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ITM Components Ltd was established in 1991 and specialises in the supply of connectivity component modules and system solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Our ranges of modules largely form the following categories: Video Audio, Extenders, KVM Switches and Sharers, Digital Signage – Video Wall, Rack Mount Solutions – Rack Drawers, Fibre Optic Solutions, Environment Monitoring, Control and Instrumentation, and NTI KVM Video Audio. Our ranges of components include IEEE, USB and Firewire, Coaxial, D Sub-Miniature, Telecom Modular, Audio/Video Cables, Connectors and Adaptors, Custom Cables and Connectors, Antennas, LAN Amplifiers, Lightning Protectors, and Weatherproof Enclosures. We supply to installers, system integrators, trade resellers, commerce, government establishments, end user companies, and more. 

With more than twenty years experience in the industry we have built great relationships with many manufacturers and distribute for Aten, Gefen, Austin Hughes, Extron L-Com, Network Technologies, Kramer, Ophit, Avitech, Adder, Access IO, Hetec, Rose, HellermannTyton, NEC, Newnex Brainboxes and Axiomtek. Our extensive product range enables us to meet most industry demands in fast turn around times. All of our products are available to order safely and easily online and can be delivered to destinations worldwide.

Please visit our website to view our comprehensive range of components and enter your details to receive our free product catalogue. Our technical team is on hand to answer any product enquiries you may have to help you purchase the best products for your application. Please contact ITM Components for further information.

Video and Audio - Visit our website

We supply an extensive range of video audio products such as computer-video interfaces, switches, distribution amplifiers, computer-video scan converters, scalers, signal processing equipment, and high resolutions cables. Our range has been created to provide customers with high quality equipment that can be used to integrate computer, video, and audio into presentation displays for training purposes, for use in schools, colleges and universities, and similar activities. Our visual audio products are manufactured by various leading brands such as Extron, Kramer NTI, Gefen, Aten, and more. Please contact our technical team for further information regarding all of these products.

KVM - Visit our website

Our KVM range has been compiled to provide customers with high quality KVM solutions. The range features the following categories: 2 Port KVM Switches, 4 Port KVM Switches – QUAD SCREEN, 16 Port KVM Switches, 64 Port KVM Switches, KVM over IP, 4 Port KVM Switches, 8 Port KVM Switches, 32 Port KVM Switches, KVM Matrix Switches, and Computer Sharing Devices. Our experience in the industry enables us to provide high quality products that are expertly designed and robust for long-term use. Please visit our website to view images and technical information.

Extenders - Visit our website

We also supply a wide range of extenders for use with different applications. The range includes: KVM Extenders (ideal for extending keyboard, monitor or mouse up to 1,000 feet away from PC or SUN computer), Firewire Extenders (extends firewire devices up to 1,000 meters), DVI Extenders (extends DVI video with CAT5 and fibre optic DVI video extenders), HDTV Extenders (to extend HDTV display and udio up to 600 feet), Fibre Optic Extenders (for long haul transmission of video, hi-res RGB, DVI and multirate SDI), USB Extenders (USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 cable and wireless extenders), VGA Video Extenders (transmits VGA video up to 1000 feet from PC, SUN or Mac), HDMI Extenders (extends HDMI video up to 90 metres), and S-Video Extenders (extends S-video TV/monitor up to 600 feet).

Environmental Monitoring Systems - Visit our website

Our range of environmental systems features: Small Environment Monitoring Systems (to monitor critical environmental conditions in the server room), ENVIROMUX MINI Sensors (a range of sensors and accessories for NTI ENVIROMUX MINI systems), Intelligent Power Distribution (for access and control of server rack and data centre power supplies with intelligent remote power management), Large Environment Monitoring Systems (to expand systems for monitoring critical environmental conditions in large server rooms), ENVIROMUX SEMS Sensors (system specific environment monitoring sensors and accessories for NTI ENVIROMUX SEMS systems), and Remote Access Control and Monitoring (an Infra-solutions for secure rack access control).

Fibre Optic Modules - Visit our website

The use of fibre optic protected products is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. These products are extremely reliable and provide high performance results. Our fibre optic cable assemblies are available as single mode fibre, multimode fibre, duplex fibre assemblies and simplex or duplex single mode cables and use common connectors such as LC, SC, ST, MTRJ, MU, and more. Our range of fibre optic solutions includes: Fibre Optic Extenders, Fibre Optic Distribution Amplifiers, Fibre Optic Matrix Switches, Fibre Optic Video Audio Telephone, Fibre Optic Analogue Digital IO and Contact Closures, ModBus Plus, Fibre Optic Converters, Fibre Optic Adapters and Couplers, Fibre Optic Connectors, Fibre Optic Connectors, and Fibre Optic Cables and Patch Cords.

