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With headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the UK, France and Switzerland, Stemmer Imaging Ltd is Europe's largest imaging technology provider. As a powerful and cost-efficient means of implementing automatic quality assurance, image processing or Machine Vision can be used in industrial application areas such as medical imaging, industrial automation and security and traffic technology. The companies which use our image processing technologies are safe in the knowledge that our products allow 100% monitoring, even at high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements. This gives them a cutting edge over their competitors. 

We cover a comprehensive range of components and services that are required to produce an imaging solution, and only choose suppliers which are leading international manufacturers and are at the cutting edge of vision technology. We are able to offer a wide selection of illumination systems for optimum object illumination, industrial cameras (such asline-scan, area-scan and high speed) in both monochrome and colour, lenses and optic for all major cameras and applications, 'smart' vision solutions, image acquisition technology, complete imaging systems and all the necessary accessories (power supply units, cables, connectors, stands, protective housings etc.). To link all of these hardware components, Stemmer Imaging provides powerful and modular Common Vision Blox software platform, a flexible programming library with complete toolkit enabling the user to solve almost any conceivable imaging problem. The Common Vision Blox has fast become the standard imaging software and is used throughout the world in many thousands of imaging applications. 

We also develop and manufacture customer-specific products, drawing upon a full range of in-house expertise to supply an excellent service to our customers when choosing an imaging solution. We don't just leave you to find the correct imaging solution - our experts guide you in finding the right solution and the most cost-effective combination of components before, during and after the project. At Stemmer Imaging, we think we have the expert technical know-how for planning, integration and realisation of complete solutions.

What's more, using our three decades of imaging experience, we offer complete support services to every one of our customers. If our FAQ database does not answer your query, then our support team made up of 30 qualified specialists can provide specific technical support over the telephone, via our innovative web collaboration system or we can even arrange a visit to your site if necessary. 

Imaging is our passion.

Common Vision Blox

For fast and reliable vision application development, the Common Vision Blox is the perfect software platform. Supporting all common acquisition technologies, this fast, powerful and modular programming library is based on a set of highly optimized algorithms where users can even integrate custom code to achieve total flexibility. This is an invaluable software package for interactive image processing systems and graphical programming tools. We guarantee that the Common Vision Blox offers performance, functionality and reliability you expect from an imaging software package.

Customised Image Processing Systems

The boundary between the traditional sensors used in automation solutions (e.g. light barriers) and high-tech, PC-based image processing systems has disappeared with the development of compact, easy-to-use, high-performance systems. From simple optical sensors, right through to 19-inch rack-mount PC systems, Stemmer Imaging is able to offer the best system for every type of application, thanks to a carefully chosen, comprehensive product portfolio.

Cameras for Image Processing

The selection of an appropriate camera is vital to the practicality and quality of a solution designed for industrial applications. At Stemmer Imaging, we know which camera technology is best suited to your needs. We offer Area Scan Cameras with monochrome sensors or colour sensors, 3D cameras, Area Scan Cameras for thermal imaging, and Line scan cameras with monochrome or colour sensors.

Illumination for Image processing

We make available many different types of illumination systems for image processing which employ different types of light sources and lighting technologies. Deciding which illumination is the most suitable can be constrained by the specific image processing task or by other practical considerations. As always, Stemmer Imaging's experts are on hand to define the optimal solution for each application. Our products include LED Illumination systems, Cold light sources and light guides,
High-frequency and halogen illumination unites and Diode lasers.

Optics for Image Processing

Stemmer Imaging supplies a wide variety of quality lenses and accessories from first-class manufacturers. These can be used in combination with a range of cameras for a variety of applications. Our general purpose lenses are compatible with C-mount cameras, CS-mount cameras and F-mount cameras. We also offer precision lenses, telecentric measuring lenses and macro lenses.


The right cable is an important consideration for imaging and machine vision. Technical requirements- including thermal, mechanical or chemical impacts - have to be accounted for. Stemmer Imaging has its own cable production facility boasting vastly experienced experts in cable preparation and construction. They produce high quality standard and specialist cables which are shipped from our facility every day.


A wide range of options for capturing images is required for the wide range of tasks that image processing systems are called upon to deal with. In image processing, video data from the majority of cameras is captured by a frame grabber and then transferred to the RAM of a PC. This is the most robust, reliable and flexible option for capturing video data and storing it for further processing on a PC. Stemmer Imaging supplies a comprehensive technical range of products from leading manufacturers in addition to our own frame grabbers. All components are supported by our specialist, high-performing image processing software, Common Vision Blox.


Stemmer Imaging supplies a huge range of accessories to accompany our products, including housing, mounting, tripods and cabling for cameras, filters, close-up lenses, and extension rings for lenses, as well as accessories for illumination and acquisition products.

World Class Expertise

More than 180 dedicated employees and over 30 years of industry experience make Stemmer Europe’s number one imaging technology provider. Our commitment to delivering high quality products and services has seen us grow to become a global market leader: companies across the world now rely on our technologies for a whole host of applications. Stemmer’s mission is to continue to provide imaging technology users and developers with a competitive advantage by adding value in the supply of quality components and in the provision of world-class support and expertise.

Our Services

Stemmer services are provided by vastly experienced, highly qualified staff who work hard to ensure even the most complicated imaging problems can be solved. As trained engineers, they have the technical expertise to manage all aspects of the project, and if necessary can provide a direct on-site consultation to help you select a product that perfectly matches your application requirements.

