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Acam Instrumentation Ltd is a UK-based supplier of pressure transducers, load cells, torque cells, strain gauges, and various types of sensors. We also provide a strain gauging service. All of our products are of the very highest quality, and our industry expertise of over 20 years enables us to provide an excellent service. For every instrument we supply, Acam's representatives can offer personalised advice and guidance to ensure you choose the right product and that you get the best performance levels from it. Our success has been built on three core principles – quality, performance and innovation. These are the reasons why customers keep coming back to us for their instrumentation. If you would like to find out more about our pressure transducers, load cells, torque cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors and temperature sensors, visit the Acam Instrumentation website, or get in touch directly – our friendly, helpful advisors are only a phone call away!

Pressure Transducers - Visit our website

We supply a wide range of Pressure Transducers that use foil, ceramic and semiconductor technology. These are all available with pressure and electrical connections which can be defined by the customer. Our Pressure Transducers have been continuously developed and improved for exceptional stability and repeatability. Temperature compensation down to 0.003%/°C can be achieved over temperature bands higher than 150°C. Acam also has a number of amplified transducers with voltage and current output, should you require them. For more information on our Pressure Transducers, please give the team at Acam Instrumentation a call.

Load Cells - Visit our website

Acam Instrumentation has a variety of Load Cells that use semiconductor, foil and ceramic technology. We give our customers the power to define the mechanical interface and electrical connections, in order that they get an instrument that's perfect for their application. Load cells are available in Shear Beam, Double Bending Beam, Bobbin and Cantilever formats, with temperature ranges of up to 200°C to special order. Our load cells offer excellent repeatability and stability with low temperature coefficients. Loads cells using foil technology are typically used for achieving the most accurate results, whilst those using semiconductors provide the highest output. Ceramic technology is particularly useful in specialised applications.

Torque Cells - Visit our website

We also supply Torque Cells that use foil or semiconductor technology. Like Load Cells, Torque Cells that use foil technology offer the best accuracy, while semiconductor technology provides the highest output. Torque Sensors and Transducers are made in either torque tube technology or bending beam technology. Electrical interface can only be a flying lead or a plug, but our customers are able to choose which mechanical interface they prefer. All of our Torque Cells have been manufactured to the highest quality and offer incredible performance – that's why they have been used in some of the most demanding applications in the Military, Medical and Industrial sectors.

Temperature Sensors - Visit our website

Acam Instrumentation supplies a wide range of Temperature Sensors that use platinum resistance elements, thermistors, or thermocouples. Sensors are tailor-made to the customer's requirements in terms of thread, diameter, length and electrical interface. We can also supply amplified versions to special order. Acam Instrumentation Ltd is committed to top-quality, high-performing products and an exceptional standard of customer service. If you need any help or assistance, we would be delighted to be of service. Just give us a call!

Strain Gauging Service - Visit our website

As well as supplying a wide range of measurement instruments, Acam Instrumentation offers a professional strain gauging service. Provide us with your metal work and we'll measure the strain as required. The most accurate results are accomplished using strain gauges with foil technology. Where higher output is required or where size is important, we'll use semiconductor strain gauges. If you would like to find out more about our strain gauging service, please follow the link to the Acam Instrumentation website, or get in touch directly. We’re always happy discuss your needs.

Strain Gauges - Visit our website

If measuring the strain of metal work is a constant feature of your operations, the more cost-effective option is to invest in your own strain gauges. We can supply semiconductor or ceramic strain gauges. Strain Gauges that use semiconductor technology are backed with a polyimide material which makes them as easy to use as foil strain gauges. They are available as 1000 ohm units for general strain gauging or as 40 ohm units for foil compensation applications. If you're looking to save on costs, Ceramic Strain Gauges may be the better option. These can be configured to suit the customer's application requirements.

Sensors - Visit our website

Acam Instrumentation Ltd produces pressure sensors, load sensors and torque sensors which can be used as OEM devices in almost any application. Standard and customised ceramic pressure sensors are available in wide range of sizes. When it comes to Load and Torque, we are able to offer a full range of foil and semiconductor sensors.