Interface & Communications - Visit our website

We supply an extensive range of control and instrumentation products manufactured by leading brands such as EKS, Access IO, NTI, Axiomtek, and more. Examples of the range include USB - Serial, - Analog IO or Digital IO & RS232, PCI Bus Products, Distributed IO, Fibre Optic Converters, Analog-Digital & Contact Closure, PC/104 Bus, Watchdogs, Industrial PC Chassis & Modules, and ModBus Plus. Please visit our website to view these categories in full. Our technical team is on hand to provide advice and assistance where needed.

Digital Signage - Visit our website

Our digital signage and video wall systems are effective for creating screens of all sizes and are manufactured by leading brands such as Extron, Kramer, Hetec and Gefen. Our wall systems can deliver high definition video on installations of up to 64 screens! Examples of our range of digital signage products include Hetec, Compact Digital Signage Creation Editor/ Player – Gefen, HD Digital Signage Player – Gefen, DVI Video Wall Controll – Gefen, SignagePro Digital Signage Media Player with 4GB memory – HDCP – Compliant Scalable Videowall Processing Syste, - Extron, HDCP – Compliant Videowall Processing System – Extron, and more. To view the range in full, please visit our website

Cables - Visit our website

We supply a wide range of cables for Audio/Video, Professional Audio/Video, IEEE488, Fibre Optic and RF Cable Applications. Our range also includes cables that are hard to find such as Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables. Our range of cables includes: IEEE Cable Assemblies, D Subminiature Cable Assemblies, Telecom Modular Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords, Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies, Custom Cables, USB Cable Assemblies, Firewire/ Mini DIN/ SCSI/SATAeSATA Cable Assemblies, Coaxial Cable Assemblies, and Audio/Video Monitor/ KVM/ PC and Extension Cable Assemblies. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at ITM Components Ltd.

Connectors - Visit our website

We also supply various connectors and associated products from common coaxial connectors through to high quality connectors such as D-Sub connectors or fibre connectors. Categories within the range include IEEE Connectors, USB Connectors, Telecoms Modular Connectors, Fibre Optic Connectors, Custom Connectors, D-Subminiature Connectors, Firewire DIN and SATAeSATA Connectors, Coaxial Connectors, Audio/Video Connectors, and Coupler Connectors. Amongst our range of connectors we also provide various IP67 rated connectors for use with applications in harsh environments. Please see our website to view images and information and to order easily online.

Adapters - Visit our website

Our range of adapters and associated products has been created to provide users with all of the necessary adaptor equipment needed for a wide range of applications. Our range of adapters features models that are suitable for fibre, USB, coaxial, telecom, D-subminiature interfaces, and more. Various styles include in-line, panel-mount, bulkhead, and wall plate. Examples of the range include IEEE Adapters, USB Adapters, Telecoms Modular Adapters, Fibre Optic Adapters, Coupler Adapters, D-Subminiature Adapters, Firewire, DIN and SATAeSATA Adapters, Coaxial Adapters, and Audio/Video Adapters. Please see images and technical information online.

Couplers & Splitters - Visit our website

We are pleased to be an authorised distributor of L-com cables and connector products. Our range of couplers and splitters features: Harsh Environment Couplers, Category3 and Telephone Range, Adapters/ In-line Couplers/ 90 Degrees Adapters/ Splitters, Panel Mount Modular Coupler Range, Category 6 Range, Fibre Optic Couplers, Category 5/5e Range, Modular and USB Panel Mount Jack Range, and Accessories/ Waterproof Caps and USB Caps. Amongst the range are various IP67 rated waterproof jacks for use in harsh environments as well as fibre optic couplers that are suitable for ST, SC, and FC adapter types.

Wireless Antennas - Visit our website

We are pleased to provide a fantastic range of high performance wireless LAN antennas manufactured by L-Com. The range includes options to suit different user requirements – directional parabolic antennas, reflector grid antennas, patch antennas, rubber duck anennas, radome enclosed Yagi antennas, panel antennas, omni-directional antennas, sectorial antennas, and more. Our range is categorised online into the following categories: 900 MHz Antennas, 5.4 GHz Antennas, 2.4 GHz Antennas, 5.8 GHz Antennas, 5.1 GHz Antennas, and Antenna Accessories. You are sure to be able to find the antenna solutions you need however, our technical team is on hand to provide advice and information where it is needed.

