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Enjoying unrivalled understanding and expertise in the field of expanded metal production techniques, capabilities and applications, the Expanded Metal Company Ltd is constantly pushing and developing new products, patterns and applications to further raise awareness and increase the profile of expanded metal throughout relevant industries. It does this by working on existing products, improving them and by opening up new markets to its benefits. Established for over 120 years, the Expanded Metal Company is the pioneer of expanded metal mesh production whose strengths stem from a highly committed, skilled and knowledgeable workforce, providing us with unparalleled engineering and technical support coupled with world class machinery and equipment.

A major force in new market and product development, the Expanded Metal Company’s sales and marketing is driven by dedicated teams. Ensuring strong future growth, the company remains in touch with its customer and market needs by serving industries with a diverse range of products adhering to quality standards and by reinforcing their specialism with high levels of customer service.

The Expanded metal Company is part of Gibraltar Industries which is a leading manufacturer, processor and distributor of, primarily, metal materials for the vehicular, building and industrial markets. Visit our site for more information.

Aluminium Foil

Manufactured using expanding techniques and patented machinery, expanded aluminium is a unique material which has been proven to perform in a wide variety of applications. Offering a range of versatile features, it can be adapted for uses including heat spacers in the automotive industry, components for grease air and oil filtration and can even be used as an explosion suppression safety foil.

There are many benefits to its uses including being lightweight, minimum displacement, it forms shapes and presses easily and it’s economical. To learn about aluminium foil and its potential take a look at our website or contact us today!

Architectural Meshes

Architectural meshes can be used in a diverse range of applications including cladding, signage, grilles, shaped ceilings, columns, wall panels, shelving, ceiling tiles, ornamental features, display units and screening. It’s available in a wide variety of patterns such as slotted, diamond, hexagonal, circular or rectangular and there’s a choice from having delicate fabric gauze through to rigid steel. We invite you to discover the versatility of this product for yourselves by visiting our website where you can download brochures and generally learn more about its many benefits including being aesthetic in design, its use in fireproofing, acoustics and its general shape-ability.

Automotive Components

As a key partner in assisting the development of new/improved products to the automotive industry, our main focus is to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. As well as manufacturing high volume filtration components, we also manufacture bespoke vents and grilles for top-of-the-range sports cars. This brings a whole host of benefits including controlled airflow, an aesthetic look, strongly formed products, heat-shielding, a high strength to weight ratio and is economical compared to substitute products. As well as the applications outlined above aluminium can also be used for battery holders, oil filtration, brake pads and in general filtration support. Call us for more information.

Bolt Boxes

Available in a wide range of sizes, competitively priced, saving time on-site and helping to increase productivity, bolt boxes are used as permanent shuttering in order to form cavities within foundation/slab concrete for bolts securing the steel stanchions to the foundation or slab. The mesh acts a key for concrete and in many concrete structures it’s necessary to provide holes for things like pipes or ventilation ducting to pass through it. With this method you can avoid using costly timber frameworks. Visit the website for further technical information and for a list of sizes available. If you have any questions just give us a call.

Expanded Security Products

With a huge range of applications, our expanded metal security products can be used in general fencing (industrial, commercial, retail, hospitals and car parks), schools, rail (trackside, level crossings, depots, bridges, stations), utilities (water/sewage works, reservoirs, telecommunications) and high security such as airports, prisons and other institutions. Our range literally caters for an incredibly wide range of sectors across the UK; additionally it can be tailored to suit your exact needs. The fencing systems we manufacture include those that have the ‘Police Preferred’ ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation. Expanded metal mesh is difficult to penetrate and scale and is strong and durable.


A highly versatile product, usually available for next day delivery, you can choose from 13 Experf options. Experf is excellent for multiple applications and functions, has an excellent strength to weight ratio and comes in 4 material types as standard. It’s designed to emulate the circular pattern found in perforated metals. It has flexibility for shaping and cutting, acoustic properties, it can be a key material in filtration and it’s a cost-effective alternative to perforated metals. Bespoke Experf patterns can also be designed and manufactured. Hole diameters and material thicknesses are available in a wide range and you can choose from aluminium, galvanised steel, mild steel and stainless steel.


Extremely robust, fireproof and weatherproof, ExVoid is manufactured from galvanised steel into a tight expanded mesh, its design allowing for high visibility through the mesh. Offering a bespoke service on this product, the Expanded Metal Company can supply mesh panels cut to size, saving you time and improving your safety on-site. Additionally, cost savings can be passed on because of a reduction in waste material due to factory finishing. Visit our website for an illustration of the cost savings compared to using perforated metal and timber products. Alternatively, if you wish to find out more about this product then just contact us.

