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For two decades, PT Winchester has been an all-inclusive supplier of textile components for the heavy textile industry.
At first thought textiles are commonly associated with only domestic hobbies, but our ample choice of textile products has made PT Winchester a renowned name within many significant industries. Our textile components are a regular necessity for sectors such as the military, equestrian, leisure, travel, insulation, upholstery and more.
The array of different types of items we have in stock at PT Winchester is outstanding. There is cotton webbing, binding tapes, Keder, shock cord and assemblies, sewing threads, shoulder pads, PVC window material, woven elastic, tarpaulins, zips, load restraint straps, anti-fray netting, and banner webbing. Additionally, as an official distributor of Velcro in the UK, we also supply Velcro products. We are also an official supplier of Cousin Trestec ropes too.
Visit our website for more details about each of our product ranges. Here you will find product specifications and product images. There is also the latest catalogue available to download.
We have an array of products available through our online store, however if there is something else you require which isn’t there our friendly team will be happy to discuss further.

Banner Webbing and Anti-Fray Netting

PT Winchester stocks banner webbing and anti-fray netting. These are two ranges that are specially designed for materials like flags and banners which have to battle against the outdoor elements.
Our anti-fray netting protects flags from the whiplash they get from wind. Instead of the flag’s hem, this special netting takes the impact of the wind’s force. Particularly for flag’s that are constantly flying, anti-fray netting is always used. Similarly, banner webbing is built into the hem of large, outdoor banners so that there is maximum durability against wind.

Binding Tapes

Our selection of binding tapes consists of three different types. We have texturised polyester edge binding tape. This is available in four different widths: 38mm, 34mm, 32mm, and 25mm. Also available in these sizes is general purpose woven cotton tapes. We also stock 500m rolls of nylon herringbone lacing at 13mm wide.
Our polyester binding tape, woven cotton tape, and nylon herringbone lacing all come in an assortment of colours.
More information about our binding tapes can be found on our website. Here you will find details about each product within this range together with images.


PT Winchester has a comprehensive assortment of cord types to choose from. These are ideal for a whole variety of applications.
Braided polyester – This is frequently used for outdoor applications like sails, marquees, and tents due to its resistance to UV.
Pre-shrunk braided polyester – This cord is prevalent in the manufacture of marquees. Potential shrinking is reduced as the cord has already been heat-treated.
Braided nylon – Hardwearing braided nylon is often used for hanging picture frames as well as light pulls and cords for blinds.
Lacing cord – This cord can be found in banner hanging, draw strings, and Dutch lacing.
Blind cord – Canopies, curtains, and blinds usually use nylon braided cord.
Cotton braid – Cotton braid is more suited to higher temperatures; more so than thermoplastic synthetics.
Within our extensive range of cords we also stock spun polyester braid, Kevlar cord, nomex cord, jute sash, and braided polypropylene. Please visit the PT Winchester website for more details about these products.

Cotton Webbing

As with the rest of our textile components which are used in a multitude different sectors, PT Winchester’s stock of cotton webbing is no exception.
This material is incorporated into items such as camera cases, hand luggage, backpacks, furniture and more.
We have several sizes available in our cotton webbing and many colour choices: beige, dark and light brown, khaki, and sand. Sizes range from 25mm to 50mm.

Cutting Products

Cutting products for heavy textiles will greatly determine the finish quality of a product. Tools for cutting textiles that are low in quality can produce frayed edges, unravelling, and ultimately a prolonged and difficult manufacturing stage.
As a specialist in the supply of textile components and related products, PT Winchester stocks a selection of textile cutting tools. We have different sizes of rope cutters and hot knives. Within our range there are also handheld rope cutters.
For detailed product specifications and product images, please visit this section of our website.


Keder is a reinforcement material that is frequently used in the textile industry to produce tarpaulins, awnings, tents, and other similar products that require strength and flexibility. Keder has these important characteristics due to the smooth connection it creates between materials such as fabric and plastic.
Our range is available in several different styles and colours. There are also different cloth weights.
Please take a look at this section of our website for more information about Keder.

Metal Fittings

The scope of metal fittings that we stock is an all-encompassing range.
We have important items such as fittings to keep holes in fabric and other similar materials reinforced, and also fittings to fasten materials together.
Our metal fittings selection comprises of metal grommets and eyelets with washers and closing and cutting tools. There is also turnbuttons and spot fasteners in nickel-plated brass. These are available with closing tools and hollow punches.
In our range of metal fittings PT Winchester also supply specialist fittings including ratchets, D-rings, O-rings, and hooks.