Amplifiers - Visit our website

We also supply various L-Com wireless LAN amplifiers and accessories. Ranges include: 900 MHz Wireless Amplifiers, 5.8 GHz Wireless Amplifiers, 2.4 GHz Wireless Amplifiers, and 4.9 GHz Wireless Amplifiers. Within the range is L-Com’s HyperAmp® brand bi-directional Wi-Fi RF amplifiers that are designed for wireless LANs. These models feature a low-noise receive amplifier and a transmit power amplifier and are widely regarded as high performance models. To find out more about our range of amplifiers and their compatibilities, please visit our website.

Lightning Protectors - Visit our website

We supply various L-Com lightning and surge protectors that are suitable for use with various applications. Examples of the range include: Coaxial Lightning Surge Protectors, RS422-485 Lightning Surge Protectors, UPS and Surge Protectors, CAT5/5e/6 and PoE Lightning Surge and Camera Protectors, Outdoor Speakers/ Public Address Systems Lightning Protectors, Telephone/ DSL/ T1 Lightning Surge Protectors, and Grounding Kits. To view the range in full, please visit our website. All products are manufactured to high industry standards and are robust for long-term use.

NEMA Rated Weatherproof Enclosures - Visit our website

Our range of NEMA/ IP rated weatherproof enclosures feature test equipment, remote controls, medical devices, scientific instruments, alarm and security systems, inventory control systems, industrial, lighting control, SCADA systems, telemetry systems, and more. Options available also include heat, cooling, AC or DC power, power over Ethernet (PoE) interfaces, 120, 240, and EURO 240 VAC enclosures. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call the team at ITM components – we are able to provide custom configurations on request.

USB 3.0 Connectors - Visit our website

We provide a wide range of USB connectors and associated equipment manufactured by L-Com. The range features USB Hubs, USB and Firewire Cables, Cables Assemblies, Bulk Cables, USB and Firewire Adapters, Connectors, Couplers and Splitters. We are also pleased to supply equipment that is often hard to find such as Low Smoke Zero Halegon (LSZH), waterproof, mini b USB and firewire cables. Our complete range is available to view and order online. Please also visit our website to order a copy of our latest catalogue.

Rackmount Keyboard Drawers - Visit our website

We supply two main rackmount keyboard drawers: Nti Rackmux Keyboard and Austin Hughes RK-1 and RK-2 Series Keyboard Drawers. These keyboard drawers combine either PS/2 USB keyboard with Touchpad or Trackball mouse. They are lockable models that are designed to fit into standard 19 inch cabinets. They also feature an optional KVM switch. Please see our website to view each of these models and to order safely online. Orders are processed efficiently so that you receive your products as soon as possible.

Rackmount KVM Drawers - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer customers a range of LCD keyboard drawers with integrated KVM switches. Examples include NTI RACKMUX, Austin Hughes Cyberview W Series, Austin Hughes Cyberview RP Series, ATEN CL Series, Austin Hughes Cyberview L Series, Austin Hughes Accessories, Austin Hughes Cyberview RKP Series, Austin Hughes Cyberview D Series, and Austin Hughes N Series. These models are available in different sizes including 15inch, 17inch, and 19inch and can feature conventional or widescreen LCD displays. Other features include 1U single slide capabilities, short depth and 2U dual slide capabilities, and available with or without KVM switch or KVM matrix switch.

Custom Cables - Visit our website

We are able to provide customers with custom-made cable assemblies to suit specific requirements. Our experience in the industry enables us to be able to source almost every type of copper of fibre cable assembly that is available. Our partners in the USA and China enable us to manufacture unique assemblies in small or large bath quantities. This service is practical and orders can be returned to customers in extremely fast turnaround times if requested.

Custom Connectors - Visit our website

We can also provide customers with custom-made connectors and adaptors. Our capabilities include:

* Assembled and Injection Molded Data Cables
* Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Adapters
* Modular and Telco Assemblies

* Low Loss Video and Monitor Cables
* Unique Bulkhead Connectors
* Machined or Cast Coaxial Connectors and Adapters
* Sheet Metal Manufacturing (19" Rack Panels and enclosures are a specialty)
* Special Bulk Cable Formulations (Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Ultra-   Flexible,
* Military and Special Packaging or Kitting
* Custom Labeling and Barcoding

To find out more, please contact the team at ITM Components Ltd who will be able to provide you with all the information and figures you need for ordering custom-made cables, connectors, and adaptors.

