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Total Vibration Solutions (TVS) is a leading noise and vibration control specialist with over 15 years’ experience and a track record of delivering on even the most complex acoustic and vibration isolation projects. Our services encompass noise and vibration surveys, consultancy, bespoke manufacture, materials supply and system installation, and our clients come from a variety of industrial sectors, including construction, engineering, leisure and HVAC. 
The TVS team is made up of highly skilled, vastly experienced noise and vibration engineers who can provide expert advice and guidance on acoustics, anti-vibration, structural isolation and noise damping materials. They work closely with clients to design, develop and install an application-specific solution that meets all requirements, no matter how simple or complex.
As well as bespoke system design and manufacture, TVS can offer a range of standard noise-reduction and vibration control products from other leading manufacturers such as GERB Vibration Control, The VMC Group, Kinetics Noise Control, Kraiburg Relastec and Amorim Cork Composites.
You can find out more about our products and services by visiting Total Vibration Solutions online, or by calling our technical sales team on 01706 260 220.

Building Acoustics

Airborne and impact noises are a major cause of complaint for occupants who live or work in buildings with conventional floors, walls and ceilings. 

Standard floors, walls and ceilings do very little to control sound, but they can easily be adapted and upgraded with a range of acoustic solutions that significantly reduce the transmission of vibrations. So whether you’re designing a new building or trying to minimise airborne and impact noise in an existing one, TVS can provide a solution. Please contact us to find out more.

Interior Room Acoustics

The desired acoustical characteristics of an internal space depend on its intended use. A classroom, office or recording studio, for example, will require a completely different acoustic solution to a concert hall or auditorium. Reverberation time, speech intelligibility, clarity, privacy, room shape, room size and the direction of sound must all be taken into account. 

TVS technicians utilise all of their skills and experience to design and implement a suitable acoustic solution to aid or abate noise and vibration in virtually any internal space. As well as acoustics, they also take into consideration aesthetic requirements, maintenance requirements and spatial requirements, thereby developing a system that’s right for you.

Acoustics in the Home

We have developed a range of acoustic products designed specifically for installation in homes. These are easily retrofitted into an existing environment and can be installed with a minimal amount of disruption. Home acoustic products developed by TVS require only a small amount of space but can offer significant acoustic improvements. The effect they have depends on size and the position in which they are installed – this means TVS technicians can find a solution that meets your individual noise requirements.

Vibration Isolation for HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are known to cause unpleasant levels of noise and vibration, and can be a constant source of irritation for a building’s occupants. We use all of our skills and experience in vibration isolation technology to develop highly effective, tailor-made isolation systems to meet each individual requirement. 

As well as for HVAC isolation and noise reduction, our products have been used to support, isolate and suspend mechanical equipment, reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment to a building’s structure, and even to protect equipment from damage during seismic activity.

Industrial Noise & Vibration Control

The design and supply of vibration reducing products and systems for industrial environments has always been one of our core activities. Reducing the noise given off by industrial plant and machinery is important not only in satisfying nearby residents and businesses, but also in safeguarding employee health. The HSE stipulates that measures must be taken to reduce employee exposure to noise levels that could have harmful effects on hearing. Using a range of acoustic curtains, barriers, baffles and vibration damping materials, TVS engineers have successfully reduced industrial plant noise levels by as much as 30dB. Find out more by visiting TVS online.

Structural Isolation / Foundation Isolation

Structural isolation systems can be used to support entire buildings, sections of buildings and rail track beds in order to mitigate vibrations and structure-borne noises that can cause damage and interfere with working environments. 
We use various materials for structural isolation, including springs, elastomeric bearings and a combination of both springs and bearings, always taking into account natural frequency, static and dynamic load conditions, creep and de-bonding to ensure efficient, effective structural isolation. If you would like to find out more about structural vibration isolation, please visit TVS online or contact us on 01706 260 220

Precision Equipment Isolation

MRI Scanners, CMMs, Electron Microscopes and Roll Grinders are just some of precision systems that can be adversely affected by vibration and shock. Given that many users rely on pin-point precision for accurate measurement and testing, it is essential that such systems are isolated effectively. Our engineers work closely with you to identify the best means of supporting your equipment and take into consideration the levels of vibration isolation necessary to ensure your machine runs to its full potential.

Sports and Leisure Acoustics

TVS has worked with some of the UK’s leading gyms and fitness centres to prevent unwanted noise from becoming and nuisance for other building tenants. Treadmills, vibro plates and resistance machines aren’t the only cause of noise and vibration in such environments: even the sound of free weights dropping to floor can cause a great deal of disturbance. That’s why we have developed a whole range of materials to cover virtually all the typical noises and vibrations that come from a gym or fitness centre - including floor matting, resilient floor underlays and acoustic floating floor systems. 



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