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Founded in 1974, S.M Gauge Company Ltd is a leading UK instrumentation company, primarily supplying and repairing pressure gauges and thermometers. In nearly 40 years of business, the company has grown and expanded and now has several websites within the industry, each providing our customers with a high quality, reliable, cost effective service as well as being able to offer complete solutions for measuring and testing and a huge selection of equipment that includes pressure and vacuum instrumentation, temperature measurement, metrology equipment, torque equipment and electrical equipment. 

We are also able to provide our customers with a bespoke special ordering service, where we can quickly manufacture orders to meet our customer’s precise requirements. In addition to this service we can also fully calibrate and repair all makes and types of instruments. Our experienced staff are expertly trained and produce work of an extremely high standard, they are further supported by our well equipped laboratory and covered by our BS EN ISO 9001 registration that ensures our superior level of quality.

General Purpose Gauges

S.M Gauges’ general purpose heavy duty gauges are designed to be used with oil, water or any other liquid that won’t cause any damage to the brass or bronze. They can also be used with air or inert gases, provided the maximum scale reading does not exceed 25 bar. The pressure element is phosphor bronze, which goes up to and includes 70 bar, it can also be fitted with a steel tube to accommodate higher ranges. The case material is made from steel or stainless steel and has a weather protection of IP 45.

Stainless Steel Gauges

All of S.M Gauges’ stainless steel construction process pressure gauges are designed for heavy duty use and are suitable for virtually all types of measuring mediums and operating conditions, including corrosive environments. They can also be used with air and inert gases, so long as the maximum scale reading does not exceed 25 bar. The pressure element is made from 316, stainless steel and it has an IP 65 weather protection.

Traditional Brass Gauges

Traditional Brass Gauges are still a popular choice with historical rail societies and steam engine enthusiasts. We will draw and design the dial to fit your exact specifications, including any special details that are required. We the hand build your bespoke instrument using a cast brass case, brass bezel and connection. In addition, we can carry out any repairs in our well equipped workshop and our experienced craftsmen will complete your work to a high standard, which can also include a fully traceable calibration certificate if required.

Test Gauges

Our test gauges offer a high level of accuracy for reference and are perfect for use during calibration of pressure gauges and transducers. In addition they can be used in the setting of relief valves and the measuring of fuel system/aero engines. They come complete with a full point by point calibration certificate. The case material is available in either black steel or stainless steel and the pressure element is phosphor bronze, barrilium copper and steel. These gauges have an accuracy of ± 0.25% or 0.50% FSD.

Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit

There is always a risk of legionella growth if the water temperature is incorrect, our Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit, ensures that the correct temperature is maintained and does not reach +20 to +45°C,  which is the optimum temperature for the bacteria to multiply in. There is also a greater chance of legionella forming if there is scale, rust, sludge or algae present. It is helpful to control the temperature of the water by storing cold water at below +20°C and hot water above +60°C, making sure it is distributed at +50°C, whilst also taking care to avoid scalding.

Tank Contents Gauges

Working on the hydrostatic principle, our gauges take the pressure at the measuring point and converts the volume amount so it can be displayed in a unit of your choice. The system is easy to install and requires no power source. Our selection assistant can be used to help you find the correct gauge for your application and we also provide online data sheets that contain additional information to help you. By using S.M Gauges’ online Tank Detail Section and Tank Questionnaire, it will not only assist you in the ordering process, it will also help us make a more accurate gauge from the information you provide.

Hydraulic (Oil) Deadweight Testers

The primary standard for accurately measuring pressure, S.M Gauges’ hydraulic deadweight oil tester is available in three different types of model. In addition to measuring the pressure exerted by a liquid, our deadweight testers can also be used on a range of other instruments to create a test pressure for calibration. Deadweight testers produce repeatable, accurate results and are unrivalled in terms of stability.

Gas Pressure Controllers

It is essential to use a gas pressure regulator in conjunction with a gas deadweight tester. Primarily used to control and fine regulate gas pressure, gas pressure regulators can also be used for other calibration purposes. A bottle of compressed nitrogen or any other gas must be connected to the regulator, with a maximum inert pressure of 220 bar. All of S.M Gauges’ regulators come equipped with minimess flexible tubing and we stock four different types of model.

