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Established in 1989, Street Furnishings Ltd have over 32 years of experience in the supply of highway equipment, signage and street furniture to a wide range of customers. We are proud to work with a cross section of society, from merchants and private customers, to public sector organisations and local authorities. We offer an extensive range of products, from signage and barriers, to bollards, seating and lighting, all of which offer exceptional quality, reliability and value for money. Over the years, the industry has changed and grown as technology advances and we have kept up with this pace. We strive to remain at the cutting edge of innovation but still focus on products which are readily available and good at what they do. 

Considering many of our products concern safety, we understand that quality and reliability are paramount when designing and manufacturing. We therefore hold many different accreditations, including the ability to operate a quality management system to ISO 9001 EN 29002. 

Although we are based in Berkshire, we can supply products across the UK, including the Channel Islands and Ireland. If you would like to find out more about any of our products or services, please don't hesitate to visit the website. You can also contact our fantastic customer service team if you have any specific questions, or you'd like to discuss bespoke options. 


Roadworks - Visit our website

Roadworks are common across the country, either to change the existing infrastructure or make repairs. Considering that this work is often completed around the public and many times in busy areas, it's incredibly important to do so safely. We offer an extensive range of products, designed with roadworks in mind. These include, lightning, electricals, cones, barriers, safety bollards and posts, just to name a few. Our full product range, including technical details, can be found on our website. 


Chapter 8 Street Works - Visit our website

Chapter 8 regulations ensure that all street and roadworks being conducted are properly highlighted, ensuring the safety of workers, pedestrians and drivers. We stock an extensive range of signs and barriers, all of which meet the relevant safety specifications, including BS7818, BS EN 13422:2004 and BS8442. Customer can choose from temporary signage, custom sign Zintec plates, recycled plastic road signs, bollards and reflective rolls, as well as many more. The full range can be found on our website.


Cones & Barriers - Visit our website

Signage is incredibly important when safeguarding during roadworks, however, it's the cones and barriers that are paramount to safety. These barriers stop pedestrians, drivers and workers from stumbling into an area that could be potentially unsafe. Our range of products includes, cones, temporary barriers, metal crowd barriers, sandbags and chain post sets. If you have any questions about any of our products and services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email. 


Road Safety Bollards - Visit our website

We stock a wide range of road safety bollards, with options for every application. Just some of the safety bollards that we offer includes, self-righting bollards, cycle lane systems, lane separators and decorative bollards. Customers can choose from a variety of size and colours. It's also worth noting that our bollards are durable, high quality and most require minimal to no maintenance. Full information, including technical details on the full range, can be found on our website. 


Signage - Visit our website

We offer an extensive range of signage, including both standard and customisable products. Just some of the products we provide include, sign plates, sign posts and specific warning signs, just to name a few. We also stock a variety of accessories, including clamps, straps, banding, protectors and reflective tape rolls. Full details on all of our signage can be found on our website. 


Permanent Signs - Visit our website

We offer a wide range of permanent road signs, including speed limit indicators, information signs and warning signs. It's worth noting that all of our signs are manufactured in the UK and meet all the necessary quality and highway regulations, including ISO 9001:2000 and BSEN 12899:2007. If you would like to find out more about signs, or you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team, via phone or email. 


Street Name Plates - Visit our website

Street name plates are used across the UK, with many customers looking for a durable and reliable design and a strong aesthetic. We offer a variety of street name plates, including the more traditional die pressed nameplates, to recycled classic village gateways. Customers can choose from a range of different sizes and colour combinations, with something for everyone. Considering a street or village nameplate is often a first impression, only the best will do. 


Guardrailing, Barriers & Fencing - Visit our website

Guardrailing, barriers and fencing play and extremely important role as it not only differentiates different sections of roads and pavements but it also safeguards against potential harm. We stock a wide range of barriers, including both standard and ornamental guardrailing, column protectors, swing and rising barriers, crash barriers and height restrictors, just to name a few. Customers are reminded that we can also provide bespoke options, with specific requirements in mind, if necessary. 


Access Restriction Barriers - Visit our website

Access restriction barriers offer an effective and budget-friendly solution for barring vehicles from a specific area. We offer a range of barriers, all of which can block or allow access to vehicles, thanks to a swinging or rising mechanism. We also provide size restriction barriers, which only give access to vehicles under a specific height or width. We understand that all of our customers are different and have different requirements and therefore why all of our access restriction barriers are made to order and completely bespoke. 


Crash Barriers - Visit our website

As the name suggests, crash barrier prevent vehicles from entering a specific area. They are used in many different applications, to protect people, workers and premises from the danger of vehicle collision. As well as the more traditional locations such as factories and car parks, we are also seeing a growing demand for crash barriers in city centres, during large events, to protect against potential attacks. We offer both crash barriers and accessories, manufactured using high quality, durable steel with different sizes available. 