PT Winchester has a high-quality selection of ropes. Whilst this range has ropes for all kinds of applications, a prominent part of this category consists of yachting rope; in fact we stock all types for yachts.
As an official UK distributor for Cousin Trestec ropes, we are able to boast outstanding qualities in the variety of these products here at PT Winchester.
Polyester, nylon, and polypropylene are amongst our most popular kinds.
Hemp-style polypropylene rope maintains a traditional appearance to look like natural rope. The advantage of this is that it floats, and is also resistant to rotting and UV; very popular qualities for uses like mooring, gardening, and constructing marquees.
Both nylon rope and polyester rope are highly suitable for yachting, sailing, and waterside related applications. They are both flexible and often used in anchoring and mooring.
Polyester rope extends these ‘seaside’ qualities further with resistance to water absorption, UV, chemicals, and salty atmospheres.

Shock Cord

This is an elasticated cord which is concealed in polypropylene or polyester. This covering provides improved resistance to heat and UV.
Shock cord is most prominently used in the leisure and sporting industries. You will come across this cord in climbing, hiking, camping, sailing, and of course bungee jumping.
Our shock cord is available in an array of different sizes.
Please visit the PT Winchester website to view our full range of shock cords.

Shock Cord Assemblies

PT Winchester offers a bespoke shock cord assembly service. We have supplied these products to many industries including haulage, sailing, and tarpaulin manufacturing.
We have a wide array of shock cord assemblies: hook ties, ball ties, T-bar hooks, and hook lengths. You can choose for your loop shock cord assembly to be made using alloy hog rings or brass ferrules.
If you’re interested in acquiring your shock cord assemblies from PT Winchester then please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Shock Cord Fittings

Accompanying our selections of shock cord assemblies and shock cords is an assortment of shock cord fittings.
These components are available in three different materials: plastic-coated metal, metal, and plastic.
As with all of our textile components, we regularly give advice on the most suitable product. Additionally we have a bespoke service which allows you to request any fitting to be completed with any dimension. We ask customers who purchase a custom shock cord assembly to provide us with a sketch of what they would like.
Please feel free to give us a call for more information about our shock cord fittings. Contact details can be found on our website.

Sewing Threads

Our sewing threads are used in an assortment of varying industries. From footwear to sailing, tents and marquees, the list is extensive.
The team here at PT Winchester have years of expertise and product knowledge so that they can adequately advise you on the most suitable thread for different applications.
The range of sewing threads available consists of the following: Kevlar high-strength thread, nomex flame-retardant thread, sunstop bonded polyester, anefil bonded polyester, ultrabond bonded nylon, and Wessex glace corespun polyester cotton.
Each of these sewing threads possesses varying qualities and characteristics. Please visit our website for more information about each of these or alternatively contact PT Winchester directly.


PT Winchester’s multi-purpose polyethylene tarpaulins are purchased by customers for a broad range of purposes: gardening, labouring, boat covers, construction, agricultural, and leisure.
Our tarpaulins have several important qualities that make them highly attractive for these industries. They are tear-proof, mildew-resistant, and rot-proof.
Of medium duty at 175gsm, our tarpaulins are frequently purchased together with our shock cord assemblies and shock cord. In particular, our T-bar and ball ties have proved a popular choice for this material.
Every metre of tarpaulin is fitted with eyelets and hems.


PT Winchester is an official UK distributor of renowned brand Velcro. This authorisation means that we are able to stock a broad range of Velcro products.
These hook and loop fastening tapes are available in several different forms: Velcro self-adhesive dots, Velcro one wrap strap, flame-retardant Velcro hook and loop tape, Velcro brand adhesives, and Velcro brand standard hook and loop tape.
Each of our Velcro fasteners is available in an assortment of colours. Please visit the Velcro section of the PT Winchester website for more information.


PT Winchester stock many different types of webbing; each suited to diverse applications. Like all of our textile components, our selection of webbing is suited to a diverse range of industry sectors including sailing, camping, military, and upholstery.
We have personalised webbing, jackstay polyester webbing, tubular webbing, banner webbing, polyester webbing coated in PVC, spectra, polyester, and polypropylene webbing.
For more details about the applications which each of these are most suited to, please visit the webbing section of the PT Winchester website.


Zips have applications in a huge variety of industries. We carefully selected our extensive assortment of high-quality zips so that each has durable qualities; undoubtedly a necessity for a zip, whatever its function.
We have two main types of zips: spiral zips and moulded zips. Both of these can either be a continuous zip in a reel or a made-up zip to cater for bespoke requirements. Spiral zips are strong, hardwearing components that are used mostly in luggage, upholstery, and marine sectors.
Moulded zips are most commonly used in automotive, marine, and leisure as they are non-corrosive and therefore perfect for withstanding the outdoor elements.



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