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Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd is a leading, global company that specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of acoustic and emission reduction systems.

The company was established in 1991 when it offered standard product lines of gas silencers and air intake attenuators. It has since grown rapidly and expanded in all areas to supply further products such as acoustic enclosures and containers, air intake & extract attenuators and acoustic doors just to name a few. As well as this, the company have developed it's own range of emission reduction equipment which includes SCR, DPF as well as oxidation catalyst systems which can be fully integrated with the company's acoustic product range.

The team at Industrial and Marine Silencers Ltd has many years of knowledge and experience within the industry which enables them to develop areas to suit changing trends within the industry. As regulations and machines change and develop, so does IMS and its products. IMS is widely regarded around the world and is dedicated to meeting all industry requests to the highest of standards. IMS has worked on many global projects. For professional, quality products and services, IMS is the company to contact. Please contact us with your requirements or for advice on our products and services.

Exhaust Gas Silencers

Here at IMS, we supply exhaust gas silencers that are used in applications all around the world to reduce the noise levels of diesel and gas engines. We have designed and created an excellent range of gas silencers that are designed to suit the requirements of all types of applications. We supply basic industrial silencers, such as those in our FP range, as well as super-critical silencers, such as those in our MRA3 range. Products within each of our ranges are designed to be capable of handling various levels of environmental demands. Our in-house test facilities enable us to carry out product testing to the highest of levels and lead us to design and manufacture products of the highest quality in all areas.

Steam Vent Silencers

Our steam vent silencer solutions are designed for two main purposes: to reduce work place noise levels to a desired occupational limit, and to reduce the intrusion of industrial noise into residential areas. They silence gas and steam discharge noise problems and are widely used in applications such as steam injectors, steam and gas vents, process vents, turbine or compressor bypass systems and safety and relief valves. Please contact us at IMS with your enquiries. Enquiries should include the mass or volumetric flow rate of the product, the safety valve set pressure and the upstream temperature.

Air Inlet & Extract Attenuators

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers design and manufacture solutions in order to reduce noise within the workplace and to aid ventilation. Our products include acoustic louvers that not only provide excellent sound attenuation but also offer good protection from the weather. Our splitter attenuators are also designed to extremely high standards to meet appropriate noise level protections. We also supply a range of fixed blade weather louvers that are designed for use in harsh environments. Extra protection can be provided in the form of motorised louvers, gravity flap louvers, sand trap louvers and penthouse-type louvers.

Air Intake Silencers

We supply various forms of annular or rectangular intake silencers. These can be made in an appropriate size to suit the characteristics of the flow system. The available designs vary from the simple annular 'clean straight-through' acoustically packed intake silencers such as the FP type, or designs with a central pod or annular splitters such as the FPC or FPS types.

Catalytic Converter Units

Our exhaust gas catalysts have been expertly designed and manufactured to reduce the emissions that occur when an engine is running. We supply three types of catalytic converters. These include:

  • Single stage oxidation : only carbon monoxide (CO) is reduced.
  • Two stage oxidation : carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons (HC) are reduced.
  • Three stage SCR : in addition to CO and HC the level of nitrous oxides (N2O) are reduced.

All catalysts can be installed either as stand- alone units with coned inlet/outlet for insertion into the exhaust pipe work or as an integral part of an exhaust gas silencer thereby eliminating the need for a
separate housing.

Acoustic Doors

IMS designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance acoustic doors with a choice of three levels of sound reduction:

  • 30dB: 1.6mm, zintec steel forming a double-skin construction, 100x65x6mm mild steel angle frame, lockable slam fastener, luminous panic bolt and a single Schlegel-type door seal for compression when closed.
  • 38dB: these include the same benefits of the 30dB design but also have an increased skin thickness of 2.0mm and an air gap fitted with 45kg s/m³ mineral wool.
  • 45dB: these include the same benefits of the 30dB design but also have an increased skin thickness of 3.0mm and have an air gap with 96kg s/m³ density mineral wool.

All of our acoustic doors and frames are finished in zinc primer unless otherwise specified and are available with a range of optional extras such as double glazed windows, positive door stops, recessed sills, fixing lugs for building into brickwork and sliding doors.

Components and Accessories

We supply an extensive selection of accessories such as rain caps, flanges, gaskets, bolting sets, pipe work, expansion bellows, flexible pipe, elbows, sockets, nipples, brackets, hangers, roller chair brackets and guides.

