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 Root7 are a leading distributor of innovative barware, homewear and gifts. We source and sell exciting accessories for use in the kitchen and home, and in particular, the best products from the leading manufacturers of barwear. Since being established in 1999, Root7 have built a reputation for providing high quality products and excellent customer service to wholesale and direct retail throughout the UK, Europe, South Africa and North America, and our presence continues to grow globally. We are also involved in product development, so we can always bring the latest and greatest products directly to our customers.

From our vast warehouse in London, we are able to directly dispatch products for rapid delivery to our customers. We are pleased to have many exclusive distributor agreements with a number of manufacturers, so Root7 are the number one choice for a wide selection of barwear and homewear at exceptional prices. Our outstanding selection of products combine fun with functionality, and we are always seeking brand new and exclusive products to bring to our customers. And as well as great products, we always provide the best customer service and aftersales support to our valued customers.

So, why not contact us today to discover our unrivaled collection, great prices and even better service. Browse our website today, call us on 0845 500 1215 or email us on [email protected].

Corkcicle Colour

Root7 are delighted to announce the arrival of the Corkcicle Colour to the UK market, and we are the exclusive distributors of the Corkcicle Colour range. After the great success of the original Corkcicle, the new Colour collection introduces a vibrant pop of colour to the range, whilst being highly functional. The clever Corkcicle Colour keeps white and rosé wines at the perfect serving temperature, and even brings over-heated red wines down to the correct cellar temperature from inside the bottle. You can even freeze the Corkcicle, and it will maintain your wine at the perfect temperature for up to an hour, so you never need to use a bulky ice bucket again! The Corkcicles come in blue, green pink and orange, and the caps of the new Colour range are interchangeable so you can mix and match. Discover the revolution in wine serving, with the Corkcicle Colour.

Chillsner Beer Chiller

The Chillsner is an innovation in barwear, as it keeps your beer at the perfect temperature for serving. This new product follows on from the Corkcicle, but is specially designed for beer bottles. It features an aluminium rod filled with thermal gel that can be stored in the freezer and put straight into the bottled beer, to maintain the perfectly cool temperature whilst you drink. It has a clever drink-through spout that feels like the top of the bottle, so the only think you will notice is the perfect temperature of the beer you are drinking! Please click on the link to view more images.


The Bar10der is the latest exciting bar product that will revolutionise the end user experience. It offers a 10-in-1 cocktail multi tool functionality, which is ideal for using at home or at a party. It combines a muddler, reamer, double sided jigger, stirrer, knife, bottle opener, zester, channel knife, corkscrew and strainer, all in one compact and easy to use product. 

Portable, easy to clean and versatile, the Bar10der is a premium quality product that will last for years to come. It comes with full instructions and recipe ideas, so it makes the ideal gift for novices through to experienced bartenders. 

Salad Zinger

The Salad Zinger is a much-talked-about product that makes light work of creating homemade dressings, dipping sauces, marinades and vinaigrettes. At Root7, we are proud to be the UK distributors for the Salad Zinger, a popular product for every home that’s used by well-known chefs and celebrities. 
The stainless steel bottle has a clever bottom-mounted grinder that contains the ground pulp of ingredients whilst allowing the extracted flavours to travel through the internal mesh to infuse the dressing. Just add your favourite fresh ingredients, twist, shake and serve! Perfect for salad dressings, meat marinades, balsamic dips and chili drizzles, the Salad Zinger is extremely easy to use, easy to clean, smart, and compact enough to be stored away when not being used. It has a soft non-slip pad, food-safe stainless steel spout and blades, drip-free spout with silicone stopper and a large ingredient cup. Click on the link to watch a how-to video showing the salad Zinger in action!

Vinturi Spirit

The Vinturi Spirit Aerator is a recently launched product that is used by professional bartenders and restaurateurs, and is now available from Root7.  Designed for use with spirits, the Vinturi Spirit Aerator mixes the correct amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing the spirit to breathe instantly, therefore enhancing the natural flavour of the undiluted spirit.  The innovative new design features a magnetic push button mechanism to release the spirit without coming into contact with the liquid. Perfect for port, whiskey, vodka, gin, scotch, brandy, rum and more, simply hold the lightweight Vinturi Spirit Aerator over the glass and pour. It includes an integrated measuring jigger, and promises to make a difference to the taste of your favourite undiluted spirits.

Product Development

Root7 are always looking for brand new products to bring to the UK market, and we are directly involved in developing exciting new barwear, home and kitchen products.

One of our products currently in development and at the prototype stage: the Ice Ball Maker. We are trying to gather customer interest and explore opportunities with this innovative product. The Ice Ball Maker is a new way of creating perfect ice for drinks and cocktails, and creates a stylish, perfectly round ball of ice that can be added directly to drinks as a single ice ball. It means no more ice trays or bags of ice to struggle with – it’s easy to use and aims to enhance the flavour of drinks by not using multiple cubes that will dilute the drink, as the ball shape maintains its form for longer. Please click on the link to fill out a short online form to find out more or to become involved in this exciting project.

Vinturi Wine Aerators

Root7 are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of the Vinturi range of wine aerators, used by professional bartenders and wineries throughout the world. All the products in the range are designed to perfectly mix the exact amount of air with the wine as it is poured into the glass, so you no longer need to wait and guess how long a wine needs to breathe. This brings out the very best natural flavour of the wine. Instant aeration means no more decanting, and the result is a beautifully smooth flavour to be enjoyed. 
The Vinturi range represents quality and the latest in wine research and development, and includes the best-selling red wine aerator, as well as the white wine aerator, deluxe aerator, spirit aerator, travel aerator and Vinturi tower. To find out more, please click on the link to be taken to our website.

Vodka Zinger

Flavoured vodkas are extremely popular, but the flavours available in most shops are limited and are often diluted with juices or sugary alternatives. The fantastic Vodka Zinger allows you to make your very own naturally infused vodkas easily and quickly, allowing full versatility – just pick your own flavours to add to your favourite vodka! Infuse citrus fruits, strawberries, cucumbers, chili peppers, pineapple, mint leaves, and anything else you can think of. Any vodka or spirit can be used, and the Vodka Zinger comes with a handy travel cap to make it easily portable. 

The Zinger is well designed and extremely easy to use: simply unscrew the bottom, add the ingredients of your choice, return the cap, fill with vodka, then simply shake and let soak before serving! The screwing of the cap allows the built-in blades to grind the ingredients, releasing the natural flavours. What’s more, the Zinger is vacuum insulated, and the double wall stainless steel keeps your drinks cold or hot. Click on the link to find out more and to see the Zinger in action.



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