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For nearly 150 years, Pfaudler UK Ltd has been at the forefront of the process engineering industry by developing, manufacturing and installing an outstanding and diverse range of process solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries across the globe.  We are leaders in the industry, not followers, and invest in research and development to ensure that Pfaudler defines the standard.  Delivering bespoke solutions to our customers that consistently meet and exceed their expectations whilst representing excellent value is what we aim to deliver.

Our solutions include:

  • Complete chemical process systems
  • Large, medium and pilot scale reactors and accessories
  • Fluoropolymer linings and coatings
  • Glass linings
  • Filtration technologies
  • Nutsche filter dryers
  • Mixing technologies

We are a global manufacturer with seven sites over four continents and are divided into three brands: Pfaudler, Edlon and Tycon. Our support network is global too and with service delivery being a high priority we boast the largest team of field support experts in the industry.

If you would like to talk to us in detail about your individual process solution requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Large Scale Reactors - Visit our website

For customers requiring reactors on a much larger scale, Pfaudler UK Ltd is able to manufacture them in capacities of up to 68m³ (18,000Gl).  Reactors on this scale can help some of our customers achieve excellent economies of scale for larger production batches.  We utilise our Glasteel® technologies for manufacturing large-scale reactors and combining our expertise in mixing engineering technologies, pressure vessel engineering and heat transfer engineering, we are able to fabricate highly efficient reactors that deliver lower operating costs and high batch quality.

Glass Linings - Visit our website

Our first glass-lined solution, Glasteel®, (the first of its kind in the industry) was invented in 1884 and since then we have further developed this technology and now offer a range of glass linings, each of which offers superior corrosion resistance:

  • WWG Glass – suitable for HCI, sulphuric acid and other corrosives
  • Pharma Glass – FDA regulated pharmaceutical applications
  • Poly Glass – exhibits high anti-sticking properties
  • Stainless Steel Glass – provides stainless steel reactors with protection against chemical attack
  • 808 Glass – exhibits excellent anti-stick properties and designed for use in harsh environments
  • pH Sensitive Glass – for use with pH measurement probes and is unique within the industry
  • Abrasion Resistant Glass – enhances longevity and reduces maintenance costs in abrasive powder applications
  • Anti-Static Glass – offers the same characteristics as our WWG glass whilst offering electrical conductivity.

Fluoropolymer Linings and Coatings - Visit our website

Edlon is our own brand of fluoropolymer linings and coatings, which have been developed to provide an economical solution for use within corrosive chemical processing.  They are also an excellent choice for applications where the presence of an alloy coating or lining may contaminate and affect the purity of the process materials.  Our Eldon range incorporates the following choices, each of which has been developed to address the needs of specific applications:

  • Edlon fluoropolymer sheet lining in loose line, bonded line or dual laminate options
  • High-build coating systems – smooth, non-stick coating offered as a superior alternative to paint
  • Rotomoulding and rotolining – thick, fluoropolymer components and linings offering high permeation resistance

Mixing Components - Visit our website

Our range of mixing components has been created to enhance mixing performance, having been subjected to a number of different testing cycles and rounds of development. This has led to the generation of a range of mixing equipment to suit the individual requirements of different mixing applications such as low viscosity or high viscosity liquids, gas dispersion, solids suspension and shear sensitivity. Our blade range includes the following styles:

  • Impellers
  • Curved blade turbine
  • Retreat curve impeller
  • Pitched blade turbine
  • Anchor
  • Flat blade turbine
  • Turbofoil
  • Gas dispersion turbine
  • Maxflo turbine

As well as our standard blade and turbines we manufacture bespoke mixing systems as well as drive systems, baffling, mechanical seals and Cryo-Lock®, our own multi-piece agitator system.

Reactor Accessories - Visit our website

If you are looking for reactor accessories then look no further than the extensive range offered by Pfaudler UK Ltd.  All accessories have been designed to be used in conjunction with Glasteel® and alloy reactors where containment of hazardous materials and operator safety is crucial.  Our accessories have also been designed to offer a reduction in cycle times and improvements in the quality of the end product through improved processing efficiencies.  Our product range includes: valves, mechanical seals, gaskets, sampling systems, pipes and fittings, manway covers, dip pipes and CIP (Clean in Place) systems.  Detailed information of each of these accessories can be found on our website.

Filtration Technologies - Visit our website

Pfaudler UK Ltd manufactures a range of filtration technologies in stainless steel and Glasteel® to suit a range of applications including standard, sterile and corrosive. Our Glasteel standard nutsche filter combines solid/liquid separation, via PTFE filtration technology, with unparalleled corrosion resistance. The Funda® centrifugal disc filter is a self-cleaning filer that is manufactured from alloy and falls within our Mavag brand of products.  It affords the flexibility of both batch use and continuous operation.  To address the needs for both filtration and agitation we have developed the Glasteel® agitated nutsche filter, which offers improved separation and automatic cake discharge.

Pilot Scale Reactors - Visit our website

Our range of pilot scale reactors are fabricated from Glasteel® to ensure they provide optimum levels of corrosion resistance whilst ensuring the integrity of sensitive formulations.  These medium-scale rectors fall between bench-scale and full-scale solutions and are feature-rich whilst offering superb versatility.  They have been designed to meet the needs of a range of processes.  The <10µin fire-polished glass surface is easy to clean and thoughtful design equates to simple to maintenance, plus all of our pilot-scale reactors benefit from comprehensive support from our team of process engineers.

