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United Kingdom

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Serac UK forms part of the international Serac Group and specialises in the manufacture and supply of packaging machines suitable for dairy products, edible oils, home care products, personal care products and more.

The Serac Group has a wealth of expertise and resources at its fingertips and is continually researching and developing its products and services to meet the demands of the industry.

At Serac UK, we pride ourselves on offering first class packaging solutions combined with first class customer services. We work closely with customers to deliver packaging solutions that will optimise performance and increase efficiency.

Please read on and/or visit our website to find out more about our products and services. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Serac UK for more information.

Dairy Filling Machines

Here at Serac UK, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art filling machines suitable for a range of dairy products.

Serac Solutions: the new COMBOX H2F packaging solution (blowing-filling-capping) is ideal for high value added products and low/medium size batches. This integrated system offers a range of benefits such as lower investment, maintenance costs savings, labour cost savings, material cost savings, improved hygiene and higher flexibility.

Nova Solutions: Nova is the cup filling specialist of the Serac Group and has been recently selected to supply 12 filling lines to Chobani. Many of these lines can handle speeds of over 7,500 and up to 40,000 cups per hour.

Please visit our website to find out more about our dairy filling machines.

Oil Filling Machines

We are also pleased to offer top quality oil filling machines. These machines have been expertly designed and created to suit a range of customer requirements. We offer filling solutions suitable for a range of edible oils including: virgin oils, refined oils, vegetable fats, sauces and dressings.

We work closely with customers to deliver filling machines that suit different container types and we take into consideration processes such as variation of viscosity due to temperature, variation of container weight and impact on filling, and container quality to ensure the most effective filling machine is selected and installed.

Please visit our website to find out more or contact our friendly team at Serac UK to discuss your requirements.

Home Care / Detergents Filling Machines

Serac UK supplies a fantastic range of filling machines for the packaging of home care products and detergents.

The range includes: Filling Machines, Semi-Automatic Filler Capper, Mono-Operator Filler Capper, High Speed Rotary Fillers and Cappers, High Speed Capping Machines, Unscramble-Filler-Capper Blocks and more.

These top quality machines have been expertly designed for filling liquid home care products into a range of containers. They are highly accuracy and achieve high performance from the first container to the last.

Please visit our website to view detailed descriptions and images. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Serac UK with your requirements and enquiries and we will be happy to help.

Personal Care

At Serac UK, we offer first class solutions for the packaging of personal care products. Our machines are manufactured to incredibly high standards using high grade materials in order to be tough and reliable for long term use. All units have been carefully designed by our team of experts to achieve excellent results in terms of performance and efficiency.

Please visit our website to view video footage of our filling machine and capping machines. If you would like to find out more about our personal care packaging machines, please contact us directly at Serac UK and we will be happy to help.

Surface Care Filling Machines

The variety of packaging for surface care products is huge – from trigger sprays up to 5 litre containers for industrial use.  At Serac, we have the perfect solution for all the different products and packaging.  Our Multiflow nozzle deals easily with all variants, allowing you to use the same filling line for foamy and viscous products.  Controlled via a management console, the Multiflow nozzle allows products and package type to be simply selected, eliminating the need for screens and tests.  The resulting benefits in decreased down time and increased production time are appreciable. 

Chlorine Bleach and Abrasive Cleaners Filling Machines

The choice of filling machine for chlorine bleach and abrasive cleaners is critical.  Abrasive gel cleaners contain calcium carbonate and, additionally, are often fortified with bleach.  At Serac, we have the necessary experience and expertise to judge product compatibility.  You can be assured that our filling machines for use with chlorine bleach and abrasive cleaners are safe and effective, giving you the results you are after.

Dishwashing Filling Machines

Dishwashing products have not escaped the packaging revolution.  In addition to diversifying with various reduced sizes, many manufacturers now add extra elements such as fruit vinegars; natural extracts of flowers; and vegetal active agents, which help to preserve the environment.  As always, we have stayed on top of the changes and innovations and designed our dishwashing filling machines accordingly.   Gravity flow in dishwashing fluid is effected by its viscosity.  We designed our innovative over-pressurised tanks to offer a solution and to ensure increased output.

Filling & Capping Machines for Lubricants

At Serac UK, we offer a wide-range of high-quality and cost-effective Filling and Capping machines for lubricants. Products and services in this line include:

  • Semi-automatic Fillers: Mono-operator filler cappers, Semi-automatic filling machines
  • High-speed Lube Oil Filling Machines:  Lubricants filling machines, High-speed rotary fillers and cappers, High-speed capping machines
  • Turnkey Lines (including project management)
  • Life Cycle Supports: Commissioning and maintenance, Adaptation of machines, Improvement of efficiency, Production indicators diagnostics, Technical documentations

For more information on our products and services, please visit our website or contact us.



Registration Number: FC020628
VAT Number: GB172 7656 39
Registered at Companies House:1 September, 1997 (24 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: Serac sas France

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