Pedestrian Guardrail - Visit our website

Pedestrian guardrails are installed for a variety of reasons but are mainly used in busy areas where pedestrians and vehicles interact closely. For example, around busy roads, crossing points or outside schools. We offer a wide range of guardrails with different sizes, finishes and colours to choose from. We can also provide completely bespoke guardrails, if required. Safety is paramount and it's worth noting that our guardrails meet the stringent BS7818 regulations. Further information on this range can be found on our website. 


Facilities Management - Visit our website

We stock a wide range of facilities management products, including various types of bollards, posts, barriers, signs, ramps and pillars, just to name a few. Our website contains full information on all of our products, including technical details such as sizing and pricing. Alternatively, you can contact us directly with any specific queries. 


Cycle Parking - Visit our website

As there is more encouragement to move away from cars and embrace greener forms of transport, such as cycling, the demand for cycle parking is increasing. Embracing bikes as your main form of transport not only has fantastic health benefits, it's also much more environmentally friendly. We offer a range of cycle parking solutions, including timber cycle shelters, standing cycling shelters, moon shaped cycle shelters and multi-functional cycle shelters. Customers can visit our website for further information on all of the products we have to offer. 


Lighting & Electrical - Visit our website

We stock a range of lighting, including LED floodlights and type A sign lights. We also offer a variety of electrical equipment, including duckfoot retention sockets, electrical vehicle chargers and hinged door feeder pillars. Customers can visit the website to find out more about all of the products within this range. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call if you have any specific queries. 


Street Furniture - Visit our website

This category covers everything from cycle parking and signage to public seating and litterbins. Whether you require a single park bench or a comprehensive range of cycle stands, signs and shelters for an entire cycle path network, Street Furnishings Ltd can provide the solutions.

  • Public seating: including traditional park benches and more contemporary seating in stainless steel and other modern materials.
  • Litterbins: in all shapes, sizes and materials.
  • Cycle stands, shelters and signs.
  • Tree protection and planter: for managing foliage in built-up areas.
  • Signage: including fingerposts, boundary signs, information signage and poster cases.

Seating - Visit our website

Outdoor seating, whether it be public or private, often goes unnoticed in daily life but it plays an important role. We offer an extensive range of seating from the more traditional wooden benches, to more modern seating, for example recycled plastic benches and planter seats. We also offer more tailored solutions, such as children's picnic tables and tree protection seating. If you'd like more specific information on this range, such as technical details on dimensions and materials, feel free to visit our website. 


Bollards - Visit our website

Whatever the application, Street Furnishings Ltd has all your bollard requirements covered. We have everything from parking bollards and traffic bollards to anti ram-raid bollards and decorative posts.

  • Bollards for parking restriction: these include fixed, fold-down, telescopic and removable types.
  • Bollards to delineate areas: including reflective, wooden, cast iron, plastic, concrete, stainless steel, recycled and polyurethane bollards.
  • Bollards for directing traffic: including verge posts, cycle route bollards and keep-left illuminated bollards.
  • Bollards for protection: including anti ram-raid bollards, mild steel bollards and pavement protection bollards.
  • Bollards for decoration: made from cast iron, stainless steel or wood.

Timber & Concrete Bollards - Visit our website

We offer a range of timber and concrete bollards, with options to suit every application. Our timber bollards are made using sustainable hardwood or treated softwood and come as standard or customised, if necessary. We can also tailor our concrete bollards with additions such as reflective signs and bands. Our concrete bollards provide a cost effective but extremely strong and reliable solution. Information on the full range can be found on our website, otherwise, you can contact us directly. 


Traditional Cast Bollards - Visit our website

Traditional cast bollards remain a popular choice for many because they offer a wealth of benefits. The steel core is strong and durable and then coated with polyurethane, which is famously hard, resistant to damage and corrosives. As well as being durable, polyurethane is also easy to mould into different shapes, therefore providing the ability to create decorative bollards in many different styles. We offer a wide range of traditional cast bollards, with different designs and sizes available. 


Solar Powered Products - Visit our website

We’ve recently introduced some outstanding new solar powered products which will greatly enhance your eco-friendly credentials! The solar powered refuge island beacon is a low-maintenance free-standing unit that can be positioned anywhere, making it perfect for both temporary and permanent crossings. With an LED bulb that lasts for 80,000 hours and over ten years of battery life, it’s an excellent long-term investment. Our updated solar powered signlight (the only self-contained model currently available anywhere) has a custom-made light head in aluminium. Other high-quality items available in the solar powered range include bollards and belisha beacons.



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  • Impact Flex Bollards Flexible non maintenance bollards
  • Night Owl Bollard Reflective self righting Bollard
  • Street Safe Bollards
  • Streetwise Bollards No maintenance Polyurethane bollards
  • Visibeacon Hi visibility Globe for Belisha beacons
  • Vistarail High Visability Pedestrian Guardrailing

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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