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We were established in 1987 as a manufacturer and distributor of production equipment and light industrial tools to the electronics and associated industries. Our aim is to offer the best possible combination of quality and price. We are pleased to work with our new international distributors in Australia, Indonesia and the Middle East.

We manufacture our own products and we are also sole UK distributors for many widely respected equipment manufacturers. Our key products include HOTweezers thermal wire strippers, Sumake electric and air screwdrivers, and Wisdom automatic cut and strip machines.

Series 4 Ltd are proud to introduce our own Evo Range. This robust range offers high quality cable processing equipment and industrial tools, all of which are manufactured in our very own Southampton factory. We design and build the machines ourselves which means the standard is exceptional. 

In addition to our new products range, we also sell good condition, refurbished ''Second User'' equipment, most with 3 to 6 month warranties. We buy quality used equipment.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and repair service for our own products as well as for many other manufacturers’ products.

We offer hire equipment by the week, month or year, with rates starting as low as £30 per week.

In addition to equipment, we sell production aids including transformer bobbins and cores, solder pots, tape, thermal fuses, winding and lamination machines and ALTIC tensioners.

Our new Demonstration Room in Totton is open every day and we invite our customers to pay us a visit.

RT-7000 Tape Dispenser - Visit our website

Similar to the RT-5000 tape dispenser, the RT-7000 tape dispenser can be used with wider tape lengths- anywhere in between 5mm and 60mm. Just some of the materials which can be utilised with the RT-7000 include, insulation paper, masking tape, cellophane tape, pp tape, ribbon, wool tape and double-faced tape, as well as many more. It is also worth noting that the dispenser can be used to cut a wide range lengths, from 2mm all the way up to 999mm. Customers can visit the website for a full product specification. 

HOTweezers - Visit our website

HOTweezers are state-of-the-art thermal wire strippers. The lightweight hand unit has a shape similar to that of a pair of cut-off tweezers and fits comfortablyin the hand. The unit has a natural, smooth stripping action which results in increased output & reduced operator fatigue.

The main feature of the HOTweezers is the complete encapsulation of the heater filaments inside the stripping head. The location of the filaments reduces maintenance and prevents loss of heat, which lowers power consumption and allows the use of a smaller power supply.

HOTweezers can be used on low temperature materials such as Polyethylene, Nylon and PVC without sticking, as well as on high-temperature insulations like PTFE Tefzel, Teflon, and silicone rubber with no charring.

Sumake Electric Screwdrivers - Visit our website

Ergonomically designed for safety and ease of use, Sumake electric screwdrivers offer users uncompromised accuracy through exceptional torque control, making these high quality tools the screwdriver of choice for a multitude of applications.  We are delighted to offer an extensive choice of Sumake electric screwdrivers including: brushless standard, brushless with digital counter, powerful torque, cordless, vacuum, external brush and direct plug in varieties.  We also offer a range of ancillary items which includes torque arms, digital torque meters, automatic screw feeders, electric drivers and mini electric drivers.  Please see our website for information on all our electric screwdrivers.

External Brush Electric Screwdrivers DC Forward/Reverse Full Auto Shut-Off - Visit our website

This new range of electric screwdrivers from Sumake features a high performance DC motor with a high-quality extra strong magnet. Screwdrivers in this range are highly stable with precise torque control. The grip is cushioned to ensure operator comfort and manoeuvrability.

The power supply for these low voltage, auto shut-off screwdrivers has a high/low speed switch and is designed for durability and long life, with externally replaceable brushes for easy maintenance.

Pneumatic Screwdrivers - Visit our website

We offer a range of straight and pistol-type pneumatic screwdrivers, all of which have been ergonomically designed to give outstanding ease-of-use. Push start and lever start options are available.

Amongst our most popular models is the Straight Air Screwdriver from Sumake, an award-winning design with an MSC motor that produces 30% more power than a normal air driver. This compact unit features a soft composite grip for easy handling and has been designed in such a way as to ensure minimal vibration when used.

Find out more about this and other screwdriver models available at Series 4 by visiting our website or getting in touch directly.