Stemmer always ensures its customers are kept up to date with the latest software releases, new products and technology innovations. We also provide regular training courses which can be conducted from our European Training Centre or at your premises if required.
If you would like to find out more about our services, please visit the Stemmer Imaging website.

Machine Vision Software

Stemmer Imaging Ltd provides outstanding machine vision software solutions to suit a range of industrial vision systems/ requirements. Vision software solutions may be supplied for simple camera control functions through to bespoke, complex applications. We are pleased to provide vision software that is easy to use with simple user interfaces and is easy to configure for a range of industrial inspection needs. Customers may also take advantage of a Machine Vision software library for more challenging requirements. To find out more about our machine vision software solutions, please contact us at Stemmer Imaging Ltd and we will be happy to help.



Registration Number: 03370750
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Registered at Companies House:14 May, 1997 (27 years and 1 month ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 5-10m
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Brand & Trade Names

  • 3M All cables are specifically tailored to the industry´s needs and provide both excellent performance and reliability in a large number of industrial applications.
  • AD & D (AD & D) provides effective solutions for mounting vision cameras and peripheral equipment even in the roughest of environments.
  • APG Vision Allison Park Group, Inc. manufactures camera & lighting enclosures for harsh industrial environments
  • AQSENSE Their algorithms for capturing and comparing 3-D objects and their model surfaces on the basis of light stripe peak detection stand out due to their high accuracy and processing speed.
  • Automation Technology Automation Technology manufactures high-speed 3D sensors for industrial image processing.
  • AVT AVT's core business lies in the manufacture, modification and custom development of digital cameras and housings
  • B+W Filter B+W Filter is a division of the Schneider Kreuznach company and manufactures photographic filters to meet the most demanding optical requirements.
  • CCS CCs Inc is the world's largest provider of LED illumination
  • CEI As an active member of the AIA and EMVA CEI manufactures its Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire and CameraLink cables according to the relevant standards.
  • Common Vision Box Each tool is optimised for performance and ease-of-use and can be purchased seperately.
  • CyberOptics CyberOptics is a recognized world leader in optical technology and inspection systems.
  • DALSA The DALSA Corporation of Canada offers an enormous range of machine vision components for digital image processing.
  • Fujinon complex technological advancements to produce leading edge, high quality lens products
  • Fuzzy Logik Systeme FLS (Fuzzy Logik Systeme GmbH) develops intelligent solutions in image and signal analysis, industrial automation and decision support/optimisation.
  • Gardasoft Vision Programmable lighting controllers for LED illumination
  • IDS IDS hardware and software is developed in-house and their products are built with the highest levels of quality in mind.
  • JAI JAI has built it´s success on developing and manufacturing high quality, easy to use cameras, with a range of differentiating features
  • Jenoptik Jenoptik develops and manufactures optical components, assemblies and systems for accurate measurement, analysis, structuring and processing.
  • Linos Stemmer uses a number of different models from the Linos Photonics range.
  • Mamiya Japanese company Mamiya produces a wide variety of products including an excellent range of lenses.
  • Navitar Stemmer supplies extremely sensitive, high speed lenses from American manufacturer Navitar to compliment its comprehensive optics range.
  • Nikon Well-known for its camera products, the Japanese Nikon Corporation also offers a wide range of photographic lenses which can be used in industrial applications.
  • Nortech Systems As a member of the AIA CameraLink Committee Nortech Systems Intercons robust CameraLink cables are certainly certified according to this standard.
  • Optronis Streak Cameras, Fast Video Cameras and Image Intensified Cameras of Optronis are being used to capture fast optical events and faint light signals.
  • Pentax Over a hundred different industry standard C-Mount and CS-Mount lenses are available, which are suitable for a wide range of image processing tasks.
  • Phlox It has been heavily involved in backlighting for Liquid Crystal Displays (in aerospace - civil and military) and Machine Vision lighting.
  • Schneider Kreuznach Names such as XENAR, XENON or VARIOGON are now synonymous with top of the range innovative products.
  • Siemens The company focuses on the areas of Information and Communications, Automation and Control, Power, Transportation, Medical, and Lighting.
  • Silicon Software The company’s flagship microEnable plug-in cards can be installed in any PC and allow complex image processing tasks to be performed in real time.
  • Sill Optics The Sill range of products covers lenses that are suitable for state-of-the-art high-tech applications in fields such as medical imaging and opto-electronics plus laser and measurement technology. The Sill range of products covers lenses that are suitable for state-of-the-art high-tech applications in fields such as medical imaging and opto-electronics plus laser and measurement technology.
  • Sony Toshiba Stemmer concentrates primarily on SONY's high-quality industrial products such as the monochrome and colour cameras plus their video monitor range.
  • Stemmer Imaging Based on this background STEMMER IMAGING developed the platform-independent image processing software Common Vision Blox
  • Tamron Tamron expanded beyond the conventional photography market and became a manufacturer of integrated opto-electronic products.
  • TOSHIBA Toshiba ICS, the Swiss-based Industrial Camera Systems group of the globally active Corporation is the specialist for RGB micro-prism cameras using 3-CCD technology.
  • VOLPI illumination and optical products, including fibre-optic/halogen light sources, LED illumination systems, solutions for technical and medical endoscopy, image guides and other optical instruments.
  • Zeiss The Zeiss lens range extends from the standard optics for measuring and inspection to high-performance lenses for extremely specialised tasks.

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