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Numatic International Ltd started off in Somerset in 1969 manufacturing a commercial vacuum cleaner for use in coal, oil and gas fired boilers.  We quickly diversified and now manufacture and supply an extensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment.  We moved to our current location in Chard in 1990, which is a fully equipped and modern site using up to date computer technology and rigorous testing facilities.  By 1995, we were expanding into the global market and today have excellent relationships with our customers across the world.  We see good communication with all our customers as the number one key to our success.  Naturally, with a global client base, we ensure we comply with all relevant standards.  In the UK, this includes BS EN ISO9001:2008 and BS EN ISO14001:2004 and British Standards Institute requirements (which also encompass a variety of European approvals).  Further afield, we meet recognised standards in Canada, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Russia and South Africa.  From the beginning we have worked hard to achieve our three core aims – continuous innovation, outstanding standards of quality and good value for money.  We call on our considerable experience in the field and on our talented and expert staff to produce outstandingly high quality products and superior customer service.

Commercial Dry Vacuums

Suitable across a wide range of applications, our selection of commercial dry vacuums includes small to medium sized pick-up models.  The range encompasses various sizes and features.  You can choose from compact models with AutoSave energy conservation technology or cordless models or vacuums using the patented Microtec noise reduction system.  These are just a few examples of the large selection available.  Please visit our website to see the full selection and to find out more about all the models we offer.

Commercial Wet or Dry

Our small to medium sized vacuums are designed for wet pick up, as well as for dry use.  The range includes a small wet and dry vacuum with a 1200W 2 stage motor; a hard working machine with a Structofoam container and a larger wet and dry vacuum (WV) with increased capacity, so you can select the model which best suits your needs.  You can see pictures and more details about all these commercial WV vacuums on our website.

Commercial 4 in 1 Extraction

At Numatic International Ltd, we are pleased to offer a selection of commercial 4 in 1 extraction machines which are suitable for carpet and upholstery cleaning and shampooing.  Both models in this range have separate integral containers, designed to ensure that the dirty water is kept separate form the clean water.  Both the smaller model and the larger version are also suitable for dry use.  Visit our website to learn more about these machines.

Industrial Dry Vacuums

When high capacity clean-up is required, our industrial dry vacuums do the job well.  There are 5 models to choose from, including compact dual motored vacuums which are easy to transport between sites and larger models with increased capacity, as well as a dual motored vacuum with a powerful Structofoam power head and a high capacity 35L steel container.  Please visit our website for more details on all the models in this line.

Industrial Wet or Dry

Our wet pick-up vacuums (WV) are also suitable for dry applications.  You can choose from a small to medium sized WV with 1200W 2 stage motor or larger machines which utilise the ‘tipper’, enabling operators to empty the vacuum into floor drains or WCs.  Our large commercial/industrial WV vacuum also includes the ‘tipper’ system and boasts dual 2 stage motors (2400W) with an airflow rate of 80L per second.  You can see more about all our industrial wet or dry vacuums on our website, so do have a look.

Industrial Wet Vacuums

We offer 3 models to choose from in our range of high capacity wet pick-up vacuums.  One model has 2400W dual motors and a generous 70L capacity container.  Two other models, also with dual motors, have fully automatic submersible pumps with level float controls.  There is more information about all these models available on our website, so please have a look.  As always, if you cannot see exactly what you are looking for, contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Industrial 4 in 1 Extraction

Our 4 in 1 shampooing systems are just the ticket for bigger clean-up jobs.  You can choose from a medium sized CT extraction cleaner with strong 1200W dual motors, as well as a model with 2400W dual motors, which achieves an airflow rate of 80L per second.  Additionally, we can offer a machine with dual high pressure 4 BAR (60 psi) performance.  So when you are looking at an ‘industrial strength’ cleaning operation, one of our industrial 4 in 1 extraction machines is what you need.  You can visit our website to see more details about this range.

Advanced Filtration and Cyclonic

We have an extensive range of advanced filtration and cyclonic machines for the collection of fine particles and hazardous dust.  All offer superb high filtration levels and are available with optional sealable bag disposal.  We appreciate the vital importance of removing potentially dangerous particles so our range of ‘HZ’ models features micro-filter modules that effectively collect dusts that could pose a hazard to health.  The large range of filtration and cyclonic solutions also includes models with automatic operation and a selection of work tools for use in clean-up in woodworking and stone working applications.  There is a lot to choose from and there is more information about all the models in this range on our website.



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