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As a company that has been at the very forefront of gear manufacturing technology for over 50 years, Tandler Precision Ltd is able to offer comprehensive transmission solutions for virtually any requirement. In fact, wherever high quality gearing is needed, whether for industrial, aerospace, military or automotive applications, we're able to provide it, whether it’s a one-off or high volume production. Tandler holds the skills, experience and expertise to manufacture gears of all types, and our state-of-the-art machining facilities enable us to produce to extremely tight tolerances.

Alongside our own range of gearboxes, we’re also able to offer couplings and torque limiters from R + W – this gives our customers an even wider choice of power transmission solutions. When it comes to the design and development of bespoke gearboxes, Tandler are unrivalled anywhere in the industry. Our expert engineers work with you at every step of the way in order to produce the optimum solution for your requirements. Whatever your unique need, no matter how simple or complex, we can deliver the goods. Below you'll find information regarding the various product categories found on our website. For more information regarding specific gearbox designs, please visit www.tandler.co.uk.

Should you require any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly. Our helpful sales staff are available on 01604 588 056 and are able to answer all your questions.

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes - Visit our website

Tandler gearboxes are known throughout the world for their quality, reliability and durability. For over 50 years, our products have been proving their versatility and value in all sorts of applications. Spiral bevel gearboxes are just one of our many specialities, and are available in 8 standard sizes with a maximum torque of up to 7300Nm. Our designs benefit from low backlash, universal mounting, perfect shaft alignment, quiet operation, and a high radial load capacity. Moreover, their power density is among the highest in the industry. Spiral bevel gearboxes may be adapted from the standard design to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Speed Modulation Gearboxes - Visit our website

Speed modulation gearboxes (also known as phasing gearboxes) are used to modify the basic rotation speed of a drive by imparting additional forward or reverse motion whilst the drive shafts remain connected. They are widely used in the web and sheet processing industry. Our speed modulation gearboxes offer precise, economical solutions to the control, adjustment and synchronisation of machine operations, and are available in 13 standard sizes with maximum torque value ranging up to 2400Nm. They benefit from low backlash, low transmission error, enhanced design versatility (thanks to dual drive options and multiple shaft arrangements), 360 degree correction, perfect shaft alignment, and the option of manual or pneumatic control.

ServoFoxx Gearboxes - Visit our website

Tandler's range of ServoFoxx gearboxes offer the ultimate in motion control. Maximum performance for servo applications is assured by ground and matched set gearing, a revolutionary integrated bellows coupling for motor connection, and more ratios than any other manufacturer. They provide a flexible system that offers any combination of ratio (from 3:1 to 10:1) with the input and output options you require. The inclusion of interchangeable flange plates and two part couplings ensures compatibility with all motors, while the cast iron housing offers superior torsional rigidity over the aluminium housings used by many other gear manufacturers.

Couplings and Torque Limiters - Visit our website

Tandler are able to offer versatile and precise coupling technologies from R + W, one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexible shaft couplings, torque limiting couplings and line shafts. All of the R + W products we supply run completely backlash-free and assure smooth and precise transmission of angle and torque. If you would like further information regarding R + W couplings and torque limiters, please get in touch with our helpful sales representatives on 01604 588 056.

Powermaster Gearboxes - Visit our website

Tandler are the manufacturers of the market-leading Powermaster Gearbox, known throughout the world for their high torque, low space design. A full product catalogue can be downloaded in Pdf format from the Tandler Precision Ltd website.

Gears - Visit our website

Tandler Precision Ltd has been producing high quality gears for over half a century, which makes us well placed to provide transmission solutions of all types to meet even the most stringent design requirements. Whatever the application and however large or small the volume, we can manufacture it. Our production facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for the cutting and grinding of all varieties of gears and splines. After production, all products are hardened in our heat treatment department, using the most suitable process for the material and application. Gears then undergo rigorous inspection to ensure that they meet quality standards.


Custom Gearboxes - Visit our website

Customised gearboxes are no problem for Tandler. We draw upon over half a century's worth of industry experience to offer transmission solutions that are tailored to your needs. Specially designed and manufactured gearboxes form a large part of our operations, so whatever the volume and however complex the design, we'll be happy to handle it. Give us a call today and speak to one of our expert design engineers. They'll work with you at every stage of development to ensure you receive a gearbox solution that matches your precise requirements.

Specialist Automotive Products - Visit our website

Tandler has designed, manufactured and supplied gearboxes for many historic vehicles, both for road and competition use. Because drawings for such vehicles are generally not available, gearboxes need to be reverse engineered from samples. Using the latest materials and manufacturing processes, Tandler are able to recreate gears that are stronger and more durable than originals. Some of the vehicles we have supplied gears for include various models of Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lotus, Porsche and Rover.