IEEE Cables - Visit our website

We are pleased to provide customers with one of the largest selections of L-Com IEEE – 488 GPIB products in the world. Our range includes: GPIB – IEEE488 Moulded Grade Cable Assemblies, GPIB – IEEE488 Connectors, GPIB – IEEE488 Deluxe Grade Cable Assemblies, GPIB – IEEE488 Premium Grade Cable Assemblies, and GPIB – IEEE488 Switch Boxes and Accessories. For all your GPIB solutions please visit our website to view the range in full. If you need any help ordering the right equipment for your application, please call us at ITM Components.

IEEE Connectors - Visit our website

Our range of IEEE Connectors includes the following items:
* IEEE-488 Socket / Connectors - Standard 24 Pin, Mates with all IEEE-488 Interfaces.
* IEEE-488 Connector Shielding Covers - Protect Against Contamination, Physical Damage& RFI.
* IEEE-488 Connector Shielding Covers - Protect Against Contamination, Physical Damage& RFI.
* IEEE-488 Anti-Static Connector Covers - Protect Against Dirt, Damage and Static.

Prices are available online or for larger orders please call us for prices and delivery times. All of our products are supplied to customers within fast turnaround times and are supplied in perfect condition ready for use.  

HDMI Switches & Extenders - Visit our website

We supply HDMI products to enable the transmission of digital video and audio up to 300 feet using HDMI over CAT5e/6 cables, HDMI over fibre cables or HDMI over IP. Each video extender features a local unit that connects to an HDMI source and a remote unit that connects to an HDMI display. Also available are integrated cable solutions which include fibre optic components and DDC signals that are built into the cables and connectors. Please visit our website to view options in full as well as to order easily via our online ordering system.

KVM Extenders - Visit our website

Our comprehensive collection of KVM extenders has been created to provide customers with local and remote KVM functions in order to access and control a remote PC from distances up to 307 meters. Our range of extenders includes: PS/2 and VGA KVM Extender, KVM Extender with Audio (PS/2, USB, VGA and DVI), USB and VGA KVM Extender, KVM Extender with RS232 Control, and DVI KVM Extender. These extenders feature two units; the local unit and the remote unit. Both units are interconnected with a CAT5/5e/6 cable. Various options are available. Please see our range online and contact us at ITM Components for assistance in selecting the most effective equipment for your requirements.

DVI Extenders - Visit our website

We also provide a wide range of single link DVI and dual link DVI-D extenders. These extenders are used to provide DVI displays at distances up to 4,950 feet away from the computer. Fibre optic cabling is the ideal cable for these distances or CAT5e/6 UTP copper cables for shorter distances. Our range of models is available to suit various resolution requirements up to 2560x1600. And combinations can feature DVI Video, USB, PS/2, RS232, and Audio. Units in this range include: DVI Video Extenders over CAT5, DVI Splitter Extenders, DVI KVM Extenders, DVI Video Extenders with Audio over CAT5, DVI Extenders with USB for Touchscreen, DVI Extenders over Fibre, and DVI Extenders with RS232 for Touchscreens.

Video Extenders - Visit our website

Our S Video Extenders transmit S-Video signals up to 600 feet from an S-Video device using CAT5/5e/6 cable. Our range includes the following models: S Video Extenders Over CAT5, S Video Splitter Extenders with Audio over CAT5, S Video Splitter Extenders over CAT5, S Video Extenders with Audio over CAT5, and more. These units feature a local unit that is connected to an S Video device and a remote unit connected to a monitor or TV.

Fibre Optic Extenders - Visit our website

We provide customers with a wide range of fibre optic extenders. Examples include XGA video, stereo audio, and USB 1.1 up to 300 feet over Cat5 cable - , Multimode USB 2.0 Fibre Optic Extender - Icron, XTENDEX Firewire Optical Extender - NTI, Extron FOXBOX 4G VGA - Fibre Optic Extender for VGA, Audio and RS232 - Extron, DVI Extender 1920x1200 only (Fibre) - NTI, DVI Extender 1600x1200 only (Fibre) - NTI, and DVI Extender 1280x1024 only (Fibre) - NTI. To view the range in full and to view images and descriptions, please visit our website.

