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Smith & Nephew Extruded Films (SNEF) manufactures and distributes medical films, foams, pads, nets and tapes for the professional and consumer healthcare markets. SNEF is constantly investing in its products and projects and is a pioneer in developing the world’s first breathable films for wound care - we are proud of being a recipient of the Queens Award for Innovation. SNEF also operates in a variety of industrial markets such as lamination, horticulture and filtration.

As a specialist supplier of films, foam, polymeric nets and tapes for both the industrial and medical sectors, SNEF continually aims to improve its customer's competitiveness in their respective markets through innovation, quality and an accommodating approach to their requirements.

We possess considerable market knowledge and believe that product design elements - in particular the role of substrates and adhesives - ought to be considered a single cohesive process. We manufacture products using a diverse range of resins and extrude onto a vast selection of carriers with a range of stripping loads. SNEF possesses direct lamination and slitting facilities, adhesive coating facilities, as well as additional downstream processing facilities. All films can also be corona treated on-line.

With a wealth of experience in local sales and as a distributor to all the key global markets (N & S America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia), SNEF manufactures in accordance with its client's requirements to ensure the goods are delivered on-time and to the correct specification. Our first-class supply chain processes ensure a continual supply, allowing customers to ability to improve their market competitiveness.

Innovation is paramount to SNEF's mission - a highly flexible approach to new ideas satisfies our customer's requirements by delivering fresh, creative and cutting edge solutions. Ongoing reviews and projects with our clients, together with dedicated research and development of new materials, allow our customers a head start against their competitors in developing market share. We perform customer audits of our facilities regularly which helps to establish a strong rapport between ourselves and our clients.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the legislative processes for medical devices in the USA, Europe and the Far East, including Japan. SNEF continues to customise and innovate in line with its customer needs, from the initial product concept, right through to the launch. We are committed to meeting all schedules and deadlines, as well as bending over backwards to accelerate project development timings where possible.

Professional Medical Films

Our wide range of professional medical films includes IV Dressings, Post-operative dressing, island dressings, foam dressings, thin-film dressings, hydrocolloid wound dressings, alginate dressings, cavity wound dressings, incise products, wound contact layers, ECG electrode films, sterilisation monitoring strips, transdermal drug delivery substrates, pressure relief mattresses and other pressure relief products.

Consumer Medical Films

SNEF makes available first aid dressings (including visually detectable and character dressings), blister dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, eye patches and strapping applications.

Consumer/Professional Medical Foams

We manufacture a variety of medical foams, including scar products and high performance, absorbent foam.

Laminated Pads

Professional and consumer dressings are available.

Face masks (including surgical masks)

Medical Nets

We supply wound contact layers (including wrap-around facings), Ostomy products, Urology fixations, Clean room masks and tearing tapes.

Medical Tapes

SNEF supplies a diverse range of adhesive coated medical tapes using acrylic adhesives and natural latex adhesives in single or double spread construction, for use in Ostomy applications, Ileostomy applications, Colostomy applications, as well as professional and consumer wound care applications. Our tapes are particularly suitable for secure fixation to the patient and bag material. Traditional rubber resin and hypoallergenic adhesives are also used on tapes that are less aggressive but maintain their good tack.

Other Nets

We supply a range of nets to alternative industries. Lamination nets, filtration nets, horticultural nets, garment protection nets and cheese nets are just some of the nets we supply.




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