Warwick Wireless Ltd

Unit 16, Sapcote Road Industrial Estate
LE10 2AU
United Kingdom

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Based in Hinckley in Leicestershire, Warwick Wireless Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying radio data products and telemetry since 1979.  We are a member of the Low Power Radio Association and Companion Company to the Institute of Measurement and Control.  We truly are experts in the field, offering the up to the minute technical know-how you want to get the right products, support and advice.  Our range of radio products is innovative and the expertise we can offer is unparalleled.  Our watch words are ‘Real People for Real Solutions’ and this fully reflects our commitment to quality products and support, as well as our emphasis on meeting our customers’ exact needs.  We offer a very comprehensive range of radio products from wireless and radio telemetry to wireless WiFi Ethernet, radio modems, bore hole monitors, radio paging, lone worker alarms and a great deal more.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends further than our products and services as, no matter how unusual or difficult your needs, our experts will work to come up with a complete solution specific to you.  We will even design new products if that is what is required.  We offer you a highly knowledgeable, experienced and committed partner for any radio project.

GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

We offer a full range of GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry allowing you to monitor and control your application from any location worldwide.  Included in the range are the X9101-GSM Telemetry RTU, a fully programmable device enabling you to receive and transmit data from and to web-based applications and other X9101 units.  There is also the X9110 SMS Alarm and Control module to pass data transparently to and from mobile phones or other X9110 devices.  We offer a fully programmable web-based application with a variety of power supply options.  Other products in this range include a telemetry engine, solar powered RTU, GSM remote control and various SIM cards.  You can find out much more about these products on our website.

Radio Modems

We have a range of radio modems which allow you to send transparent serial data via both VHF and UHF frequencies.  Our modems are available in a variety of ranges, from 1km to 3km and up to 50km in unobstructed spaces.  No special antenna arrangements are required.  Include in the range is a selection of long range radio modems operating on UK and European licence-exempt bands and many other frequencies worldwide.  Another one of our products operates in full duplex with a range of 100m to 500m.  Additionally, we offer a low cost transparent radio modem which also operates in full duplex.  Check out the full range on our website.

Wireless WiFi Ethernet

At Warwick Wireless Ltd, we offer a full range of Ethernet gateways, serial to wireless Ethernet gateways, a long range wireless modem and more.  For detailed information about our industrial Wi-Fi Ethernet and serial to Wi-Fi access points, Ethernet bridge, bridge routers and repeaters, we invite you to have a look at the detailed product information on our website.

Radio Telemetry

Our products include a radio telemetry link which boasts a range of 1km to 3km through buildings and up to 10km in unobstructed areas.  We provide an XNET telemetry receiver which allows you to transmit data without needing to use cables.  This cost effective solution covers large areas.  We also offer a wireless pulse counter bridge with the same range as our radio telemetry link.  You will find detailed information about these products on our website.

Lone Worker Alarms

As you will be aware, a lone worker can be at risk from accidents, unexpected illness and even hostility.  It is therefore essential that lone workers can easily and quickly contact their base when assistance is needed.  We offer a range of lone worker transmitters and receivers with a range of 1km to 2km through buildings, utilising a 500mW UHF radio.  These transmitters include critical features such as panic button, motion sensor, automatic dialler and audible alarm.  Other solutions are provided by our selection of low cost lone worker alarms, also boasting a range of 1km to 2km through buildings and which include emergency button and motion detector.  Please visit our website for more information on these products.

Satellite Modems

Whether you are looking to support modem to modem or modem to PSTN/GSM or modem to internet connections, our X2403 MiChroSat Satellite Modem is the answer, giving you reliable wireless communication no matter where you are in the world. Operating via the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks, this product boasts a multitude of features, including a full Hayes AT command set, permitting easy interface with a vast range of existing applications.  Find out more about this versatile product on our website.

Bore Hole Monitoring System

Our X9104-GSM Bore Hole and Tank Monitoring System is used to send information regarding water levels in a bore hole or tank.  Data is sent by SMS text messaging or to a website via GPRS.  Levels can be checked at specified times and alarm thresholds can be set as you require.  These alarm thresholds can also be used to activate and de-activate external pumps and alarm systems.  We supply this system already configured or we can customise it to suit your precise needs.  The choice is yours.  You can find out more about our bore hole monitoring system by visiting our website.


At Warwick Wireless we understand that the correct selection and installation of antenna is vital to the performance of any radio system.  Various aspects such as length and strength of antenna, specifications, set-up and angle can affect the distance you can transmit and receive, as well as the quality of reception and transmissions, in terms of interference, etc.  That is why we offer an extensive selection of different antennas, so that you can match the performance of the antenna to the performance of your radio system.   A small sample of our range of antennas includes the quarter wave antenna with a unity gain of 0dBi, a high grade Yagi antenna which concentrates a signal into a beam of 22 degrees and an omni-directional co-linear antenna with 6dBi gain.  But this is only a small selection of what is available so please visit our website to see the full range.

Video by Wireless

Our X7304 Video Bridge provides video surveillance.  It utilises the mobile phone network or licence-free wireless, being exempt from the MPT1349 licence requirement.  Functionally compact, the video bridge boasts a number of useful features, operating on a radio frequency of 1.394 GHz and RF power of 500 mW.  Real time video signals can be transmitted in both colour and monochrome, with a range of 1km to 3km.  Find out more about these and more useful features on our website.

ISM Radio Modules

We offer a range of RF data modules specifically designed so that they integrate into your products with ease and speed.  Modules include a long-range half-watt data transmitter that is both speedy and compact, a credit card sized data receiver with a sensitivity of better than 112 dBm and a synthetic data radio which transmits analogue or digital data up to 20km in free space.  You will find more about these products and others on our website.

GSM/GPRS Wireless Modules

This range provides GSM/GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA 3G wireless modules that are low cost and which are easily integrated into your product.  Included are the SIM900Z, which has been designed for a worldwide market, operating on GSM 850MHz, EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and PCS 1900 MHz.  Also in the range are complete Quad-band plug-in modules which are compact and feature an industry standard interface.  You can see details of these and the complete range on our website.

Radio Paging

With our radio paging devices you can alert key workers via digital input or keypad or telephone.  All our paging systems have a range of 1km to 3km and are ideal for use on site, in offices, restaurants, schools, etc.  Visit our website to see the full range of paging systems.

Solar Panels/Wind Generators

We offer solar panels and wind generators, specifically intended to support battery charging in more remote locations where standard electricity may not be easily available.  Applications include use in off-grid homes, motor homes and caravans, sailboats and telecommunications and telemetry sites.  Our range includes a wind turbine, solar panels and a photo voltaic charge regulator to make sure your batteries get the right charge levels for maximum efficiency and power.  Have a look at these products on our website.

GPRS Web Based Platforms

Our GPRS secure data website will give you a complete web monitoring instantly.  Customised with your company details and logo, the system will log all parameters and display information in both graphic and tabular formats.  We offer a free 28 day trial so you can see all the benefits of this monitoring system.  After the free trial, when you decide to go with the system, there will be a once only configuration charge as well as an annual maintenance fee, which ensures your system remains robust and up and running.

Customised Solutions

We appreciate that all our customers have varying needs and we go out of our way to cater to even the most obscure requirements.  Our experts can provide you with a completion solution for your specific needs, even designing new products as necessary.  We will work with you to make sure you get exactly what will work for you.



Registration Number: 02103088
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Registered at Companies House:24 February, 1987 (35 years and 2 months ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • 7120 Radio Telemetry
  • GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry
  • X8200 Radio Modem
  • X9100 GSM Telemetry Engine

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