USB Extenders - Visit our website

Our range of USB extenders includes USB 1.1 Extenders over CAT5, USB 2.0 Extenders over CAT5, USB Wireless Extenders, USB 2.0 Cable Extenders and Hubs, and USB Extenders over Fibre. These high performance extenders enable users to connect to high speed peripherals remotely from your PC. Our USB 1.1 extenders are able to extend USB communications up to 60 meters over CAT5 UTP and CAT6 cable. USB 2.0 wireless USB extenders are ideal for connecting high speed peripherals at distances up to 50 meters. Please visit our website to view the range in full and order easily and safely online.

Remote Power Management - Visit our website

We also offer a range of Austin Hughes scalable rack access control, power outlet control and power monitoring systems. Various options are available which cover different requirements such as the standalone SmartCard rack access to distributed remote control and monitoring of rack access, and power outlet control and power monitoring for many cabinets across an Ethernet TCP/IP network. Examples of our range include: Infra 2200 Access Control PDU Control via LAN, Infro 2400 Access Control PDU Control and Monitoring, InfraSolutions Switched PDU’s, Infra 1,000 SmartCard Access Control, and many more.

USB to Serial RS232 converters - Visit our website

Our range of USB to serial RS232 converters includes:
* USB Analog Input/Output: USB 8 channel output module and USB 16 channel input module. 
* USB Digital Input/ Output: 32 Channel USB Digital Input/Output Module - Access I/O, USB 16 Isolated Input and 16 Relay output Digital I/O module - Access I/O, and USB Digital Counter/ Timer Module.
* USB to Serial Communications: various equipment including converters, comms boards, adapters and more.

PC104 BUS computer boards - Visit our website

The PC104 BUS computer board features embedded computing environments and is designed for effective use in harsh environments. To find out more about this equipment please contact us at ITM Components and we will be happy to help.

Industrial PC Chassis & Modules - Visit our website

Our range of Industrial PC Chassis and Modules features various models including: 6-slot Full-size MicroBox Industrial Computer Chassis, 8-slot Full-size MicroBox Industrial Computer Chassis, 4U 14-slot Fault-Resilient Rackmount Chassis, Fanless Embedded System with Intel® Pentium®M Processor up to 1.4GHz, Fanless Embedded System with VIA Processor up to 1.5 GHz and VIA CX700 Chipset, less Embedded System with Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor, Intel® 945GME Express Chipset, and PCI Slot, and 17" TFT Expandable Intel®Core™2 Duo Industrial Panel PC with 2 PCI. To view the complete range, please visit this category on our website. Here you can follow simple steps to order the items you require.

Professional Audio/Video - Visit our website

ITM offers a huge range of Audio and Video components, including routing systems, professional AV presentation solutions, audio and video matrix switches, composite & VGA video switches, A/V matrix switchers, video splitters, fibre optic A/V matrix switches, CAT5 video extenders and video scalers. All of our products are sourced from only the best manufacturers in the industry and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Our video matrix switching systems interface and route multiple video sources (cameras, computers, DVD players) to many remote outputs such as projectors, monitors, displays and speakers.

ITM's audio matrix switchers are perfect for most applications to be used in classrooms, training rooms and conference rooms.

KVM Products - Visit our website

Our wide range of KVM switching products offers solutions ranging from simple KVM switches for small offices which allow seamless control of computers and peripheral devices- to complex KVM matrix switching over IP networks/web-based systems which can control large server installations and data centres (this allows management of IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world).

Interface and Communication - Visit our website

USB/Serial/ Analog IO or Digital IO & RS232; PC/104 Bus-robust and self stacking modules intended for use in embedded PC systems. These allow for an expandable system without the burden of a backplane with a fixed number of slots; PCI Bus Products-PCI/PCI-X bus card applications include analog I/O, serial, relay and watchdog; Watchdogs-these offer excellent protection against CPU malfunctions. When errors occur, the card automatically generates outputs to initiate corrective actions, signal an alarm, or reboot the PC; Distributed IO-These are for remote sensing of PC controlled equipment.

Fibre Optic Solutions - Visit our website

Due to the reliability and high performance of fibre optic products, electronics manufacturers are increasingly using fibre optic technology in their goods. We offer fibre optic cable assemblies available as single mode fibre, multimode fibre, duplex fibre assemblies, as well as simplex and duplex single mode cables. Our cables utilize the most common connectors, including SC, LC, ST, FC, MTRJ, MU and many more.