Conical Dryer Blenders (CDB) - Visit our website

Our conical dryer blenders (CDBs) are available in a choice of stainless steel or glass-lined steel giving our customers the opportunity to choose a model to suit their particular application.  All our CDBs have been designed to deliver optimised heat transfer for an efficient drying process whilst the filter plate assembly we use requires no centrifuge and therefore safely contains hazardous chemicals.  We have developed a range of accessories that can be used in conjunction with our CDBs that are designed to provide performance enhancements.  These items include corrosion resistant filter plate assemblies, pressure and vacuum transfer systems, drum charging systems, insulation and seal-welded stainless steel sheathing.

Reactor Systems - Visit our website

Pfaudler UK Ltd are experts at designing and constructing complete modular reactor process systems constructed from either alloy or Glasteel® and incorporating all applicable ancillary equipment such as piping, process instrumentation and control systems.  By choosing Pfaudler for your reactor system you are investing in experience and expertise with regards to materials engineering and process engineering, whilst benefiting from full ‘single source’ project management that equates to cost and time efficiencies.  Each of our systems is designed bespoke to our customers’ individual requirements and we are adept at delivering both small and large-scale systems

Nutsche Filter Dryers - Visit our website

Whether you choose our alloy nutsche filter dryer or our Glasteel® nutsche filter dryer you will be choosing a piece of equipment that delivers highly effective results.  Combining both filtration and drying technologies our NFDs provide the opportunity to realise reductions in capital costs whilst benefiting from enhanced operator safety.  Our Glasteel® model is a superb choice for applications where corrosion is a concern, whilst the alloy model, with its Clean-in-Place technology, is perfect for applications where sterile conditions are imperative.

Fluoropolymer Roll Covers - Visit our website

Pflauder UK Ltd offers a range roll-release covers that have been designed to provide a solution to address problems associated with the paper production process, such as sticky build up and corrosion.  Our fluoropolymer roll covers can be applied in situ to a wide range of substrates and their use provides a variety of benefits, from sheet edge wear elimination and build-up prevention to corrosion resistance and life extension. All roll covers are manufactured bespoke to your specific dimensions.  Bonded covers and liners offer the same benefits as our roll release covers but have been designed for use on equipment subjected to temperature, moisture and pressure such as dryer cylinders and nip rolls.

Fluoropolymer Process Components - Visit our website

Pfaudler UK Ltd manufactures a variety of different process components for use with Glasteel® reactors, each of which is fabricated from fluoropolymer.   These products fall within our Edlon brand and alongside the range of standard components we are also able to manufacture bespoke fluoropolymer accessories to meet your specific demands.  Fluoropolymer provides excellent corrosion resistance and offers high purity as it doesn’t contaminate sensitive processes. You can find out further details of our vessel accessories, custom components and column internals by following the link to our website.

Chemical Reactors - Visit our website

Our chemical reactors have expertly designed with safety, reliability and performance in mind. The actual vessels within our reactors have been manufactured using Glasteel© technology and offer exceptional corrosive resistance, including protection against high temperatures, alkalines, acids and abrasives. Our reactors also offer a wide range of mixing applications, with different impeller and baffle options to suit a variety of customers. To find out more, please visit the website.


Pharma - Bio Pharma - Nutraceutical Reactors - Visit our website

Reactors used within the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries are required to meet specific standards. The main requirement is that the reactors are impeccably clean in order to guarantee quality, repeatability and therefore validity. The way in which we ensure "clean" reactors is through the use of Pharma Glass which is a lining within the reactor that is both anti-corrosive and easy to clean. We also consider the exterior of the reactor, which is insulated and then covered in stainless steel sheathing.


Alloy Technologies - Visit our website

We understand the importance of choosing the most appropriate alloy when designing and constructing specialist equipment. It is for this reason that we can offer a complete service which includes assistance with the design, specification and construction of alloy equipment, with special considerations for performance, lifespan and safety. We should also point out that this service is carried out by highly trained engineers who complete, stringent, in-house testing on alloy products. If you would like more information, you can contact us by phone or email. 


Thermal Control Units (TCU) - Visit our website

We can provide a selection of Thermal Control Units (TCU) which can be used for a variety of applications, however large or small. Our TCU's offer a large temperature range, from -90°C to 350°C, this means our units can be used for anything from cryogenics, to chemical reactions. The units themselves have been designed with quality and accuracy in mind are both easy to operate and maintain. For further information, don't hesitate to visit the website.


Wiped Film Evaporators - Visit our website

Our wiped film evaporators offer a solution for applications with factors such as high boiling points, high viscosity or heat sensitivity. The evaporators themselves incorporate components such as pressure vessels, drive units, wiper blades, entrainment separators and internal condensers. If you would like to find out more, including detailed technical information, don't hesitate to visit the website.


Glass Linings - Visit our website

Our innovative Glasteel© technology has been around for over a hundred years and has led to the creation of many different products. Just some of these products include, the standard anti-corrosive WWG Glass, Poly Glass, Pharma Glass, abrasion resistant glass, anti-static glass and pH sensitive glass. To find out about all of our glass linings, please visit the website. If you have any specific question or you would like to discuss your options, you can contact us by phone or email.



If you've any questions about Pfaudler Ltd products or services feel free to ask them here.

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