Wire Strippers - Visit our website

Series 4 are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of wire stripping equipment, including strip and twist machines, thermal wire strippers, rotary coaxial strippers, adjustable hand-held wire strippers, insulation stripping tools and fine wire and fibre-optic stripping devices. The DP1000, one of our most popular products, will strip a variety of insulation materials, including PVC, PTFE, Teflon and rubber, and is able to strip these from a wide range of wire sizes (between 0.8mm – 5.2mm diameter). The DPF1000 features a safety guard for operator protection and includes an automatic motor cut-out which comes into effect if/when the stripping head guard is inadvertently removed.

D2 Multicore Wire Stripper - Visit our website

The D2 multicore wire stripper offers a quick and effective solution for wire stripping within a production environment. The actual device features automated functionality with all of the cutting parameters being present to ensure consistency across all wires. The D2 has been designed for use with a range of different materials which includes neoprene, PVC and rubber, as well as others. Customers can visit the website for more information, including a step by step guide on how to use the multicore wire stripper. 

Enamel Wire Strippers - Visit our website

We also offer a series of enamel wire strippers, each built to the highest specification to guarantee outstanding performance and accurate results. This includes rotary bench-mounted strippers, air-powered portable strippers, twin wheel bench strippers, hand held blade strippers, fine enamel strippers, twin cone fine strippers and more.

Our enamel wire strippers can be used with many different connections to provide a broad functionality. These include standard stripping heads, special stripping heads and small stripping heads, all of which are available in a selection of different sizes. The range of different heads are attached to the main device using ABISOFIX hand piece which connects to the power supply. It is also worth pointing out that customers can choose to attach the optional strip length limiter which ensures accuracy and consistency. 

Find out more about our complete range of enamel wire strippers by visiting the Series 4 website.


Cut to Length Machines - Visit our website

The JQ6100 is a specialist digital cut-to-length machine capable of cutting materials up to 100mm wide. Fast, reliable and highly precise, this powerful system is able to handle a wide range of materials and can be used in a variety of applications; for tube cutting, wire cutting, hose cutting, ribbon cutting and much more. The JQ6100 also features a cutting detector sensor with a 2 second time control, wire-out sensor, a reversible cutting motor and a stepper type feed motor. Find out more by visiting the Series 4 website.

Cut and Strip Machines - Visit our website

Series 4 supply a full range of automatic cut and strip machines, all of which are manufactured to the highest possible standard to achieve the very best results. Fast, accurate and easy to use, these powerful machines are ideal for cutting and stripping a wide variety of wire types. Amongst our most popular products are:

  • Model BX-C1A - an entry-level, fully programmable bench-top automatic cut and strip machine – ideal for processing stranded wire from 10 to 32 AWG, as well as multi-conductor cable up to 4.8mm O.D.
  • Model BX-C2A – a specialist, fully programmable bench-top automatic cut and strip machine designed for small diameter wires and short length processing. Processes stranded wire from 18 to 36 AWG, and up to 2.8mm O.D.
  • Model BX-C3A – fully programmable bench-top automatic cut and strip machine, specifically designed for larger diameter wires. Processes stranded wire from 8 to 26 AWG, and up to 6.8mm O.D.

Every machine we offer comes complete with a full set of Wire Guide Pipes, Single Plane Straightener, and a spare set of blades and motor drive belts.

Brushless Screwdriver with Digital Counter - Visit our website

If you want help determining a particular fastening cycle’s fastening time, then you should consider one of the Sumake brushless screwdrivers, which feature an integrated LED counter unit.  There is a range of lever start and push start models to choose from that each cater for differing torque ranges and screws.  The brushless motor has been designed to eradicate carbon dust, which is particularly advantageous for those working around electrical equipment.  The torque control on these units is very simple to adjust and an ergonomic design makes them incredibly comfortable to use.

