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Right Lines Ltd supply only the best, professional grade diamond blades and diamond core drills which are perfect for cutting concrete, asphalt, abrasives, sandstone, or the hardest porcelain or brick. We also offer metal cutting discs, grinding discs and flap discs which are designed to the highest standards and are fully safety marked. Our flap discs are manufactured from zirconium, enabling a superior life and performance over aluminium oxide flap discs.

Our business model means that low prices can be achieved without ever compromising the quality of our products - we never, ever supply 'DIY' grade products. We are unique because we offer high specification solutions at unbelievable prices. How can we do this? It's simple! We sub-contract warehousing, so that overhead costs are not passed on to you. We don't employ sales reps, so you don’t pay their salaries. We work closely with excellent international partners to get the best products at the most competitive prices. Finally, we sell directly to you! All this means you spend less money purchasing better products.

It's no wonder that small and medium sized businesses come to us for their blades, drills and discs when we can offer products at prices typically only enjoyed by large companies. Whether you're a solitary tradesman or a contractor with over 100 operatives, you can make savings with Right Lines Ltd.

What's more, we are always on hand to advise on the selection of the right tool for your application, and as a result of this excellent service, our range continues to grow with customer demand. For example, our Brick Slysa Premium range was introduced in response to increased use of hard bricks and paving blocks. Tile Slysa Premium ultra-thin diamond blades have been welcomed by tilers frustrated by the increased use of extremely hard porcelain tiles.

We are specialists in abrasive technology, especially diamond blades, bonded abrasive cutting discs, abrasive finishing and related products, so come to Right Lines for first-class blades and drills and an unbeatable service.

Bonded Abrasive Discs and Wheels - Visit our website

Our discs are made from synthetic resin mixed with selective abrasive grain which is bonded onto a fibre structure. This composition gives these discs strength and durability. Cutting discs are offered in flat format (Type 41) and are all for edge use. Grinding discs are depressed centre format (Type 27), making it easier to present the face to the work piece. All of Right Lines' discs comply with EN12413, are safety marked with internationally recognised symbols, and are batch and date marked for traceability. Cutting and grinding steel discs are available in steel or stainless steel.

Diamond Blades and Diamond Grinding Discs - Visit our website

Choosing the right blade for the job is made easier by the availability of multi-purpose diamond blades such as Multi-Slysa, which cuts a variety of materials. If you are consistently cutting the same materials such as hard bricks or porcelain tiles, we have a diamond blade fully optimised for the job. We also offer a specialised range of cutting blades and diamond blades for wider construction, renovation and contractor applications.

Flap Discs - Visit our website

For metalwork use, these discs use course grade 40 for grinding, shaping and weld removal. Finer grades can be used for finishing, surface preparation and rapid cleaning. Manufactured with high density cloth flaps and a fibreglass backing, flap discs are available in sizes from 100mm to 180mm. Zirconium is perfect for use on stainless steel and hard alloys.

Drill Bits and Accessories - Visit our website

Right Lines supplies special purpose drill bits for tiles, masonry and brick. We only specialise in abrasive technology, so drills for metal, wood and other materials are not available. Builders, plumbers and electricians who need to put holes into walls by dry coring will love our diamond core drill bits. We even offer a unique range of small diamond drills which make light of the frustrating task of drilling through hard porcelain tiles.

'Rescue' Multi-Materials Blades - Visit our website


Right Lines supplies complete disc kits for angle grinders and petrol saws, providing a comprehensive cutting/grinding solution. Ready made kits for 115mm angle grinders include:


  • Full kit – with 20 items, including 10 thin stainless steel discs and 3 metal grinding discs
  • Mini kit – with 8 items, including 5 metal cutting discs a 1 metal grinding disc

Kits for 12” petrol saws incorporate:


  • 5 General Purpose Diamond Blades
  • 3 Multi-Slysa Diamond Blades (including 1 Premium Plus version)
  • 1 Road Slitta Diamond Blade
  • 1 Rescue Diamond Blade

Disc Kits For Angle Grinders & Petrol Saws - Visit our website

Right Lines ‘Rescue’ blades can be used to cut almost any material, including brick, masonry, concrete, steel, wood with nails, fibreglass, composites and virtually everything you might need to cut on a construction site. They are made with externally bonded, super abrasive diamond and are suitable for wet or dry use. ‘Rescue’ blades can be attached to most angle grinders and petrol saws, including latest generation high speed saws (100m/s). Visit Right Lines online for more information.

Coarse Sanding Discs - Visit our website

Here at Right Lines, we are pleased to supply an excellent range of high performance coarse sanding discs.