With over 20 years in the industry, we possess the skills and experience design any sensor for virtually any application. We would love to hear from you, so get in touch with your requirements and we’ll provide the solution.

Accelerometer - Visit our website

With over 25-years experience in the design and manufacture of high quality transducers, we have developed a comprehensive range of accelerometers, vibration and inclinometers suitable for use by general industries and military applications alike.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce these items in a choice of materials to suit a range of applications, including stainless steel, EN24T, Inconel and titanium, and we are also able to fabricate accelerometers with the capability of withstanding temperatures of up to 300°C.  Whatever your requirements, Acam Instrumentation will work with you to design a bespoke system that will meet your specific needs.

Displays - Visit our website

We have developed an electronic display unit for use with our transducers offering clear visual readings of transducer outputs, via an optical filter enhanced high brightness display. The standard unit features a handy 10v supply that is capable of powering transducers and it can be easily upgraded by integrating other features such as an optional tare function and/or alarm signal.

Medical Sensors - Visit our website

Acam Instrumentation manufactures high-grade sensors suitable for use in medical settings.  Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements in more detail and we would be happy to advise you of the solutions we can offer your organisation. For maximum flexibility, we are able to supply sensors at differing levels of completion to suit your requirements, from OEM products to completed transducers and transponders.  We can also work with you to produce sensors with customised temperature coefficients.  

General Pressure Transducers - Visit our website

We are able to manufacture a wide selection of pressure transducers that can be fabricated to accommodate the requirements of a variety of applications and will work with you to develop a product suited to your particular environmental conditions, media surroundings, temperature range and potential vibration and shock levels.  We can produce devices with a gauge, absolute or differential reference, have the ability to apply foil, ceramic or semiconductor technology and can manufacture in a range of materials to best match your needs, including stainless steel, titanium and inconel. 

Bore Hole Pressure Transducers - Visit our website

If you are looking for a company who can manufacture borehole pressure transducers, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We have a range of standard items, but can also work with you to design a bespoke borehole transducer to match your specific needs. Our standard devices come in three different diameters of 50mm, 30mm and 14mm and are able to measure water depths of between 0.5 to 500 meters of water gauge.  Each device includes lightening suppression and our larger units enable users to make rangeable adjustments  

Ceramic Sensors - Visit our website

We offer customers a range of different options when it comes to ceramic transducers; solely as a diaphragm sensor which can then be mounted and wired, with one ceramic ring for mounting, fully wired with flying lead or, alternatively, connector mounted on PCB or ceramic sheet. Our ceramic sensors offer a signal output of 15mV and work from a 5V supply, and offer superb thermal stability with great performance under thermal cycling.  As part of our offering we work with clients to customise temperature coefficients to ensure your sensors are suited to the intended application.

Ceramic Sensor Applications - Visit our website

We manufacture ceramic sensors in a wide variety of thicknesses and diameters, from 7mm OD to 50mm OD, which are able to withstand the majority of pressure applications.  Please contact Acam Instrumentation to discuss your particular requirements and we will be happy to make suitable recommendations for you. For your reference, you can also find a diagram of a typical ceramic sensor circuit by following the link above.

Flush Miniature Pressure Tranducers - Visit our website

Providing a pressure range of between 10 and 400 bar, our flush miniature pressure transducers utilize the latest ceramic technology and offer excellent stability. In order to cater to a variety of applications these transducers are available to order in a choice of materials including stainless steel, titanium and inconel and are built to perform in temperatures of up to 125°C.  As with many of our products, we are able to manufacture flush miniature pressure transducers in line with customer specifications, taking into account common variables such as vibration levels, temperature ranges and environmental conditions.  Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements in detail.

Water Depth Pressure Tranducers - Visit our website

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of water depth pressure transducers and offer features such as lightning suppression on all models as standard.  We have developed our products using the latest technologies and as such the advanced electronics we have integrated to our water depth transducers enable customers to make rangeable adjustments, whilst a ruggedised cable is used to house the two wire 4-20mA output transmitters.  We produce two sizes; a 50mm Ø unit that offers a depth range of 0.5-500 meters and a 30mm Ø unit offering 10-500 meters.  



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