Cable Handling Equipment - Visit our website

For a comprehensive range of cable handling equipment, look no further than Series 4’s selection which includes items such as the DE320 cable holder and dispenser, which is particularly suited for warehouse use either on a bench top or on the floor, and the Model 58A electric floor mounted pre-feeder that boasts a capacity of up to 10 meters of cable.  For those with a minimal budget, the PF3 automatic wire feeder provides an economical solution without compromising on performance and offers adjustable speed control and a load capacity of 20kg.  Please see our website for full details on our range of cable handling equipment.

CCB3000 - Motorised Pre-Feeder NEW - Electric Floor Mounted Pre-Feeder - Visit our website

We designed the CCB3000 at our factory in Southampton, and we are confident that it will be one of the most economical pre-feeders available in the UK. It features simple wire loading and the ability to run in either direction. It can dispense wire to demand, making it ideal for operation in tandem with other wire processing machinery.

Consumable costs are low on the CCB3000. It is belt fed, making maintenance easy. Changing the drive belt is a quick operation and only requires two Allen keys, both of which are provided with the unit.

FEK-5ND Air Operated Crimper - Visit our website

Our air operated crimper is an innovative and accurate device which is incredibly easy to use. Operating over ten times faster than standard hand crimpers, the FEK-5ND offers a much more efficient operation, saving you time. It is also worth noting that device is provided with a foot-switch and your choice of crimp die. With automatic operation and pressure regulation, users are guaranteed a high quality and consistent final product, every time. If you have any further questions, please visit the website. 

Crimping Equipment - Visit our website

We offer hand crimp tools for manual operation as well as battery-operated models. Our hand crimps can be used with our crimp tool aids to reduce operator fatigue and RSI risk. The Crimp Cradle force reduction tool provides a mechanical advantage of approximately 10 to 1 over hand usage. The Crimp table ergonomic foot-pedal operated crimping aid offers fast, safe hands free crimping.

We also supply electric crimping machines capable of crimping a wide variety of connectors, and stripper/crimpers that strip PVC insulated cables and crimp insulated end sleeves. In addition we offer our AC range of pneumatic bench mounted budget bootlace ferrule crimpers with an optional magnetic tool holder that converts them to hands free use.

Strain Testing Equipment - Visit our website

We offer a wide range of strain testing equipment, such as the DPT manual load cell digital pull tester for testing cables and crimps. We also have a selection of digital torque meters for testing electronic screwdrivers and torque wrenches, and a torque cap tester to test bottle and jar caps.

The SLR manual test stand can be used with the Series 4 SN and SH digital push or pull gauges, and can be provided as a vertical or a horizontal model. Whether you need to perform switch tests, fracture tests or connector insertion/withdraw tests, this unit provides you with a high quality and reasonably priced solution. Larger capacity Test Stands up to 10KN are also available.


DPT50 Digital Crimp Pull Tester - Visit our website

The DPT50 digital crimp pull tester is manually loaded and has a capacity of up to 50Kg. The display on the product can be used to show results in a range of different units according to preference, these include lbs, Kg and Newton’s. It is also worth noting that the DPT50 can be both charged at the mains or operated using batteries, for your convenience. If you would like any more information, please visit the website or you can contact us by phone or email. 

Production Aids - Visit our website

Our range of production aids includes solder pots, tape dispensers, force gauges, wire twisters and more.

In terms of solder pots, we have a new, lead free solder pot, which can easily achieve and maintain the necessary operating temperatures through its digital temperature display and easy touch button controls. It houses a cast iron crucible in its neat, compact body and has a very easily accessed power switch.

Another one of our production aids is the FE-TWX wire twister which is used in the production of twisted cables. The FE-TWX is incredibly easy to use as all of the important information can be inputted straight into the large LED display. The actual twisting operation is then started when the user presses down on the attached foot pedal. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit the website. 


Large Outer Jacket Cable Strippers - Visit our website

Our range of large outer jacket cable strippers includes the CS2000, a bench mounted, hand operated stripper for use on a variety of insulations, such as PVC, polythene, rubber and nylon. The precision ground die blades and cable grippers are operated simultaneously, with one simple movement of the lever handle. This, combined with the cable length stop, cable rest and simple set-up assure that stripping is accurate and repeatable.