The range includes:

  • Fibre Backed Sanding Discs: Zirconium abrasive fibre-backed discs suitable for weld removal, shaping, de-burring and cleaning of mild steel, cast iron, stainless and hard alloys.
  • Semi-Flexible Abrasive Discs: suitable for sanding masonry and concrete applications such as graffiti removal or cleaning.
  • Heavy Duty Abrasive Discs: designed to suit extreme sanding applications such as the grinding of stone, brick, concrete and more.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Mortar Raking & Crack Chasing Blades - Visit our website

We are also pleased to supply top quality mortar raking diamond blades to provide users with fast and efficient solutions for raking soft and hard types of mortar.

Our mortar raking and crack chasing blades have been expertly designed and manufactured to minimise abrasive wear. They feature durable laser welded segments and tungsten carbide inserts available in 8mm or 6mm.

Please visit our website to find out more about our Dual Cut Mortar Raking Blades, Premium Mortar Raking Diamond Blades, Crack Chasing Diamond Blades and Mortar Raking Fingers.

TCT Circular Saw Blades - Visit our website

Right Lines supplies two types of TCT Circular Saw Blades.

The range includes:

  • Construction Metal Cutting Circular Saw TCT Blades: these tungsten carbide blades are suitable for cutting ductile construction metal. They also meet ‘cold cutting’ requirements on construction sites. Metal should be clamped before cutting with these blades.
  • Aluminium Cutting TCT Circular Saw Blades: these tungsten carbide blades are suitable for cutting a range of aluminium materials including bar, die castings, extrusion and sheet. They can also be used to cut wood and various plastics.

Please visit our website to find out more about our TCT Circular Saw Blades.

Stripping Discs - Visit our website

Right Lines also supplies an excellent range of stripping discs.

The range includes:

  • Strip Clean Angle Grinder Stripping Discs: these stripping discs fit angle grinders and are used face down to strip large areas of paint and rust.
  • Plain Stripping Wheels: these stripping wheels can be fitted to fixed spindle machines or mounted for use on hand tools.
  • Spindle Mounted Polycarbide Stripping Wheels: these stripping wheels are supplied ready spindle or shaft mounted and are available in 100mm diameter.
  • Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Stripping Discs: available in 50mm or 75mm diameters and compatible with Roloc type quick fit systems.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Wire Brush Wheels - Visit our website

Our range of wire brush wheels includes:

  • Spindle Mounted Crimped Wire Brush Wheels: these crimped wire shaft mounted wheels provide a less aggressive cleaning action compared to twisted knot wheels.
  • Twisted Know Radial Wire Wheels: these twisted knot wheels are particularly suited to cleaning stainless steel welds, edge on.
  • Twisted Knot Bevel Wire Wheels: these wire wheels feature knots that are twisted in different direction to ensure a longer shelf life.
  • Pointed End Brush, Crimped Wire: pointed end, spindle mounted wire brush wheels ideal for reaching into recesses, bores and similar.
  • Cup Brush Wheels – Stainless Steel Wire: available in twisted knot and crimped wire forms.
  • Wire Brush Machine Wheels: for machine mounting.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Abrasive Belts - Visit our website

We also offer a fantastic range of abrasive belts suitable for belt sanders and belt linishers.

  • Sanding Belts for Belt Sanders: these sanding belts are ideal for use with both soft and hard woods as well as mild steel and soft non-ferrous metals. They are widely used to smooth, de-nib, clean coatings and to prepare surfaces.
  • Linisher Sanding Belts: these belts are available in 100mm wide and 915mm wide sizes to suit 3ft linisher machines supplied by a range of manufacturers including Axminster, Draper, Clarke, Sealey and more. They are suitable for use with both soft and hard woods as well as mild steel and non-ferrous metals.

Please visit our website to find out more about our abrasive belts.

Hand Sanding Products - Visit our website

Right Lines Ltd supplies three types of hand sanding equipment.

The range includes:

  • Hand Sanding Blocks: these hand sanding blocks feature standard grip sanding discs and are suitable for use on flat or nearly flat surfaces.
  • Hand Pads: these hand pads are manufactured from a non-woven fleece type abrasive material and are excellent for use on shapes and curves.
  • Abrasive Mesh Rolls: our abrasive mesh roll is ideal for applications such as the cleaning of pipes, shafts, ducts and more.

Please head over to our website to view the range in full. Full product descriptions, including images, are displayed.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Cutting Line A range of abrasive cutting and grinding products.
  • Multi-Slysa A range of diamond blades with multiple cutting or slicing ability.
  • Road Slitta A diamond blade for cutting ground work, eg asphalt or concrete.
  • Score Line A range of abrasive products
  • Strip Clean A range of stripping discs to clean and strip wood or metal.
  • Tile Slysa A range of tile cutting diamond disc blades.

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