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Schurter is a world class manufacturer and distributor of circuit breakers, fuses, IEC connectors, DC connectors, input systems and EMC products. We work closely with electronic industries and the PCB assembly sector, offering an unbeatable range of high-performance products that are designed to meet our customers' requirements. Supplying products for the clean and safe supply of power is our speciality. Some of the industries we have served include the medical equipment sector, the space technology industry, the renewable energy industry, and the telecoms and datacomms industry. We guarantee our customers the best products anywhere in the world, and this will remain our ethos for as long as we continue to trade. Schurter is also committed to providing solutions to every customer's individual needs, and we remain dedicated to providing high quality products that comply with country specific regulations such as UL, CSA, VDE, METI, CCC and KTL. 

Customers world-wide have relied upon Schurter for over 75 years, so why shouldn't you? We have the industry pedigree to provide the solutions for all your electronics needs. To find out more about Schurter and the huge range of high-performance products that we offer, please visit our website or simply give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales teams are on hand to assist you in finding the right product for your application.


When you need to protect electronic equipment from power spikes, you need a reliable fuse. Schurter is proud to be able to offer a comprehensive range of fuses available in resettable and non-resettable versions. Needless to say, all of our fuses meet the most stringent international safety standards. Our resettable fuses offer protection of low voltage DC circuits, limiting fault current to an acceptable level. Non-resettable fuses provide low voltage primary and secondary protection. We also have Telecom fuses for secondary protection in telecommunications equipment, Varistors for primary and secondary protection of AC and DC applications, and fuseholders for holding cartridge fuses, sub-miniature fuses, and miniature fuses.

Circuit Breakers

Schurter's range of circuit breakers are ideal for protecting appliances from overcurrent or undervoltage. Our thermal circuit breakers are available in one, two and three pole varieties with different actuation and mounting formats. We also have thermal-magnetic circuit breakers available in one, two, three and four pole types. These have lever actuation for various mounting styles. Also available are Schurter's Undervoltage Protection units for currents ranging from 2.5 Amps to 20 Amps, as well as Power Entry Modules with integrated circuits breakers - These are typically used for screw-in, snap-in and PCB mounting.


Our range of input systems includes touch panels and touch screens, metal and membrane keypads and cabinet & control systems. We also supply a huge range of electromechanic and electronics switches. Our printmount switches for Printed Circuit Board mounting are available in a variety of designs, either as a through-hole or SMD assembly, with a Gullwing or J connection. Frontpanel switches have a range of switching functions, can have a number of poles, and come in a range of colours and illumination. For more information on our switches, touchscreens, sensor keypads and metal line keypads, please visit our website.

EMC Products

Schurter offers a wide variety of standard products ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We have single phase and three phase line filters with or without IEC power entry module, pulse transformers, chokes and driver modules. Single phase block EMI filters have a current range of 0.5 Amps to 36 Amps and are ideal for chassis or PCB mounting. Three phases block EMI filters have a current range of 3 Amps to 115 Amps at 275, 480 and 520 Volts. Our suppression chokes can be magnetically compensated, linear, or storage type, and are available with a current rating ranging from 0.4 Amps to 50 Amps.

New Products - Switches

We are constantly increasing our product ranges in every department so that our customers can find exactly what they are looking for. To our already large portfolio of input systems, we have recently added the following products: MSM metal switches with colour-anodized aluminium housing, Piezo Switches with ATEX approval (these can be used in explosive applications), Robust GFG Touch Screens, metal switches with ceramic surfaces for high resistance to destructive elements, Piezo Keypads for extreme environments, multifinger touch screens, and latch action switches with improved, attractive design. We continually strive to add the most innovative products to our range, so watch this space!

