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Red Ledge provides clients in commercial, industrial and government sectors with outstanding business solutions and process automation services.

The company was established in 1996 and has provided first class solutions to a number of world-leading companies.

Here at Red Ledge, we work closely with clients to gain a firm understanding of their business and operations before suggesting and implementing effective project solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We identify areas that will benefit from development and implement top quality software, hardware and systems to achieve effective results. These areas include: Radio Frequency Identification, Receipt and Dispatch, Hanging Garment System, Process Automation, Asset Management, Order Processing, Fleet Maintenance, Stocktaking and more.

At Red Ledge, we specialise in application software and engineering which enables us to provide a range of services under one roof.  

Please read on and/or visit our website to find out more about our services. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Red Ledge Ltd with your requirements or for further information.

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

Red Ledge is pleased to work closely with Fairfield (a specialist label producer) to provide first class RFID solutions suitable for warehouse and asset tracking applications. We provide expert consultancy services alongside the installation of top quality software and RFID equipment.

RFID enabled applications provide a range of benefits including the reduction of warehouse and distribution costs, improved forecasting and planning and reduced out-of-stock conditions.

We are pleased to provide a range of training services to ensure customers get the best results from their RFID equipment.

Please contact our friendly team at Red Ledge for further information.

Optimisation Software

Here at Red Ledge, we are pleased to have created a fantastic partnership with INFORM GmbH. INFORM GmbH is a leading company that specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative software solutions featuring intelligent process optimisation logic designed to improve business productivity.

Our partnership with INFORM enables us to provide the UK market with excellent software systems such as add*ONE (a modular system featuring inventory optimisation and demand planning) and INVENT Xpert (an inventory sampling system designed to save time and costs of manual applications).

Please contact us at Red Ledge to find out more about our optimisation solutions.

Inventory Optimisation

add*ONE inventory optimisation is designed to complement existing IT infrastructure by supporting inventory management applications. The add*ONE package has been created to meet the requirements of different business branches such as: wholesale, manufacturing, spare parts or series production.

Please visit our website to find out more about add*ONE Inventory Optimisation. Alternatively, please contact our support team at Red Ledge for further information advice regarding add*ONE inventory optimisation in relation to your business.

Demand Planning

INFORM’s add*ONE Demand Planner supports Sales and Operations Planning via intelligent functionality. This modular system features outstanding inventory optimisation and demand planning functions to improve internal processes and reduce costs.  
add*ONE provides users with an accurate response to real-life applications and processes. Implementation of this system can lead to improved customer services and improved customer satisfaction.
Please visit our website to find out more about add*ONE. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Red Ledge for further information and advice regarding your business requirements.


INVENT Xpert is a state-of-the-art inventory sampling system suitable for implementation in a wide range of industries. This popular system is effective in more than 1,200 businesses based throughout Europe. It is designed to replace manual stocktaking applications and provides users with an accurate and reliable stocktaking tool that not only saves time and money but also avoids human error and prevents warehouse closure.

Users of INVENT Xpert may take advantage of Cloud-based online access to view inventories.

Please contact us at Red Ledge for further information.

Receipt and Despatch

We are also pleased to supply and install the fantastic receipt and despatch hanging garment system. This state-of-the-art system has been expertly designed and created to optimise production time and reduce production costs.

The system provides users with automated scanning of all garments during goods receipt. It identifies items that should not be there and automatically rejects them. This identification process is 100% accurate and can save companies huge amounts of money.

The receipt and despatch hanging garment system can sort garments via specific criteria such as store, department or style.

Please contact us at Red Ledge to find out more about the benefits of this system.

Hanging Garment System

The Hanging Garment System is 100% accurate and features crossed hanger detection. It can scan up to 9,000 singles per hour and is easy to operate via hand held terminals. All types of barcodes and RFID tags can be scanned and metal or plastic hangers can be processed.

The hanging garment system features a modular design for easy integration into existing systems and networked gates.

Process Automation

Our highly experienced team provides first class consultancy services in order to implement cost-effective automation and process control technology.

We have the facilities and capabilities to create solutions tailored suit different customer/ industry requirements.

We have previously used state-of-the-art automation and process control technology to achieve a range of automation solutions including: Readymix concrete plants, testing of blood gas electrodes, stone cutting machinery, material inspection fault reporting, scanning of bar-coded or RFID tagged items and more.

Please give us a call at Red Ledge with your requirements or to find out more about our process automation capabilities.

Asset Management (AMS)

Red Ledge implements state-of-the-art asset management solutions (AMS). We work closely with clients to gain a firm understanding of their requirements before offering effective solutions.

Our powerful asset management tools enable users to carry out a range of functions quickly and easily. Users can track assets over a number of locations and take advantage of stock management and warranty traceability functions.

Other features include signature capture using touchscreen technology and drag and drop task creation and scheduling. Mobile terminals are available with touchscreens and integrated scanner and automatic connection via WIFI and 3G.

Our asset management solutions are designed to save time and resources and are suitable for use in a range of industry and government sectors.

Business Solutions

The Red Ledge Process Improvement Note System is a web-based application that enables businesses to improve internal processes and communication.

The system may focus on a number of key areas such as: process improvement, auditing and audit scheduling, document change control and tracking, meeting minutes, engineering change request handling, concession notes and full cloud-based reporting.

The system can be tailored to suit specific customer and business requirements and can be accessed by a number of employees via a private PIN.

All actions are recorded, allocated, accepted and resolved in-line with company and industry regulations/ standards.

Order Processing

We are also pleased to offer our excellent sales and purchase order processing system. This system has been expertly designed and created to improve production time and prevent human error. It can accept orders in a range of formats such as web, email, mobile phone or EDI and can release orders to production or warehousing departments for instant processing.

The system provides users with easily accessible information on current stock levels, purchase order dates, delivery estimates and more. It also calculates purchase requirements and indicates price history, margin reports and loss warnings automatically.

Fleet Maintenance

Our excellent fleet management system enables users to track a range of applications for vehicles or plant such as MOT tests, VOSA checks, safety tests and tachograph checks.

The system features a central server that holds employee details (including skills and certifications), asset information (including location and skills required to work on them), and inspection and maintenance details (including schedules and work-flows). It automatically sends reminders regarding outstanding jobs to specific members of staff ready for implementation.

Hand-held terminals are used to communicate between sites via radio frequency network or GPRS.

Please get in touch to find out more about our fleet maintenance system.

Production Tracking

Red Ledge also offers the SPRINT production tracking system. This system has been designed to streamline production processes using intelligent capture and reporting methods. It can be programmed by our own team as well as by customers themselves.

The SPRINT production tracking system tracks a range of information and processes such as: employee performance, job status, equipment shelf-life, machine utilisation and more. It replenishes equipment and parts automatically and features component tracking functions.

Users can take advantage of audio-visual aids and production machine interfacing options are available for applications such as torque machines, robotic arms, etching systems and more.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed to increase warehouse efficiency by at least 30% compared to alternative paper-based methods. Users benefit from reduced production costs and increased levels of customer service. Businesses may well see a return on investment in less than 12 months.

The WMS can be used in conjunction with INFORM addd*ONE to reduce stockholding and improve service delivery. The system can be interfaced with most legacy and ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), SAGE and SAP or for the delivery of goods the system can interface to most third part logistics companies such as DHL, UPS and FEDEX.



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