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Uson Ltd specialises in the supply of automated leak detection equipment used in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and general engineering industries.

The company has always been at the very forefront of leak detection technology, and with over 50 years of experience in the provision of high performance instrument solutions, we are more qualified than any other to provide the advice and guidance you need in finding the right equipment for your application. 


We have a comprehensive range of leak testers, hardness detectors and flaw detectors, all produced to an exceptionally high standard for unrivalled accuracy and reliability. Our products are sourced from the world's leading manufacturers who use the very best components and materials, so our customers always receive world class products.


And alongside world class products comes a world class supporting service that includes repairs, maintenance, calibration, user training and telephone assistance.  We're extremely proud of the unprecedented levels of both pre- and post-sales customer service that we provide. Our dedicated team of experts offer their advice and guidance on all matters relating to leak detection, and are able to help in product selection to ensure you receive the most suitable instrument for your specific application.   

Air Leak and Flow Measurement

Uson makes available air leak testing equipment in a variety of formats and with various operating modes, including pressure decay, differential flow, mass flow, pressure change, volume verification, seal creep testing and more. Our range covers most industry applications, but for more demanding applications we are able to produce custom leak testing pneumatic circuits.


Here at Uson, we work closely with leading medical device manufacturers to create top quality devices, components and assemblies. We are pleased to house automated and semi-automated leak detection systems in order to design and manufacture excellent solutions. Examples of the range include: Optima VT (a multi-sensor leak and flow tester with advanced features), Qualitek (non-destructive package testers for bottles, canisters and pouches), Sprint (a multi-channel, bench top leak and flow tester) and Vector (a powerful, multi-channel leak and flow tester). Please follow the link to our website to view the complete range.


We also supply leak detection products and systems to the automotive industry. With more than 50 years in the business we have vast amounts of experience and knowledge which is widely regarded in the automotive industry. Our leak testers perform tests quickly while ensuring high accuracy and repeatability at the same time. They are widely used for testing engines, cylinder heads, blocks, transmissions, fuel and fuel injection systems, lamps, castings, pumps, motors, and more. Uson leak detectors enable high quality production by eliminating false rejects and defective products from the market.


Our leak testers are also used around the world to ensure that products meet the quality and safety standards at production stages. Used in various line speeds, Uson leak detectors save time and money by spotting machinery faults at initial stages. Uson leak testers feature qualities such as data collection, networking, statistical analysis and synchronous testing. They are widely used for testing various industrial products such as burners, compressors, water devices, water heaters, hydraulic blowers, manifolds, gas products, diving equipment, and more. Please contact us at Uson for further information and advice regarding our leak testing solutions.


The process of leak testing is essential in the packaging industry for achieving top quality results. As new packaging solutions emerge in the modern world, our leak testing equipment must prove versatile and effective.

Our leak testers are suitable for use with a range of packaging equipment and solutions for destructive testing for flexible packaging are also available.

Customers may choose from non-destructive, one-test devices through to multi-channel, multi-test systems suitable for use with a range of packaging types such as pouches, lidded trays, vials and induction sealed bottles.

USON Innovative Systems

USON Innovative Systems (previously known as PREX) feature precision engineered test systems that have been expertly designed and created for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated leak testing applications.

Our systems can be customized to suit specific customer requirements from simple fixtures through to complete systems with product delivery, sealing, clamping, test and marking. Whatever your requirements, we are sure to be able to help.

Please visit our website to find out more about our pressure decay, differential pressure, vacuum and functional test systems. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Uson to discuss your requirements.

Leak Detector Selection

Uson’s leak detection specialists, backed by decades of industry-leading experience and expertise, collaborate with you to determine which leak detection solution will function at optimum efficiency and accuracy within your process and operation.

Our specialists check your specifications against a full range of leak testing techniques to determine the perfect fit. Then, they can recommend either Express Proposal service, which benefits companies attempting to speed time to market for new products, fully tool new assembly operations with best-match leak detectors or quickly respond to RFP proposals. Or, customers with more challenging test specifications can take advantage of Uson’s Custom Application Proposal service to find the ultimate match for their needs.

Please visit our website to learn more about our free assessments and industry-leading leak detection selections. 



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