New Products - Circuit Breakers

Schurter continually improves its range of circuit breakers, and we have recently added the following innovative products; The UP1, a 2-pole appliance switch with integrated undervoltage trip release which stops uncontrolled restarts when in conditions of intense voltage drops or cut-outs; The TA35 Circuit Breaker with rotary knob actuation, ideal for switching with gloves or in cases where a longer feedback is needed; A Factory Mounted Protection Cover for the TA35 Circuit Board, with or without collar; Intricately designed compact circuit breakers for electrical equipment in one, two or three pole versions; the T9 series, a unique lead-free fuseholder style circuit breaker .

New Products - EMC Products

Among our new EMC products are the new standard DC filter series FMER SOL, suitable for use on the DC side of the inverter in photovoltaic systems. We also have brand new EMC filters for DIN rail mounting, an innovative FMBB NEO series of EMI filters for one-phase systems, the compact C8 appliance inlet with EMI filter for low power applications, and three-phase Sine wave output filters suitable for a wide range of applications, including frequency converters in UPS's, heating, ventilation, elevators, traction systems and conveyor systems. To see more of the new products we have added to our range, please visit our website, where you’ll also find data sheets for every one of our items available.

New Products - Fuses and Fuseholders

Schurter continually develops brand new and exciting products to add to our already large ranges. We have recently extended the current ratings for the industry's 250 VAC SMD fuse UMZ 250 from 80 mA to 4 A. Other new products introduced include; a high performance fuse for PV systems, a low impedence fuse for ultra-sensitive electronic circuits, overvoltage protection components for primary and secondary applications, and a chip fuse in a 1206 package for high current protection. For more information on our new range of fuses and varistors, please visit our website.


Here at Schurter we also provide a fantastic line of connectors that are manufactured to IEC 60320 standards. Alongside our range we also supply various associated equipment such as power cords or various test, DC, DIN, data and signal plugs and jacks. Examples of our connectors range include: Power Entry Modules without Filter, Connectors (inlets/ outlets), Cord Connectors (rewireable), Distribution Units, Cord Sets, Data and Signal Connectors, Test Jacks and Probes, Mating Connectors and more. Please follow the link to our website to view the range in full or contact us at Schurter for further information.

New Products - Connectors

We have introduced many new reliable and successful products to the range. Examples include:

  • Transipillar: this insulating mounting system is now available from Schurter. Transipillars feature studs and inserts that are molded in a nylon body and provide rugged insulating mounting systems.
  • V-Lock Locking System for the IEC-Appliance Couplers: Our V-Lock Locking Systems are designed to prevent accidental unplugging and can be supplied with various country-specific power cables. The V-Lock can be used for 10A and 16A power inlets and connectors to IEC 60320.
  • Power Entry Modules for PCB Mounting: the DD21 and the DD22 series have been expertly designed for PCB mounting and are ideal for use in low profile designs.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

We produce and assemble first class electronic modules, complete appliances and systems via our Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) division. Here we provide a complete service from design stages through to development, PCB production, testing, delivery and after sales support. Alongside the production and installation of electronic assemblies, complete devices and systems we also specialise in high quality complex industrial input systems and electromagnetic transmission systems. Our production capabilities span various areas including prototype production, THT assembly, SMD assembly, packaged to 0201, BGA and pitch 04, reflow soldering processes, wave soldering, winding material production and more.


We provide a fantastic range of high quality products suitable for various applications. Examples of our current ranges include: Intrinsically Safe, Vandal Proof, Outdoor and Non-Protected Environment, Power Distribution Units, Transportation, Household Equipment, Food Processing, Audio Products and Lighting. All items within these ranges have been carefully selected to provide our customers with high quality, reliable solutions in different areas. Please contact the team at Schurter if you require any further information or advice when selecting items for your application.

Input Systems

Schurter works in close cooperation with its customers to develop innovative input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive sensor keypads, membrane keypads and housing systems. We offer a variety of designs to cover a range of medical, automotive, measurement and safety applications. Our input systems incorporate some of the latest technologies the industry has to offer. As well as individual components, we offer several fully integrated solutions which are ready for installation. Find out more by visiting Schurter online.



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