Balers

We’ve lots of vertical balers to choose from! Our mini baler is a semi-automatic entry-level model which works on any plastic and cardboard recycling application and can handle bale weights from 30 to 50kg. The Zugil 142/143 twin and triple-chambered baler is for heavy-duty assignments and is able to produce bales in the 150 to 250kg category.  If you need a mill-size baler, the SAM 300 and 400 types produce bale weights of 300kg and 400kg respectively, and are perfect for use in factories. The SAM 500 has dimensions of 1,140 by 620 by 1,100mm, works on a 40-tonne force and takes material of full pallet-board size.

Horizontal Balers

The 400HDE is the most recently developed semi-automatic horizontal baler offered by WHS. It’s intended to process volumes of material as high as 20 tonnes a week and can be hired for just £100 a week. If you wish to bale a mixture of material, you might consider the 600HD, which can deal with a maximum of 2 tonnes an hour on either manual or automatic operation. Both the 400HDE and 600HD units have the option of a bin-lift system, which allows the use of wheelie bins to pick up recyclable waste. Each has an integrated 2.5m safety cage complete with interlocked doors, and a hydraulic mechanism operated from the central powerpack.

Fully Automatic Balers

Fully automatic balers are intended to be used with over 20 tonnes per week. All the models available via WHS are based around durable Denison hydraulic systems. All sliding parts are manufactured from steel, while machines feature vertical tying systems, rigid needles for wire manipulation, highly effective PLC controllers, and adjustable pressure. The external wire feed eliminates knots and breaking. Anyone looking for an entry-level machine should bear the Saphir 15 in mind, with its ability to process as much as 2 tonnes of waste per hour. It produces bales of weight between 100 and 150Kg. Our newest model is the Saphir 450, with an extra-wide loading aperture for larger items.

Static Compactors

WHS’s diverse stable of static compactors all comply with professional standards of manufacturers of container handling equipment. Their feed hopper openings vary in size from 1.4 to 3 cubic metres. Each unit can be connected with manual and safety interlocked feed hoppers, with pneumatic, conveyor and chute feed systems and with 240/660/1100 litre-bin lift systems. The benefits of these compactors are reduction in the number of container uplifts, lower volume of site traffic, lower fire risk due to containment of waste, and reduced odour and attractiveness to vermin. These units all apply a minimum 30-tonne compaction force, which is far higher than most competitor machines.

Portable Compactors

All our portable compactors can attain a compaction ratio as high as 5:1, making them suitable to anyone owning multiple uplifts of FEL/REL/RORO category containers. Compactors within the 6 to 14 cubic metres range are intended for use with conventional skip-type vehicles, whereas those in the 16 to 26 cubic metres classification work better with RORO vehicles which are able to lift greater amounts. We’ll be delighted to advise you on the best choice of portable compactor by giving you a free evaluation. Portable compactors can be hired at rates starting at just £45 a week, thereby representing a highly cost-effective option.

Screw Compactors

Screw compactors offer great scope for reducing expenditure on the transport of waste, with some machines possessing a compression ratio as great as 10:1. The feed paddle systems for paper and cardboard receive power from separate drives and controllers while compressing bulky materials to facilitate processing. The specially designed reinforced and extra-large screw is enhanced by crusher tool plates, meaning pallets and other disposable containers can easily be fed in to the compactor. A small door inside the docking container enables the disposal of potentially leaky material, with the electronic programmable logic controller making mechanical operation simple.


Stock up on consumables for your rotary compactor or waste baler from our extensive inventory. Items we provide include baling twine; tape; wire; bale strapping; cut and looped baling wire; rewound coils; compactor sacks; bailing wire on formers; and compactor sacks. Our products are compatible with Bergman, Kenbay and Kenbury bagging compactors and all types of horizontal and vertical baling presses. We’re able to supply consumables in whatever quantity you need, with delivery being nearly always on the day after order (subject to item availability).