Applications - Lottery Ticket Printers - Visit our website

It’s your lucky day. Your numbers have come up, and you’re about to become a multi-millionaire. But wait a second: you take the winning ticket to the store where it was purchased and the machine cannot read it. Form classified invalid. Disaster. 


To ensure this only ever happens in your worst nightmares (and not in reality), lottery tickets must be produced with absolute precision so that they may be read without the possibility of error. That’s where our Speed Modulation gearboxes come in use. They help to ensure maximum printing accuracy so that when your numbers do finally come up you’ll be well and truly in the money. 


Applications - Oil Extraction - Visit our website

An industry like this demands nothing short of perfection; all components used in the extraction and delivery of crude oil must have reliability built in. Our gearboxes, used to pump crude oil out in Alaska, have a special internal lubrication which ensures continuous reliable operation under some of the most extreme temperature and weather conditions on Earth.

Applications - Food Processing - Visit our website

Our products have been used in many different applications within the food processing industry. In fact, one of our gearboxes was used in the making of those cherry-filled chocolates pictured to the right. How exactly is that, you ask? Well, producing these little treats is a complex process which requires precise registration and positioning of the cherries as the chocolate cups move up and down the conveyor belt. 


Our Speed Modulation gearboxes help position the cherries whilst regulating the speed of the belt so that they go exactly where they belong – in the chocolate and not on the conveyor. 


Applications - Biscuit Manufacturing - Visit our website

When you pick up your custard cream or bourbon biscuit, you probably don’t think too much about how it’s made. It tends to go straight in your mouth – or sometimes via a cup of tea. But you’d certainly take notice if there was too much or too little filling between the two biscuits. Getting the right amount isn’t easy, especially when the consistency of the filling is constantly changing with temperature, humidity and other ingredient factors in the manufacturing process. With our Speed Modulation gearboxes, however, biscuit producers throughout the world can be confident that the same amount of filling is applied regardless of the line speed or any other factor.

Applications - Renewable Energy - Visit our website

With the rise in fuel prices showing no signs of slowing down, more emphasis is being placed on renewable sources of energy such as wind power. But there’s much more to harnessing the power of the elements than simply erecting a wind farm. To maximise the efficiency of energy production, the pitch of the rotor blade needs to be adjusted according to the conditions. This ensures that in low wind as well as high the generator is spinning to produce the greatest amount of electricity. However, the enormous amount of propeller torque means that only a highly specialised spiral bevel gearbox with a very high ratio will do – that’s exactly what Tandler provides.

Applications - Diapers - Visit our website

Tandler gearboxes are used around the world to keep babies dry and comfortable - well, perhaps not the gearboxes themselves, but certainly the products that they make; namely diapers. The construction of diapers (or nappies) has changed dramatically over the years. Where once they were made with a simple cloth secured with a safety pin, they now feature all sorts of complex components designed to improve comfort and hygiene. These components must be trimmed, positioned and assembled with extreme accuracy – that’s where our gearboxes come in use.

Applications - Printing - Visit our website

Tandler Speed Modulation gearboxes are used throughout the publishing industry to achieve maximum printing accuracy and image clarity. Virtually all web type printing presses are driven with a main line shaft; many use a Tandler gearbox at each print station. This enables the operator to alter the position of the print forwards or backwards relative to the previous print cylinder so that each successive colour is printed precisely on top of the other. The result is a photo quality image produced at high speed.

Applications - Freight Handling - Visit our website

In every major port around the world you’ll find ships being loaded with hundreds of containers each weighing up to 20 tonnes. Getting them onboard requires a special type of bridge crane that allows the crane car to travel back and forth over the ship and dock as it loads and unloads freight. Tandler gearboxes are used to control the cable that moves the car, a function that demands reliability in even the most challenging operating conditions.

Applications - Controlled Demolition - Visit our website

Explosives are always very dangerous, especially when used in demolition projects. To ensure maximum safety in such situations, and to control the way in which a structure is levelled, a timed detonation is needed. For this a special fuse is required, one which burns at a consistent rate. This consistency is guaranteed by wrapping and metering explosive compound around two cords, a function which can be performed using two Tandler splined gearboxes connected with a torque tube. The result is a safe explosion and a controlled demolition.

Applications - Space - Visit our website

Tandler gearboxes can even be found in space, where they are used to control the solar panels found on satellites. Of course, when a rocket is launched to deliver a satellite into space, every ounce of weight that can be saved will reduce costs. So for these applications we use a special lightweight aluminium housing and a high tech graphite lubricant which is not affected by gravity or extremes of temperature. We also use a special seal which is more able to withstand the rigours of space operation than our standard seal.



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