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Teagle Machinery is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery. We supply livestock and arable farmers throughout the world with top class equipment designed and built right here in Britain. Our products include feeders, bedders, muck spreaders, fertiliser spreaders, swath conditioners and a range of roll mowers, pasture toppers and flail mulchers. We also offer pneumatic drills, power harrows and cultivators. 

Teagle Machinery is known worldwide for innovative, reliable agricultural products that work hard day-in, day-out. The equipment we supply has been tried and tested in some of the toughest agricultural conditions imaginable, giving our customers complete assurance of a long and trouble-free service life.  

Teagle Machinery is also known for its outstanding customer service. We'll provide you with all the advice and guidance you need in product selection, and we’ll ensure you get the very best after-sales support.  Equipment servicing and spare parts are offered through our extensive dealer network. 

You can find out more about our products and services by visiting Teagle Machinery online. 

Tomahawk 404M-505M-505XLM Straw Mill

Tomahawk 404M, 505M and 505XLM Straw Mills give you fast and effective milling of straw and miscanthus to a very consistent and fine length. They use a series of blades or hammers to chop dry material until it is small enough to pass through the holes of a screen. Adjusting the size of these holes allows you to control the chop length. A range of screens are available with holes from 15mm to 36mm. Output can also be controlled by adjusting the speed of the drum’s rotation. Model capacities are as follows:

  • Tomahawk 404M – 1.2m (dia.) bales
  • Tomahawk 505M – 1.5m (dia.) bales
  • Tomahawk 505XLM – 1.5m (dia.) bales and full size Hesston bales.

Various drum extensions are available to accommodate larger rectangular bales. 

Tomahawk 7100 Feeder / Bedder

The Tomahawk 7100 is a British-engineered livestock feeder/bedder that benefits from a greater output, a more consistent feed rate and a more controlled delivery than most comparable products. It is designed to lightly shred baled silage in order to make it more palatable and easier to consume. Shredded silage also offers better moisture-resistance, which helps to keep livestock clean and healthy (when used as bedding). 

This machine has a 3.0m³ capacity and is capable of spreading straw up to 20m. The Tomahawk is also available in a side chute or ‘dual chop’ version to give long or short straw at the touch of a button. Find out more by visiting Teagle Machinery online. 

Tomahawk 8100 Feeder/Bedder

The Tomahawk 8100 has a similar design to our 7100 feeder/bedder, but with a larger capacity (3.5m³) and a greater spreading distance (22m). Like the 7100, it is designed not only to make feeding/bedding a lot quicker and easier, but also to improve the quality of the straw as a feed or bedding material. Shredding silage makes it more palatable and enhances moisture resistance, increasing consumption and improving the health of your livestock. The 8100 is also available with a side chute, twin chutes or in a ‘dual chop’ version (Tomahawk 8150), giving you long or short straw at the touch of a button. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more.

Muck Spreader - Titan 6, 8 & 9

Our TITAN muck spreaders have been carefully designed and engineered to ensure excellent stability, manoeuvrability, load visibility and superior ground clearance. There are three models in the range – these have capacities of 6, 8 and 9m³ (though this can be extended by adding a steel greedy board). All models incorporate a stepless auger with a shallow pitch which ensures that the material is well mixed and shredded before it is distributed.

Whether you’re spreading fresh, well rotted or semi-solid farmyard manure, poultry litter, compost or waste products, TITAN muck spreaders will ensure an even, fine and wide spread pattern every time. Find out more by visiting Teagle Machinery online. 

Fertiliser Spreaders - SX Series

SX Series fertiliser spreaders use the quadruple overlap distribution system, a robust spreading pattern that is largely unaffected by wind, variation in fertiliser characteristics and driver error (the usual sources of inaccuracy). The combination of an Accu Rate delivery system and a robust quadruple overlap spread pattern makes SX Series fertiliser distributors incredibly reliable and extremely accurate even on banks and hillsides. Built with stainless steel spreading components and double powder coated for protection against the elements, these machines are capable of enduring the toughest agricultural conditions.

Fertiliser Spreaders XT48

Our XT48 fertiliser spreaders use a gently tapered ‘triangular’ spread pattern that eliminates errors and ensures even distribution across the full width of the bout (up to 12m). These models can also be used for spreading grain, grass and seeds at a reduced bout width. A removable plastic hopper makes loading these machines easy, while a simple control allows the user to adjust the spreading rate and pattern according to their requirements. All of our fertiliser spreaders are built with stainless steel spreading components for maximum durability under tough operating conditions.

Pasture Toppers

Our pasture toppers are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee outstanding reliability and performance under tough agricultural conditions. Engineered with the finest components, they represent the very best in quality British agricultural machinery. We offer a range of pasture toppers to cover all requirements, so whether you have an amenity application, an orchard, golf course or agricultural pasture, you’ll find the right machine for the job at Teagle Machinery online.

Super-Ted Swath Conditioners

Our swath conditioners are engineered specifically for the heavy crops found here in the UK. There are two models available for you to choose from: the Super-ted 160, which has a 1.6m pick-up and is ideal for silage, hay and straw from smaller combines; and the Super-ted 221, which has a 2.2m pick-up and is suitable for silage, hay and straw from all modern combines. Both models are designed to offer:

  • Faster drying
  • Reduced crop contamination
  • Reduced costs (only one pass required)
  • Tidier swaths

Find out more about our Super-ted swath conditioners by visiting Teagle Machinery online. 



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