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Planters Clayton Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke synthetic rubber baling presses and plastic injection moulding machines. Our equipment is relied upon throughout the world to process material in an efficient and effective manner, week in, week out. Over the years we’ve built a reputation for designing, producing and commissioning baling equipment, processing machinery and injection-moulded components of the very highest quality.

Drawing upon over 100 years of engineering excellence, Planters Clayton are able to combine traditional values and modern processes to offer first class products and services. All of our equipment is made to order, which means we can configure each machine to optimum working efficiency for any given material. That way our customers receive machinery that is designed to meet THEIR needs, not ours or anybody else’s. Our reputation for quality and reliability is not unfounded. Many of our machines produced over half a century ago are still in use alongside our new machines today. And, because we have stored records dating back over 50 years, we can still offer spare parts for our old, as well as our new machines.

Below you will find more information on the types of equipment that we supply, including baling presses for synthetic rubber, metal, cotton and tobacco, as well as our rail straightening presses, drum crushers and vertical lock insert moulding machines. If you would like to discuss your individual requirements with our design engineers, please give us a call on 01204 690 003.

Cotton Baling Presses - Visit our website

Planters Clayton offers a range of free-standing, hydraulic-powered units for smaller ginneries. These are available as 50-tonne or 100-tonne units. As well as handling ginned cotton, cotton linters and synthetic fibres, they will also compress most other fibrous material with equal efficiency. Cotton balers include a motor driven hydraulic pump that offers rapid baling speeds with minimal power consumption.

All pressing motions are controlled by a solenoid through a 3 position lever. Common to all of our baling equipment is a relief valve that protects hydraulic and electrical systems against overload. Find out more by following the link to our website – on arrival, make sure you click the ‘Other Baling Equipment’ tab!

Synthetic Rubber Baling Presses - Visit our website

Planters Clayton began producing natural rubber processing equipment at the start of the 20th
century, and it was with this background that in 1958 the company began manufacturing synthetic rubber baling presses in order to respond to the changing requirements of the petrochemical industry.

Today, our baling presses are used by major petrochemical companies throughout the world. We’re able to produce bespoke units in various sizes and handling capacities to suit your individual requirements, and, depending on your preferences, we can also incorporate ancillary equipment such as electronic weighscales, which are designed to prevent crumb loss and increase bale weight accuracy.

If you would like to find out more about the options available, please get in touch with the Planters Clayton team on 01204 690 003.

Metal Baling Presses - Visit our website

Reducing landfill and cutting the amount of general waste we produce is both a moral obligation and a lawful responsibility. That’s why all modern industrial companies are looking for ways to improve their recycling processes. Planters Clayton can provide the solutions.

Our robust range of metal baling systems - which start from single stage 40-tonne units and range up to 3 stage 350-tonne presses – can be used to bale everything from light gauge domestic metals and offcuts to heavy-duty

To find out more about our metal baling presses, please follow the link directly to the Planters Clayton website.

Baling & Moulding Equipment - Visit our website

Planters Clayton specialise in the production of standard and special purpose vertical lock split line injection moulding machines which are specifically designed for insert moulding. These may be equipped with single station, sliding table, two station shuttle or multi-station rotary tables.

All units feature direct hydraulic clamping, hydraulic ejection, and two-stage injection moulding equipment. Find out more by following the link to our website – on arrival, make sure you click the ‘Others’ tab.

Tobacco Balers - Visit our website

With extensive historical experience in manufacturing tobacco balers, Planters Clayton is able to offer a variety of machines to suit a range of requirements and can cater for both boarded and hessian wrapped bales as well as C48 cases.  From our entry-level manually-loaded tobacco balers right the way through to our state-of the art systems which offer full automation, we have something for all sizes of operation and as with all of our products you will be in receipt of a machine that has been manufactured to meet your specific needs.  Please see our website for further details and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Rail Straightening Presses - Visit our website

If you have butt welding plant machinery and require rail straightening presses that can be used in conjunction with your current set up then contact us to discuss our selection that includes both static and mobile options.  Each press features a spring-loaded roller assembly, high speed hydraulic pump unit, proportional control unit, press table and rams that have their own pressure gauge.  These robust presses offer vertical pressing of up to 200 tonnes and horizontal pressing of up to 100 tonnes and offer the capability of pressing rails of up to 366m. Please contact us to find out more about our presses.

Drum Crushers - Visit our website

A drum crusher is an incredibly useful device for organisations that are confined by space limitations as it allows drums and cans to be easily compacted prior to being sent for recycling which frees up much needed storage space.  We manufacture two sizes of unit to address the needs of different sized businesses.  Our 200 litre unit has the capacity to take large drums and is hydraulically driven for ease of use and is manually operated via a control vale.  Our smaller 20 litre lightweight unit is extremely portable and simple to operate and automatically releases the platen when the door is closed to ensure user safety.

Vertical Lock Insert Moulding Machines - Visit our website

PCL’s design service extends to vertical lock insert moulding machines and we will work with you to create a machine bespoke to your needs, whether you require the addition of single station, two station shuttle, sliding table or multi-station rotary table.  Each of these efficient and reliable machines is entirely compatible with a full range of modern engineering materials and benefits from a wealth of features that are designed to aid usability and performance, including: direct hydraulic clamping, hydraulic ejection, two stage injection, hydraulic circuit with Cetop 3 valves, variable vane pump and flow control valves.



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