Environmental Monitoring Systems - Visit our website

Because we know that most businesses rely on their IT infrastructure, we offer both small and large environment monitoring systems for your critical server rooms. Small systems monitor temperature, humidity and water leakage, while large systems also monitor motion, intrusion, vibration and air flow. With these systems, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing your server rooms are being protected.

V Switch Quad - Visit our website

You can control four computers simultaneously on a single display with one keyboard and one mouse using the V Switch Quad, which is now compatible with touch screen technology. You can save the money and space you would use for three monitors, three mice and three keyboards. The V Switch Quad is compatible with almost any type of computer, including laptops, macs, SUN computers with a USB port, and PCs.

What's more, it's extremely easy to use: simply use the supplied cables to connect all the computers to one monitor, keyboard and mouse.

SW DVI Plus Series - Visit our website

DVI and Stereo Audio Switchers with EDID Minder- Extron 60-96 SW DVI Plus Series are two, four, six, and eight input single link DVI switchers, available with or without stereo audio switching. Compatible with resolutions of up to 1920x1200 and supporting HDTV, these enhance and simplify integrations using the EDID Minder. This is an Extron exclusive technology that manages the EDID information between the digital display device connected to the output and input sources. The EDID minder ensures all DVI sources power up correctly and maintain video outputs even if they are not actively connected to the digital display device through the switcher’s output.

Outdoor 10/100 Base-T CAT5e Hi-Power Lightning Protecto - Visit our website

This is compatible with CAT5 and Cat5e, has a 3-stage design, uses PTC resettable fuses, can be powered over Ethernet (PoE), and has a weatherproof ABS enclosure with gasketed cover and shielded RJ45 jacks. This product provides superior protection of outdoor and indoor 10/100 Bate-T Ethernet network appliances.

ECF504B-UAB Series USB Panel Couplers - Visit our website

These allow USB cables to be passed through panels and enclosures. They are securely installed using screw mounts and are available with either shielded or unshielded housings (unshielded couplers are available in black or ivory, whilst shielded couplings are metallic). A range of USB connector combinations are also available (A-A, B-A, A-B).

Gefen EXT-DVIKVM-444N- 4 x 4 DVI KVM Matrix - Visit our website

While maintaining the highest resolution digital video, this 4x4 matrix provides a simple but highly effective method of creating multiple computer workstations, each of which is capable of accessing any of the computers or sources at any time by remote control. This matrix supports resolutions of up to 1080p, 2k, and 1920 x 1200 on any PC or Mac, includes a discrete IR remote, and also supports analog audio matrixing.

Extron FOXBOX 4G VGA - Fibre Optic Extender for VGA, Audio and RS232 - Visit our website

This is a transmitter and receiver set for transmission of high resolution VGA, Audio and RS-232 over very long distances using a single fiber. Engineered for a reliable and exceptional high resolution image performance, this fibre optic extender uses Extron's exclusive all digital, zero compression technology, to deliver a perfect pixel transmission of computer-video images up to 1600 x 1200 resolution. Inconspicuous enclosures allow for discreet installation behind a flat panel display. An alarm notification also alerts you to fiber link loss.



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  • ACCESS I/O Products Inc Data Acquisition & Analogue and Digital input/outputSerial Communication plus PC104 boards and solutions
  • Adder KVM and AV switching systems
  • ASSMANN Network Technology Productsr for IT-Infrastructure
  • ATEN KVM (Keyboard/ Video/ Mouse)Remote Connectivity products and solutions
  • Austin Hughes Rackmount KVM Switches, Rackmount LCD & Keyboard Drawers,Rackmount Server Solutions
  • AXIOMTEK Industrial & Applied Computing Platforms,Embedded & Panel Computers
  • Digitus Cables, Connectors, Video Solutions
  • EKS Manufacturer of advanced fibre optic communications productsfor industrial control & plant monitoring
  • Extron Electronics Manufacturer in the AV Industry for Audio Visual Solutions and Equipment
  • Gefen HDMI video equipment
  • Hetec KVM and Video switching systems
  • ITM Custom Integrated Systems ITM assemble products into custom system configurations to requirements
  • Kramer Manufacturer in the AV Industry for Audio Visual Solutions and Equipment
  • NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES INC Professional Audio/ Video Matrix and Switching SolutionsEnvironmental Monitoring
  • Newnex Cables, connectors, video Extenders, KVM extenders, USB extenders
  • Planet Ethernet and Industrial switches
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