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Norseal Ltd provides wholesale distribution of intumescent fire seals, intumescent strips, fire door seals, acoustic door seals and other related products. We strive to provide everything the market requires and pride ourselves in the ability to provide customers with products in all kinds of shapes, sizes, brands, colour, and more. We are pleased to work with popular brands such as Pyroplex, Lorient, Raven, and Sealmaster. Our team works hard to meet customer orders quickly and efficiently and provides high quality products with a first-class service. Our experience and knowledge of the industry enables us to provide a range of top-quality products as effective solutions. We have a team dedicated to providing customers with expert advice on the advantages, disadvantages and overall benefits of particular products to suit your requirements. We are constantly developing our range so that we can continue to provide customers with the latest and most effective products. Please contact our friendly team at Norseal Ltd for further information or for advice.

Intumescent Fire Seals

We supply a large selection of intumescent fire seals. Our Fire Only Fire Seals and Fire and Smoke Fire Seals are tested to BS 476 part 20:22 (Fire Only Fire Seals) and BS476 part 31:1 Cold Smoke Leakage for a combined Fire and Smoke Seal. Seals are available in a range of colours and are designed for easy installation. They also feature precise, sharp edges for excellent appearance on installation. Our seals are independently tested on a range of single and double leaf door-sets. Please visit our website for further information and to view images of our range.

Grills & Covers

We carry a large range of standard sized fire rated ventilation products in stock. In normal conditions, our intumescent blocks are designed to allow air to flow through easily. However, when exposed to fire, expansion of the block causes it close. As well as our standard range we can also supply circular models upon request. Our ventilation grill covers complement our fire block range and are manufactured from pressed steel which is zintec coated and painted to a satin anodised aluminium finish. Our ventilation grill covers can be finished to match all BS colours. Our grill covers are supplied pre-punched and ready for installation..

Acoustic/Smoke seals

Please visit our website to view our range of high quality door seals. Completely sealed on all sides, our door ratings reach much higher than the minimum 29dB rating requirements when they are used with suitable fire doors. The complete door seal creates a smoke seal as well as a sound seal. Our acoustic/ smoke seals are designed and manufactured to relevant accreditation and standards and have been product tested to BS476 part 31:1 Cold Smoke Leakage standards. For further information and advice, please contact us at Norseal Ltd.

Glazing Products

We hold a large supply of quality glazing products in stock ready for fast dispatch and delivery to our customers. Our glazing range includes Glazing Gaskets and Glazing Channels manufactured by Pyroplex, rolls of mastic manufactured by Hodgson, Therm A Glaze 30 (graphite) manufactured by Intumescent Seals Ltd, and 54mm Liner manufactured by Lorient. All products comply with fire rating specifications and are fully tested. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and are available in 30 minute or 60 minute options.

Acoustic Perimeter Seals

Our range of perimeter seals has been designed to suit specific purposes and environments. For example, different seals can be used to seal from smoke (smoke seals), sound (acoustic seals), bugs (threshold seals), drafts and weathers elements (weather seals). Please visit our website to view images and information on our high quality perimeter seals. All of our seals have been tested and comply with relevant British Standard specifications. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our friendly team at Norseal Ltd who will be glad to help.

Meeting Stile Seals

Our meeting stile seals are used for double doors or more specifically, the point at which double doors meet. This range includes products which seal the gap in between double doors and therefore stop the leakage of sound, smoke and dust, as well as other contaminants. Customers can visit the website to view all of the products within this range, including detailed information. Alternatively, you can call our customer service team directly.  


Threshold Seals

Our range of threshold seals has been designed for use in various environments. We supply threshold plates that have been tested with acoustic seals to provide excellent acoustic resistant in compliance with British Standards. We also supply weather seal threshold plates that provide excellent results when combined with weather seals. The combination allows water to drain away from the interior or can create a thermal barrier to retain heat. For further information, please visit our website, or contact us at Norseal Ltd.

Weather seals

We supply a fantastic range of foam-filled weather seals. These are designed and created to provide excellent, alternative solutions for the window and door market. The flexibility of our 'Foamstrip' range enables them to be suitable for use with existing kerf details and means that existing door and window constructions do not need to be altered. Our high quality weather seals are provided at cost-effective prices and provide excellent solutions to the industry.


Our range of letterplates features five main types: NOR400: this range has been acoustically tested to achieve 40dB noise reduction level as well as 60 minutes fire protection. Advantage: features a fully concealed liner, inner and out flaps, is highly durable and offers up to 60 minutes fire protection. Advantage Plus: this range features all of the benefits of the standard range but is manufactured from a solid alloy for a luxurious finish. Security Cowl: this range features items in polished gold or satin anodised aluminium. Stainless Steel: a stainless steel letterplate with 30-60 minutes fire rating.

Acoustic Door Bottom Seals

We also offer a wide selection of door bottom seals for you to choose from. Amongst the range is our best selling NOR810S automatic drop seal. This model is BS 476: Part 31:1 smoke seal compliant and features a self levelling light weight mechanism. The Norsound WAVE is another fantastic model featuring outstanding acoustic performance, lower door protection and offers a contemporary look. As the door opens and closes, the Norsound WAVE lifts and drops via its self-levelling seal mechanism. Please visit our website to view the range in full or contact us at Norseal for further information and advice.

Safety - Finger Protection

We supply various high quality solutions for finger protection. Examples of the range include the NOR200 which is a horizontal strip that can be mounted on the hinge side of the door and door frame, the Finger Wizard which is one of our new additions to the range and provides users with an excellent door safety solution, and the NOR260 which features a rigid shield that is fixed between the frame and the door. All of these models, alongside our complete range, provides effective solutions for the prevention of fingers being pinched or crushed in doors.

Electrical & Plumbing

Norseal stocks a wide range of electrical and plumbing products including various sizes of fire rated downlighter covers, different size fire rated pipe wraps, fire rated pipe collars in different sizes and fire rated expanding foam. Our downlighter covers provide up to one hour's fire rating on ceilings whilst still providing full ventilation for the light. We stock the downlighter cover in three sizes to suit a multitude of requirements with the product itself being extremely quick and easy to install, fitting through the hole of the light from above or below without any need to alter the existing cut-out.

Fire And Smoke Intumescent Strip

We can provide a varied selection of fire and smoke intumescent strips. These seals can be utilised across many different environments and have been designed to protect against both smoke and fire. Our strips are also available in a range of different options including single flipper, double flipper and brush, as well as more. It is worth noting that all of our fire and smoke products have gone through stringent testing and meet all of the relevant regulations. If you would like more information please visit the website. 


Integrity Architectural Seals

Our range of integrity architectural seals feature an innovative and high quality design. Our seals can be used across many different environments including industrial, public, healthcare and commercial buildings. Just some of the benefits which can be achieved from utilising our architectural seals include fire and smoke protection, sound control, weather protection and improving energy efficiency. If you would like to find out more, feel free to visit the website or you can give us a call directly. 

Miscellaneous Products

We can provide a wide range of miscellaneous products which can be used in conjunction with our main seal devices. Our selection of miscellaneous products include door viewers, hingepads and intu sheets from various different manufacturers. To view this range in full, including detailed products information please feel free to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email for further information. 



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