Another option is the Simplomat; a pneumatic stripping machine made for single or multi core cables. No special tools are needed to change the blades of this machine, and special knives can be provided for stripping rubber cables, making this a fairly versatile and simple option.

Second User Machinery - Visit our website

At Series 4 we appreciate value, which is why we offer a range of second hand equipment that is cost-effective and always well maintained. All of our second hand products are rigorously checked and tested to ensure the highest levels of performance. The range includes crimping equipment and applicator tooling, coil winding machines, wire processing machines, assembly tools, PCB equipment and various hand tools. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Hire Equipment - Visit our website

If you have a short-term requirement for equipment, or would like to check how well an item is suited to your business before committing to buying it outright, then please contact us to discuss our hire service.  Prices start from as little as £30 per week and we have a large selection of equipment available, details of which can be found by following the link above.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in this section, then please contact us as we’re often able to let you hire most items in stock.

Ribbon Cable Preparation - Visit our website

We offer various types of ribbon cable preparation equipment, and like all of our products, you can expect nothing less than the highest performance levels and the very best results from each and every machine. The range includes various flat/ribbon cable strippers, electric ribbon cable separators, manual ribbon cable separators, manual ribbon slitters, and manual ribbon notchers.

Coiling and Measuring - Visit our website

The Series 4 1420 Measuring Meter wire and cable measuring device can be bench or floor mounted. Models for metric or imperial measures are available. The low friction, positive control guiding components ensure that measurement accuracy is maintained.

We offer variable diameter coilers and spool winders that can be used with the 1420 Measuring Meter. They can be used as dereelers or re-reelers as well as winders. Our collapsible fixed diameter cable coilers also work with the 1420 Measuring Meter.

As well as coilers and winders, we have the Series 4 Model 370 Free Running Cable Dispenser and Model 284 Wind Off Reel Stand. These use friction discs to prevent tangles and overruns.

Component Forming - Budget - Visit our website

Several different types of wire forming machines are available through Series 4, and all of them have one thing in common: a user-friendly manual operation that provides outstanding control and equally outstanding results. Included in this range are axial forming machines, resistor cutting and forming machines, radial cutting machines and taped axial lead forming and cutting machines.

TP6-EC, one of our market-leading products, is designed specifically for cutting and bending taped axial components. Five different versions are available with varying cutting/bending capabilities.

CUTBEND is also a favourite. This high quality resistor cutting and forming machine can easily be adjusted and readjusted for different components and dimensions.

Component Counting - Visit our website

Our County component counter is made to count radial and axial components on tape. The County has a wide range of features, including a divider from 1 to 10, totalizer mode, counting or preset mode, calibration test, self diagnostic procedure, last counting value, condition memory and an alarm that signals that the component number has been reached.

The County S is a similar machine, performs SMD component counting by simply counting holes on the tape. It can function in two ways, with the totalizer mode starting from a zero reference and stopping at the tape end, and the preset mode stopping the counter when the designated component number has been reached.

Cutting & Stripping Blades & Other Machine Parts - Visit our website

We stock an extensive range of high quality cutting and stripping blades at competitive prices to complement our machinery range.  The range covers a wide selection of styles including Schleuniger, Komax, Kodera,  Ideal,  WDT, Z&F and Artos styles, as well as a selection of blade styles from obsolete manufacturers.  Full specifications for each blade style can be found on our website along with images, machine compatibility details and current prices. 

Brushless Industrial Cordless Screwdriver - Visit our website

The Sumake Industrial Cordless range of screwdrivers combines outstanding control with the freedom of a wireless unit.  There are several versions to choose from ensuring a multitude of applications are catered for and include: small body, medium and standard body, three-step speed and impact versions as well as a choice of complementary Li-ion battery charger units. Each unit has an array of user-friendly features to make life easier, for example the power saving mode that is automatically activated once the screwdriver has been idle for three seconds, meaning less time spent charging the battery unit, and those working in low lighting environments will appreciate the integrated LED light. 