C4P-e Automated Calibration Solution

S.M Gauges’ innovative C4P-e (Compass for pressure embedded), offers the most adaptable calibration software on the market. The C4P-e integrates a high accuracy pressure transducer with an industrial panel-pc and flexible calibration software, allowing the system to run and store calibration routines without the need for any additional hardware. There are a wide range of communication protocols enabling the C4P-e to efficiently communicate with the pressure transducers. Calibration certificates can be instantly generated by simply connecting a printer and the option is available to design different layouts for the certificates.

Torque Products

Used in automotive, aerospace, electronic, telecoms and consumer product industries, torque measuring tools are mainly utilized to ensure quality control. Torque measuring tools are easily identified by their dial, scale or digital readout. S.M Gauges can provide torque measuring tools in both analogue and digital formats. We stock a large variety of sizes and although we are the primary manufacturer, we also deal with other makes of product.

Metrology Products

Our metrology products are used for a range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. Our service includes the supply, repair and certification of a selection of metrology products. Our primary supplier is Mitutoyo, who are considered to be a world leader for precision measuring instruments. Our stock of Mitutoyo products consist of Micrometers, Calipers and Dial Gauges through to Hardness Testers, Projectors, DRO's SPC, Non-contact Vision Measuring Systems and 3-dimensional Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.

Hydraulic Portable Calibration Handpump - SMH700

With virtually every conceivable type of application covered, the SMH700 professional series is the perfect tool for a whole host of calibration requirements. The SMH700 can provide a pressure range of up to 700 bar (10000 psi). It features comfortable contoured handles, a shatter proof reservoir and a protective cage around the vent knob, all of which adds to its durability and longevity. Other features include triple filtration to prevent the build up of dirt, an oversized check valve that guarantees a smooth and controlled operation as well as a built in pressure valve.

Isolation Valves

Our isolation valves can be used with air, gas, water or oil applications. Isolation valves, as their name suggests, effectively isolate the instrument from the pressure medium or stop the operation altogether by cutting off the supply of pressure to the instrument, in an efficient and reliable manner. S.M Gauges provide isolation valves in either brass or stainless steel construction, and the choice will depend on the final application.

Cooling Towers

S.M Gauges provide cooling towers made from a solid stainless steel construction that can be used to dissipate the heat cased by processing before it enters the gauge. As most mechanical gauges have been calibrated and manufactured to work effectively at an ambient temperature of 65°F and 85°F and not above 150°F, cooling towers perform a vital service. Using a cooling tower will help prolong the lifespan of your gauge by ensuring that it does not have to deal with high temperatures on a regular basis.

Protective Gauge Shrouds

S.M Gauges provide protective shrouds in sizes suitable for both 63mm and 100mm gauges. Protective shrouds are made from rubber and are especially useful in inhospitable environments or in areas where there are extensive vibrations, a glycerine filled gauge is also recommended for these areas. The protective shroud will increase the life of your gauge and protect it from potential harm, whilst also making certain it does not lose calibration.

Glycerine Filled Gauges

S.M Gauges supply glycerine filled gauges, which are an ideal solution for use in areas of pulsation or excessive vibration. Our heavy duty gauges feature a 304 stainless steel case as standard with weather protection of IP 45. The pressure element is constructed of phosphor bronzes that includes up to 70 bar with a steel tube for higher ranges. The gauge is filled with 99.5% liquid glycerine, although other types of liquid filling are available.



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Founded:1 January, 1975 (46 years and 3 months ago)
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  • www.digitalpressuregauge.co.uk Digital pressure gauges, many from stock.
  • www.groutgauge.co.uk Special gauge for use with pumping grouts and concrete.
  • www.handpump.co.uk Hand operated calibration pumps. Hydraulic and pneumatic. With calibrated gauges if required.
  • www.tank-gauge.co.uk Tank contents gauges for oil, derv, water and others.
  • www.temperature-gauge.co.uk Full range of temperature gauges.
  • www.vacuumgauge.co.uk A full range of vacuum and absolute gauges.

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