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Normid Simplifile has led the way in large format filing for over 50 years. We are the UK’s favourite and original plan filing company, offering a number of innovative designs for the storage of and easy access to large format drawings and plans in sizes up to A0. All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK, meaning we impose no minimum order quantity and can offer next day delivery, extremely competitive prices and a service that is second to none. 

Normid offers three product ranges, the first of which is our simple, space-saving ECO range, which includes our original Planholders (based on the design first introduced by Normid over 40 years ago), wall racks, mobile stands and combi stands. 

Next is our PRO range, which includes Planholders that are suspended at one end and can swivel on a wall rack. It also includes a set of monitor rises that can be used in combination with the Planholders to create a clear desk system. 

Lastly but by no means least is our ERGO range, a series of height adjustable desks designed to complement our planfiling systems. They are available in a range of sizes and styles. 

All of our products are designed to make access to plans quick and easy, saving you time on critical projects. 

Head over to our website today and discover more about our market-leading large format filing systems. If you would like any further information about our products, please do not hesitate to call us on 01922 740015.

ECO Plan Filing

Normid Simplifile’s ECO plan filing systems have been designed to provide an economical solution to filing large format plans and drawings: 

  • ECOnomic use of time – it takes just seconds to file and access your plans.
  • ECOnomic use of space – you can store thousands of drawings in a very small space.
  • ECOnomic value – our systems are amongst the most competitively priced in the market. 

The ECO range includes our original Planholders (still the nation’s favourite), wall racks, mobile stands and combi stands. You can find out more about each of these in the sections below. 

ECO Plan Filing - Planholders

ECO Planholders use ergonomic spring steel clips to grip plans/documents/drawings along their entire length – they require no punching holes or planstrip. These clips take just seconds to open and close, saving you a lot of time in filing and accessing your plans. 

ECO Planholders benefit from a strong, robust construction with a durable ivory epoxy coating. They are available in 3 standard sizes: A0, A1 and A2. Planholders are supplied in packs of 8. For more information, please get in touch with our sales team on 01922 740015. 

ECO Plan Filing - Wall Racks

ECO wall racks are a great way of saving space in your studio or office. They keep your documents close at hand but also out of the way. With capacity for 10 ECO Planholders, they are able to store up to 1,000 plans. 

ECO wall racks are available in 3 standard sizes: A0, A1 and A2. They have a robust, all-steel construction with a durable black epoxy coating, and are supplied with all necessary tools for self-assembly. Visit Normid Simplifile online to find out more. 

ECO Plan Filing - Mobile Stands

ECO mobile stands are ideal for offices that need to file a wide variety or large quantity of plans. With a capacity of 24 ECO Planholders, they can store anything up to 2,400 documents. A small footprint means they require very little space in the office, and a castor-mounted design allows easy movement around the office (castors are fitted with brakes to keep the stand in place). They are available in 3 standard sizes: A0, A1 and A2.

ECO Plan Filing - Combi Mobile Stand

The ECO combi mobile stand combines three height-adjustable shelves with a Planholder filing system (with capacity for 12 Planholders, 1,200 plans). It is ideal for anyone who needs to store their plans and drawings alongside books, ring binders and folders. A small footprint of 60 x 99cm helps to make the most of your available office space.

PRO Plan Filing

Our PRO Plan Filing systems are designed to provide users with a versatile and accessible solution for filing large format plans and drawings. Documents can easily be viewed in-situ because PRO Planholders are suspended from one end only. This makes drawings quick and easy to find, which is often essential when working on critical projects. And, just like the ECO range, PRO plan filing systems allow you to store your plans/drawings in seconds because they do not require wingnuts or planfile tape. 

The PRO range includes Planholders, wall racks, PRO DUO plan filing systems and the PRO clear desk system. You can find more information on these products in the sections below. 

PRO Plan Filing - Planholders

PRO Planholders are suspended at one end only, which is highly convenient for viewing plans in-situ. However, they use the same ergonomic spring steel clips as our ECO Planholders, which makes opening and closing the holders extremely quick and easy when you need to remove an existing or add a new document. They are available in 3 standard sizes (A0, A1 and A2) and have a strong, sturdy construction with a durable silver or ivory epoxy coating. Each Planholder can hold up to 100 sheets. PRO Planholders are supplied in packs of 10.

PRO Plan Filing - Wall Racks

If floor space in your office or studio comes at a premium, why not give our PRO wall racks a try? These innovative filing systems keep your important documents to hand whilst also keeping them out of the way. Their unique design allows any size of Planholder to fanned out 180° for viewing, but when not required, the Planholders can be made to lie flat against the wall, saving you a considerable amount of space.  

With capacity for up to 5 planholders, a PRO wall rack can be used to store anything up to 500 drawings. PRO wall racks have a robust, all-steel construction with a durable black epoxy paint coating. 

PRO DUO Plan Filing

The PRO DUO plan filing system is a smaller version of our PRO wall rack, with capacity for 2 Planholders and therefore up to 200 drawings. It benefits from the same space-saving design, the same robust construction with durable black epoxy paint, and the same simple opening and closing mechanism. It has a footprint of just 9 x 9cm, requiring only a very minimal amount of wall space, but is suitable for any size of PRO Planholder (A0, A1, A2). To find out more about our PRO DUO plan filing systems, please head over to the Normid Simplifile website.

PRO Plan Filing - Clear Desk System

The PRO plan filing clear desk system is designed to bring all your plans and drawings next to your monitor for easier working, ergonomic comfort and a clear desk! It’s ideal for designers and architects who need to view drawings whilst sat at a desk, project managers working with large project plans to maintain, for anyone writing reports from large flip-chart notes following a meeting, or for small companies and single users as a complete filing system. 

By displaying the drawing at the same level as your monitor you can significantly improve desk comfort. It means you don’t have to keep getting up or turning around when you need to make reference to specifications found on a drawing or plan. It also means your desk remains clean and tidy, which is shown to make you more efficient and productive. To find out more about our PRO clear desk systems, please head over to the Normid Simplifile website. 

ERGO Desks

Our ERGO desks have been designed to make working with large-scale drawings and plans as comfortable as possible. They feature electrically operated, height-adjustable legs that allow you to position the desk top in a way that is most convenient for working on projects or displaying plans for everybody else to see. With a height range of 650mm to 1220mm, you can use an ERGO desk for both sitting and standing. They are available in a range of desk top shapes and sizes and with a choice of single, 2-leg or 3-leg pedestals.



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