Acoustic Canopies

We supply four main ranges of canopies to protect machinery and workers from noise, vibration and fire risks:

  • Construction weather canopies: 1.6mm zintec steel body with access doors position on both sides and rear if required, viewing windows, and aspiration and a cooling air flow provided via mesh or fixed weather louvered apertures.
  • EC Acoustic Canopies: Same construction as our weather canopies but with the addition of acoustic 50mm resin bonded mineral fibre faced with 1.0mm galvanised perforated steel applied to doors and roof.
  • Acoustic Canopies: same construction as our weather canopies with the addition of acoustic 50/100mm resin bonded mineral fibre (density 45kg/m³) faced with galvanised perforated sheet.
  • Demountable Canopies: acoustic panels are bolted to hollow box steel frames, which are, in turn, bolted together. It is recommended that demountable canopies are finished in primer for delivery and the top coat applied after the final assembly on site.


We now supply three types of catalytic converters to reduce emissions in single stage oxidations (carbon monoxide is reduced), two stage (carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are reduced), and three stage oxidations carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides are reduced. Each of the above converters can be used within various applications such as locomotives and railway vehicles, construction machines, ships and yachts, tractors, commercial vehicles and buses, electrical and generator power plants, combined heat and power plants and CO2 fertilisation for greenhouses and
waste incinerators.


Our highly skilled and qualified site engineers are able to undertake total 'turn-key' projects from design through to installation and commissioning which includes project management, site surveys, problem analysis, structural calculations and foundation drawings. Our skilled team has worked on projects all round the world and work with local planning and environmental regulations to ensure solutions meet the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities as well as those of the customer.


SCR Systems: IMS recently unveiled their new range of exhaust gas SCR systems, a series specifically designed to reduce the amount of Nitrous Oxide emissions given off whilst an engine is running. This latest addition means we can now offer three types of catalytic converters, with the new three-stage SCR systems available alongside our existing single stage and two stage oxidisation systems.

Each of these convertors can be used across a variety of applications, including locomotives and railway vehicles, construction machines, ships and yachts, commercial vehicles, buses, tractors, electrical and generator power plants and much more. For further information please give IMS a call on 01162 604985.

Worldwide Emission Reduction by the Kyoto Protoco: Read up on the topic of world emissions and find out how IMS has developed its range of exhaust gas systems to reduce harmful emissions.

New Range of Generator Canopies: Find out what products IMS offers to protect machinery and workers from noise, vibration and fire risks.

IMS Move into New Office Facility: The IMS sales and design team have recently moved to new premises. Visit our news section to find out more.

IMS Invites Companies and Individuals to Represent their Brand: Find out what companies in the world may be supplying our products.


Data Centre, London: we supplied attenuators, silencers and pipe-work for 12 DRUPS engines for installation in London during 2007 and 2008.

Doha International Airport, Qatar: We will be supplying exhaust silencers and ancillary fittings and structures to be used with Caterpillar 3516 engines at the New Doha International Airport.

Rolls Royce, Solvakia: We recently supplied two 80degrees gas turbine exhaust silencers with internal thermal lining for Rolls Royce turbines in Slovakia.

Methanol Plant. Trinidad: We also supplied a 30degrees steam vent silencer with 57degrees outlet bend to a methanol plant in Trinidad.

Particulate/DPF Filters

Our unique self-regenerating Active DPF Series filters apply an electric current directly to the filter media, creating an electric heater which oxidises any accumulated soot at 700°C in less than three minutes. The whole process typically uses less than 1% of the generator output.

If your engines run at any load and temperature for a reasonable length of time, then our DPF systems are capable of providing controlled regeneration. The filters are fitted with microprocessors that monitor back pressure, temperature and the time elapsed between regenerations – this controls the regeneration cycles more efficiently and improves safety, so that your stand-by power is always available when needed.

To find out more about our particulate filters, please visit the IMS website.



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  • Particulate Filters IMS' patented electrically self-regenerating Active DPF Series filters apply an electric current directly to the filter media, creating an electric heater which oxidizes any accumulated soot at 700ºC in under 3 minutes while typically using less than 1% of the generator output. If your engine is running at any load and temperature for any reasonable length of time, then the IMS active DPF system is capable of delivering a controlled regeneration. An IMS active DPF system has built in microprocessors that monitor back pressure, temperature and elapsed time between regenerations to control the regeneration cycles efficiently and safely so your stand-by power is available when you need it most.

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