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Total Electrical Training has over 12 years of experience in providing a high-quality accredited training service to the industrial, commercial and domestic electrical industries. Our in-depth sector knowledge and high-level of customer service has led to our renowned reputation that has seen us become the UK’s leading electrical training service provider. We specialise solely on training, which has allowed us to put our undivided attention into providing our trainees with a flexible, reliable, and innovative training service that is unrivalled within the industry.

At Total Electrical Training, we offer a comprehensive range of certified training courses and qualifications to suit all individual requirements, from basic electrical theory to advanced City & Guilds courses. Our team of extremely knowledgeable and expert trainers have a wealth of experience in both the electrical and teaching industries, allowing us to provide delegates with courses that ensure a high success rate. Focusing on the electrical installation industry, electrical contracting and the electromechanical sectors, we are able to deliver knowledge and skills to our trainees that are approved by reputable awarding bodies such as NICEIC,EAL, and of course, City & Guilds. 

Whether you are en experienced electrical professional looking to develop your career, or an individual looking to forge one in the electrical industry, the award winning and excellent value for money training which Total Electrical Training provides should be your number one choice.

City and Guilds 2382-12 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations BS7671:2008

Widely regarded as the benchmark certification for all professionals working within the electrical industry, the City & Guilds 2382-12 course covers the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. This certification is usually a mandatory requirement for many within the industry, as individuals who have acquired it are seen to have achieved a thorough understanding of the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. Whichever sector of the electrical industry you work in, whether it is electrical installations or supervising them, the City & Guilds 2382-12 qualification is a necessity. On successful completion of this course, learners will have gained a fully accredited level 3 qualification in the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. There are no official pre entry requirements needed to be able to enrol on this course, though we do strongly recommend that all trainees have some prior knowledge of electrical theory, principals, and terminologies, along with a basic understanding of electrical installation circuits.

City and Guilds 2382-12 Upgrade: 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations BS7671:2008

This course was designed to provide professionals that are working within the electrical industry with extended and advanced knowledge on the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. It offers delegates the opportunity to upgrade their existing 17th edition qualification to the amended version which applies to all new electrical installations as of January 2012. Before enrolling on this course, all trainees must have already obtained their 17th edition BS7671 certificate from January 2008 onwards. Total Electrical Training proudly enjoys a 98% success rate in the City & Guilds 2382-12 examination, helping to make us the UK’s leading training service provider.

City & Guilds 2394-01 & 2395-01 Bundle

Designed as a replacement for the City & Guilds 2391-10 qualification, the 2394-01 and 2395-01 bundle comprehensively covers periodic inspection, testing, and certification of electrical installations. Although they do not directly replace the 2391-10 qualification, these courses offer all of the same characteristics plus an updated series of robust practical assessments. The award is split into three distinct units, all of which must be completed to achieve the qualification. The units include an online e-evolve examination, written examination, and a practical assessment. Both awards are regarded as true tests of individual’s technical knowledge and skills, with successful students gaining opportunities to progress onto a number of highly advanced City & Guilds qualifications such as: 

  • Level 3 award in initial verification and certification of electrical installations 
  • Level 4 award in the design and verification of electrical installations 
  • ILM management

City and Guilds 2392-10: Level 2 Certificate in Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification

The City & Guilds 2932-10 course is suited to individuals who are looking to acquire the practical skills required for initial verification as described in BS7671:2008 the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. The four day course teaches electricians with little or no experience in carrying out the process of initial verification, how to conduct functional testing and interpret test results. The 2392-10 course serves as an excellent platform to those wishing to develop an excellent understanding of initial verification, and the workshop style training sessions provide students with the confidence to undertake the practical assessment. We recommend this particular course as excellent preparation before undertaking the challenging City & Guilds 2394-01 and City & Guilds 2395-01 qualifications.

EAL VRQ Level 2 Domestic Electricians for Part P

The intensive five day EAL VRQ Level 2 course is suitable for electricians that are looking to become compliant with Part P and registered with one of the Part P Scheme providers, of which are administered on behalf of Local Authority Building Control. It leads to a fully accredited qualification which is a mandatory requirement for electricians who wish to lawfully carry out any electrical work that is governed under Part P of the building regulations. The course involves a series of assessments which include multiple choice exam papers, coupled with a range of practical exercises based on domestic electrical installations.

City and Guilds Part P Course Bundle

At Total Electrical Training we are always looking to provide delegates with a high-quality service at cost-efficient prices. Our City & Guilds Part P course bundle offers students with the opportunity to gain multiple qualifications at excellent value for money. The bundle comprises of the courses that are listed below, all of which collaborate to ensure that upon successful qualification, delegates will become suitable for registration with competent persons scheme providers and Part P scheme providers. 
  • City & Guilds 2382-12: (3 days duration) 
  • City & Guilds 2393-10: (1 day duration) 
  • City & Guilds 2392-10: (4 days duration including the practical assessment)

City and Guilds 2393-10 Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings

The City & Guilds 2393-10 qualification is designed for individuals looking to gain nationally recognised qualifications that allow for carrying out domestic electrical installations or electrical design work within England and Wales. The qualification signifies that the electrician is knowledgeable and competent in domestic electrical work and makes them suitable for carrying out electrical installations in a property and the specific areas that are notifiable to the Local Authority Building Control. The one day course teaches trainees the procedures that need to be followed by electricians when installing within a domestic dwelling, along with methods of implementation.