Filters and Filtration

We offer an extensive range of meshes used for filtration, support and pleating with media. Whilst manufacturing a well-established range of expanded metal mesh filter panels, we are also experienced suppliers of high volume OEM products to many industries including automotive, chemical and air conditioning. With expertise in bespoke design, new product development and high volume products, our filtration components also have proven performance in a range of environments and meet quality standards. To see the diverse range of features available, technical information including sizes, other benefits and the variety of potential applications please visit our website or give us a call.

Grain and seed storage

Do you need a controlled storage solution for produce including wheat, barley, maize, oats, oil seed rape, peas and beans etc? Look no further than our 7 custom-made specific types of grain and seed meshes. Since 1980 we have been designing, manufacturing and serving mesh to the agricultural industry in order to assist with maintenance of quality in storage and drying. Benefits that come with our products include efficient drying and storage, reduction in wastage, excellent airflow, maximum retention, strong barriers to pests and vermin, preventing access and reinforcing quality preservation. These meshes can also be fitted to existing systems!

Metal Laths

With a proven track record for quality and value, our metal laths provide an excellent key for finishing materials including plasters/renders on masonry, ceilings, suspended ceilings and timber-framed buildings. Used for both internal and external applications, the lathing can be manufactured in galvanised or stainless steel, and, can be used on projects where a curved or dome shape is required. An example of metal lath application is on the Selfridges Whale building in Birmingham. Suitable for commercial projects and home improvements, to complement our lathing range, we also offer a comprehensive choice of building and construction products; see our website for more details.

Rollform Products

Applications for Rollform products are numerous and include, retail/display shelving, security/support, architectural metalwork, shop fitting, balustrades and cages/enclosures. Profiles are available in a variety of sizes and options including u-section and lattice and in materials such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium etc. The Expanded Metal Company also offers bespoke options. The main benefits associated with this product are in being able to seal the edges of the mesh sheet providing a barrier for fixing, protecting or handling the finished sheet. Overall the product can be transformed into a variety of functions, adding value, enhancing appearance and appeal. Contact us with your requirements today!


Used to prevent illegal criminal access through partitions, walls and floors, Securilath is a range of reinforced metal security meshes and is known as the invisible deterrent or ‘Burglar Beater’! Developed to incorporate premium security with architectural design considerations, the product can be easily incorporated into your building, including retro-fit. Easily fixing to brickwork, blockwork, stud partitioning, ceiling joists and roofs in metal and timber, your insurance premiums could even be reduced due to the decreased risk of entry. With three different types of Securilath available, it literally has a huge variety of applications. See our website for more details on the technical specifications.

Speciality and Precious metals

Whether it’s gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium or the many other precious metals available, they can all be produced as expanded mesh. Expanded titanium offers superb weight to strength ratios and offers extreme stability and freedom from corrosion in environments that are harsh. With freedom from oxidation and corrosion and offering a good lifetime service, expanded nickel and nickel alloys have extreme temperature performance in oxidising atmospheres. Expanded tantalum and niobium can be used in the electrochemical industry as specialist electrodes and are also used in inert atmosphere heating systems, evaporation baskets, crucibles and jigs in the semiconductor industry. The range of uses these metals have is diverse.

Square Mesh

Our square meshes can be coated (hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated) to any RAL standard. Decorative but functional and with a high strength to weight ratio, the square mesh range can be used as an alternative to woven wire and welded mesh. This is a type of mesh which is stretched more than normal in order to create the square holed pattern. The aperture is the most important feature and the range has been brought together to complement the traditional diamond shape meshes and round holed Experf meshes on offer. Give us a call to see how square meshes can be used in your applications!

Stock Range

Holding an extensive stock of meshes in a variety of materials and patterns, to suit numerous applications, we provide the most comprehensive range of expanded metal meshes available in the UK. With stock items usually available for next day delivery, our aim is for our customers, old and new, to have access to the expanded metal meshes they require as quickly and as easily as possible. We have high volumes of stock to meet your demands; available at short notice, we offer expert advice, immediate quotes and excellent service from our experienced sales team. Additionally our products are competitively priced and we can offer delivery to site.


Created from expanded metal mesh, our walkways offer an economical solution for all types of walkway and gantry. Tested and measured on load bearing capacities, a choice of 16 products are available to choose from including a choice of materials such as steel, aluminium or stainless steel. The walkway range is an effective well-established product proven throughout industry and can be relied upon to satisfy most safety requirements. We can also provide Supergrip for wheelchair ramps and an option to weld, join or clip the sheets in situ. The mesh allows snow, ice and mud to break off under foot to maintain secure footing.



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