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AirBench Ltd is situated in Colchester, Essex and prides itself on being the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches.  Our benches provide highly effective and efficient solutions for dust and fume extraction in industries and workshops, safeguarding employees from contaminates that can lead to numerous health problems, such as respiratory disorders.  We have over 10,000 AirBench units in operation across the UK and abroad and our customers value our products for their reliability, robust nature, simplicity and for the fact that they can be in operation within 15 minutes of arrival. 

Our range of solutions includes:

  • Dust extraction systems
  • Fume extraction systems
  • Welding fume extraction systems
  • Coolant and swarf extraction systems

We also offer the complete range of solutions from leading OMF manufacturer MistControl, whose units provide effective control of mist in CNC machining applications.

AirBench Ltd is pleased to support British manufacturing and our entire product range is manufactured at our factory in Colchester.  

If you would like an onsite demonstration of the AirBench to help inform your purchase decision, then please contact us to arrange a suitable date for you to see it in operation.

Dust Extraction System

Working within dusty environments can contribute to a number of health issues, therefore it is vital in workshops that undertake composites, woods and plastics machining, to ensure your employees are adequately protected by installing a dust extraction system.  Not only will your employees health be safeguarded, but you can expect to benefit from reduced staff absence and improved quality of your products.  AirBench Ltd offers a number of different solutions, including heavy-duty/standard-duty, down-draught/cross-draught and modular options, with a range of different filters to suit your specific application. Choose from: general, fine, very fine and HEPA filtration.

Fume Extraction Systems

AirBench UK Is pleased to offer a choice of heavy-duty and standard-duty downdraught fume extraction systems for use in workshops (home or industrial) where the air quality might be compromised by the presence of harmful fumes, such as solvents, adhesives and spray paint.  We are also able to offer solutions for more specialist applications where formaldehyde, NO₂ and SO₂ is used.  The installation of a fume extraction system from AirBench Ltd will help you comply with the latest health and safety recommendations.

Welding Fume Extraction

The AirBench FPW is a downdraught welding fume extraction bench that is used with category D, fume extraction filters.  Constructed from 2mm steel with a 3mm steel perforated and powder-coated work surface, this bench provides a robust workstation for grinding and welding applications and offers a wealth of design features for safety, including its unique spark-trap layout. The AirBench FPW can be used in conjunction with D and K category filters depending on your specific application.

Air Cleaner

The MF600’s double filter technology safeguards employees from potential health problems related to the presence of dust and particulates in the air, by circulating clean air into the room.  The first filter the air goes through is a G4 grade prefilter.  This is followed by a F8 bag filter before being reintroduced to the room.  This versatile unit can either be positioned on a shelf or affixed to the ceiling with the use of cables and the presence of a fault light prompts you to replace the filter when required eliminating the need to rely on memory.

Cross Draught Extraction

For applications where an AirBench unit does not suffice, we suggest the use of a VertEx system; a modular, cross draught extraction solution fabricated from heavy duty 2mm steel. The VertEx is equipped to remove large volumes of air in a sideways direction, away from the operator.  The VertEx can be used with a number of different categories of filter, to suit your particular application and for applications where a walk-in booth extractor is required you can combine a number of VertExs and booth components together.

Mist Control

AirBench is pleased to be able to provide our customers with a range of solutions from MistControl, which are designed to address the presence of mist produced in the cooling process of CNC machining.  The use of these On-Machine Filtration units (OMFs) not only leads to a reduction in the presence of mist but also in cycle times, as well as providing an improvement to the working environment. MistControl offers three sizes of unit with two different filter types and you can be assured of professional, one-day installation. Please follow the link to view all of the units available and the differences between each.


There are a number of different accessories available for use in conjunction with our AirBench units.  These include items to add versatility to your unit, such as our heavy-duty castors that make regular repositioning of your bench effortless, and modular tool racking systems for effective organisation of tools. We also manufacture two different sizes of enclosures for your bench, 300mm and 1,000mm, both of which have been fabricated in 2mm steel, and we are able to make custom enclosures to suit your own requirements and specifications.  Other items within our accessories range include: rubber matting, energy efficient fans, hours run meters, airline interlocking and backdraught fitting.

Walk-in Dust Extraction Booth

Highly efficient walk-in dust extraction booths can be created quickly and easily by taking several of our modular VertEx units and combining them with items from our modular booth panelling range.  Although very effective, the VertEx booths are fitted with ultra low power fans, making for an energy efficient system.  There is a video on our website showing one of our VertEx booths in use, as well as several images of booths in different configurations. Our VertEx booths can be combined with a number of different filters, making them suitable for a range of applications. Please see our website for more details.

Coolant & Swarf

AirBench Ltd’s blowdown station is a self-contained unit that is used to effectively remove contaminants, such as coolant and swarf, from components.  Operation is by simple foot pedal, which initiates the suction system.  The unit features a compressed air gun, which the operator uses to blow contaminates from the component directly into a bin, which is integrated into the bench.  Any rogue droplets are contained by the polycarbonate screen that surrounds the unit, preventing contaminates from escaping.



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  • AirBench AirBench is the UK's market leading downdraught extraction system. AirBench extracts dust and fumes away from your breathing zone, drawing them through the work surface and filtering them out inside the bench. It is available in a range of sizes and filter configurations, and simply requires plugging in to a 13amp socket - it's then ready for use. Dust and fume extraction problems - solved within 10 minutes of unpacking. Visit www.airbench.com for more details. AirBench is currently in use for applications including furniture making, rapid prototyping, modelling, fingerprinting, grinding, fettling, polishing of steel and aluminium fabrications and castings, powder mixing and weighing, asbestos dust extraction, dry stone cutting, trimming and sanding of hardwoods, MDF and GRP components, finishing of aluminium profiles and extrusions, adhesive fume extraction from component assembly, vapours from degreasing and paint mixing, MIG welding, TIG welding, brazing, plasma cutting, asbestos handling, conformal coating, isocyanate fume, liquid dispensing, plastic trimming, de-dusting and overhaul, computer cleaning, crematoriums, train refurbishing, laser fume, woodworking...

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