City and Guilds 2377-32 (Management) In Service Testing & Inspecting of Electrical Equipment

The City & Guilds 2377-32 course is beneficiary to those who seek qualifications related to the testing of electrical equipment that is not part of the fixed wiring of the electrical system. It is the benchmark qualification for anyone seeking to gain knowledge in carrying out and managing service registers, along with overseeing visual inspections and testing of electrical equipment. The main purpose of this course is to teach individuals how to successfully test electrical equipment for possible dangers. There are no pre entry requirements needed to enrol on this course though we do strongly recommend that students have some prior knowledge of electrical theory, principles, and terminologies.

City and Guilds 2377-22 (Practical Testing) In Service Testing & Inspecting of Electrical Equipment

Designed for individuals who seek the relevant qualification for carrying out practical tests on electrical equipment, the City & Guilds 2377-22 course teaches delegates how to perform visual inspections and tests for the prevention of dangerous activity. The course leads to a nationally recognised qualification and includes the following content: 
  • Classification of appliances 
  • Electrical safety in the workplace and elsewhere 
  • Implementing an electrical test programme 
  • Insulation and earthing of appliances and equipment 
  • Labelling of assets and bar coding 
  • Maintaining the asset register 
  • Optional tests 
  • Practical assessment of delegates 
  • Preliminary inspection, pre-test precautions 
  • Reporting and recording results 
  • Required tests 
  • The role of regulations and the responsibilities of the duty holder 
  • Using a portable appliance tester

Standard Access Mobile Tower - Working at Heights

With health and safety measures becoming increasingly enforced, it is essential for personnel within environments that involve working at tall heights, to be sufficiently trained. At Total Electrical Training we offer a Pasma certified, one day course that involves both theory and practical assessments that include content such as basic safety awareness, current legislation, and fall protection. The course is designed to greatly enhance delegates understanding of the importance of safely assembling access towers, along with guidance on how to work on, and correctly dismantle them. The course is beneficiary to all delegates that work with access towers at heights typically above two metres of access level and those which will eventually undertake the Solar PV installations at heights qualification.

Basic Electrical Theory

Total Electrical Training also offers foundation courses for those who desire to begin a career within the electrical industry. Our one day basic electrical theory course offers inexperienced trainees the opportunity to acquire basic electrical knowledge in subjects including electromagnetism, ohms law, circuits, electrical resistance and much more. We have a staff of highly experienced and expert trainers to provide you with a first-class training service that will set you on your way to achieving your goals. Some of the topics that our basic electrical theory course offers are:
  • Atoms and electrons 
  • Current flow and the effects of electrical currents 
  • Current voltage and electrical resistance 
  • Electrical safety 
  • How do MCB's and RCD's work 
  • How electric motors work and an explanation of transformers 
  • Measurement of voltage, current and power 
  • Standard units and symbols

Introduction to CCTV

The Introduction to CCTV course offers delegates the opportunity to expand their electrical knowledge through learning the required skills and knowledge related to designing and installing surveillance equipment. There are many things to be considered when working in this sector such as legal aspects that affect CCTV system procedures. The one day course covers basic concepts of current CCTV systems coupled with end user applications, and also includes the following content:
  • Commissioning, certification, inspection and reporting
  • Design and planning procedures 
  • Installation practices 
  • Maintenance 
  • Pre inspection and use of test equipment 
  • Site surveys and risk assessing 
  • Statutory requirements for installing CCTV systems 

Requirements for Fire Alarm Systems

The prime aim of our Requirements for Fire Alarm Systems course is to provide a training service to those wishing to seek knowledge on the processes involved in the initial installation of fire detection and fire alarm systems. Competence in this area could be the difference between saving and losing lives, so it is of the utmost importance that personnel responsible for installing such equipment, are trained sufficiently. The course offers an insight into the technical aspects of this important procedure which includes the content such as: 

  • Alarms and the limitations to use 
  • Cable types required 
  • Cable volt drop (low voltage) 
  • Fire alarm certification 
  • Installer’s and duty holder responsibilities 
  • Minimising false alarms 
  • Segregation of cables 
  • Siting for call points and detectors 
  • Testing the wiring and components 
  • Types of systems

Special Offers

Total Electrical Training is all about providing our customers with high-quality training services at an affordable price. Among other incredible offers, we have training packages available that incorporate several different courses into one with the attraction of discounted prices. 

For more details on our current special offers, please visit our website at http://www.totalelectricaltraining.com/



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