Banding Choppers

For many companies, the safe and economic disposal of copious amounts of plastic banding and scrap steel is a significant issue. To cite just two examples, the food and beverage industry generate PET banding as a result of de-palletising while the timber industry has to contend with steel banding. The 400 series of banding choppers are designed for use on mild steel and PET banding, working to remove potentially hazardous waste from zones of production. Choppers in the 500 series can convert up to 32mm steel banding and are intended for medium-grade and high-volume operations, such as cutting through cables and wire, while the 5000 series is for assignments at the heavier end of the scale.

Refurbished Stock

At WHS, we pride ourselves on our ability to refurbish older machines so they function at the levels of much newer equipment. Our particular area of expertise is the Orwak range, and we’re fully qualified to overhaul these products. After being stripped, the unit will be shot-blasted back to its basic metal and is then primed and repainted. Reassembly is the next stage, with electrical components, pumps, motors, rams and hydraulic hoses all tested or even replaced where applicable. The unit is test run to confirm its final quality. WHS also have a large stock of Orwak parts, so just get in touch with us to order them.

Used Stock Waste Handling

We’ve lots of different ways of handling waste produced from used stock. The Orwak 5030 bagging compactor compresses your general mixed waste into a sturdy bag. Its compaction ratio is as great as 10:1, which makes it ideal for use in catering. For a low-maintenance choice, the small Orwak 5010E top-loading baler produces a typical bale of 50Kg and is excellent for paper, cardboard and plastic. The 14 cubic yard portable compactor will reduce your waste by up to 80%. You can nominate a waste contractor to collect the compactor with a conventional skip-lifting vehcicle. These self-contained units can carry moist material and will lessen the number of collections required.

Tipping Bins and Containers

If you need a tipping bin or container, then WHS are sure to have the right one for you! The 0.50YD model is fitted with a bolt. It carries 1 tonne and its 150mm polyurethane castors make it perfect to place underneath conveyors. Our 0.75YD and 1.0 tipping bins have 300mm mesh height increases and are ideal for transporting light but bulky materials such as cardboard and paper. The standard 1.0 tipping bin has a 2-tonne lifting capacity and is fitted with lugs which make it suitable for lifting by an overhead crane. For anyone wishing to dispose of small-scale valuable waste, the standard component bin has a padlock to deter thieves.

Cardboard Balers

As distributors for Sacria and Zugil, WHS are uniquely qualified to provide the most suitable cardboard balers for your enterprise and therefore giving you a highly efficient way of tackling your packaging waste. When you contact our well-informed support team, they’ll advise you about our different types of cardboard balers, answer any maintenance queries you may have and supply any spare parts you need. Every cardboard baler is manufactured via a rigorous quality control system and with the finest components available. Check out our company website for more detail about the cardboard balers we supply.

Cardboard Compactors

Whether you want a static, portable or screw cardboard compactor, WHS have an outstanding selection of equipment that you can purchase or hire. If you want something a bit different to our standard machines, we offer a bespoke cardboard compactor service which will give you something specifically tailored to your requirements. WHS will help you decide on the right model for your organisation while guaranteeing the machine (including labour and parts) for two years. As well as a variety of new models, we have a number of used cardboard compactors that can be rented on request.

Portable Waste Compactors

The portable waste compactors available from WHS have been engineered for reliability, ease of use, adaptability and low cost of operation. Compaction ratios go as high as 5:1 (this varies according to the waste materials being crushed). We offer a selection of portable waste compactors to meet specialised requirements such as turnkey projects and materials recovery facilities. The two-year onsite warranties on every machine assure you that any necessary repairs will be carried out quickly and without charge. WHS regularly add new models to the compactors on offer, so you know you’ll have the option of the most up-to-date types around.

Waste Bins

WHS supply competitively priced waste bins to clients in every part of the United Kingdom. As a licensed waste carrier, we can also assist with getting rid of and recycling the contents of your bins. It’s possible that your waste products could be transformed into a revenue source through recycling, and WHS are able to advise you on any scope for improvement in this area. You can either buy or rent our waste bins and other types of waste equipment, with rental goods being thoroughly maintained by the team of engineers assigned to our rental programme.



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