Hand Tools - Visit our website

A selection of hand tools are also available from Series 4. These are often preferred over automated machines for the closer control and versatility that they offer. In our range you’ll find a comprehensive selection of crimpers, cutters, cable tie guns, strain relief tools, precision wire strippers, microstrip tools and various fine wire and fibre-optic stripping equipment. Take a look by visiting the Series 4 website directly.

Component Forming - Axial Range - Visit our website

We supply a comprehensive range of Axial forming machinery able to meet the demands of a variety of applications.  The TP6 standard range of formers comprises 6 models that cater to differing cutting and bending requirements.  The TP6/PR-B is a heavy-duty model that is hand-driven as standard but can be combined with a loose component feeder, motor drive unit and/or reel holder to increase its functionality. The Axial range also includes quick set up versions, cut, bend and joggle versions, cut and bend vertical standoff versions, cut, bend and joggle vertical standoff versions and cut and bend for axial to surface mount formats.

Standard Radial Range - Visit our website

The standard radial range includes a variety of cutting and forming machines for various components.

For the cutting of the leads of loose radial components, we have the pneumatic TP/LN-100, which was designed to handle a variety of radial parts. Pressing the foot pedal cuts the leads quickly, without causing the components any stress.

The versatile TP/R-PR is made for the cutting and forming of taped radial components, and is also operated with a foot pedal. Its die assembly model SMS has a wire holder, which holds leads in place and prevents damage being done to them. This machine can have the AS1 attached, which is an automatic system that allows for increased unattended production.

PCB Separators - Visit our website

In terms of PCB separators, we have the SEP1, SEP1M, SEP2 and SEP2M, which are suitable for separating pre-assembled PC boards (PCBs). PCB is fed between lower and upper blades along the scoring, though the exact process varies depending on the model.

With the SEP1, the board is pushed between the blades, which forces the blades to rotate and cut the board. The SEP1M is simply a motorised version. The blade height of these machines can be adjusted to cater for different board thicknesses.

The upper blade of the SEP2 is controlled manually via the handle, but the motorised SEP2M uses a foot pedal instead. The SEP2M can also be programmed by the buttons on the control panel, allowing the length of the run to be chosen.

Bobbins and Ferrite Cores - Visit our website

As a sales division for Transformer Bobbins, Clips and Cores since 2004, we can provide a range of the aforementioned products. Many of our bobbins, clips and ferrite cores are available from stock, and more can be sourced if needed. Our bobbins come from UL approved sources.

Detailed diagrams of the bobbins can be found on our website, as well as various specifications. Bobbin types include EE, EF, EP, EPC, ER, ERL, ETD, CUT, P, RM, EFD and UU. We also have various ungapped ferrite cores in stock and can order gapped ferrite cores if necessary.

Cable Reclamation Machines - Visit our website

The Model RES 1 is our first cable reclamation machine, which allows for the stripping of cables along the whole length of the cable, so that the inner conductors can be removed and recycled easily. This mains operated machine can be used on any plastic coated electrical wiring, but not on other types of coating. The cam can be adjusted for different thickness wires very easily, by setting the dial to smaller or larger numbers for smaller and larger diameter wires respectively. Wire travels through the front chute and out of the back, with the insulation being cut along its length and either falling away on its own or being easily removed afterwards. This leaves the conductors undamaged with the insulation stripped.

Machine Shop Services - Visit our website

Series 4 has an on-site workshop where we have been precision machining components for over 8 years, serving all manner of companies in the local area of Southampton. Over that time, we’ve completed many major contracts for various high profile companies, as well as proudly providing our services to many small local businesses. We’re happy to undertake projects of any size, from one-offs to large batches, and are able to work with a range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel and various plastics. Services include surface grinding, boring, turning, CNC and manual milling, fitting and building. Get in touch to find out more about our machining services.

Clearance Stock - Visit our website

We regularly update our site with end-of-line products that, once sold, will no longer be available.  The list is forever changing as new items are added and old ones are sold so it’s worth having a regular check to see what we have available.  If you are interested in any of the products listed or would like to discuss them in more detail, the please contact us.  



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