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Midas Engineering Supplies specialises in the distribution of mechanical seals. Its range of revolutionary, high quality seals are highly regarded within the industry and are sought after for their durability and ease of use in the workplace. Midas Engineering Supplies has more than 20 years mechanical seal experience in order to provide the very best products and services to its customers. Midas also offers a repair service for all makes and types of seals via its dedicated repair facility. Seals are stripped and inspected in the first instance to generate a quote for the repair. The repair is then undertaken and the seal is pressure tested and certified to ensure it conforms to industry standards. All work is guaranteed.

Midas Engineering Supplies also offers a range of technical products courtesy of Chesterton Global Solutions – a leading international manufacturer of industrial fluid sealing systems, high performance protective coatings, cleaners, lubricants and specialty industrial maintenance products. Midas Engineering Supplies is dedicated to supplying the industry with quality products that are reliable, reduce production costs and improve productivity. Staff at Midas pride themselves on the quality of their products and the service they provide to their customers.

Products can be purchased easily online via the online shopping system. For all queries, however, please contact the team at Midas Engineering Supplies who will be happy to assist.

150 General Purpose Single Seal

The 150 General Purpose Single Seal is a highly reliable product that offers great value for money. It is designed for use in baseline applications and for upgrading packed or component-sealed equipment. The 150 uses a cartridge design for a smooth replacement process. The 150 seal is quick and easy to use and avoids installation errors that commonly occur during replacement and maintenance. Ultimately, the 150 is an efficient solution for upgrading packed or component-sealed equipment.

250 General Purpose Dual Seal

The 250 General Purpose Seal is a cost effective solution designed for baseline applications for the upgrade of packing and under-performing single seals. The results lead to increased reliability of the plant. The 250 is suitable for applications where special alloys aren’t needed. The 250 uses an off-set gland design and is particularly for applications that involve the exchange of barrier fluid. Its heat removal properties and seal face geometrics leave the 250 design a great choice for reliable sealing in various temperatures and pressure changes.

S10 High Performance Single Cassette

The S10 High Performance Single Cassette Seal streamlines the sealing process and is available at cost-effective prices. The S10 is a unique modular cassette that combines advanced seal technology with flexibility and repair. All of the wearing parts of the seal are contained within one replacement cassette unit making it an efficient and easily manageable piece of equipment. The S10 is easy to handle and install and avoids unnecessary costly procedures that may be commonly associated with the repair process.

S20 High Performance Dual Cassette Seal

For advanced seal technology, the S20 High Performance Dual Cassette Seal is a common choice when it comes to maintenance and repair processes. All of the wearing parts of the seal are contained within one replacement cassette unit for ease of use and efficiency and both single and dual cassettes share a common universal gland. The S20 is an effective, flexible and cost-effective solution that is easy to handle. Its innovative design means that common costly repair and maintenance procedures are avoided. The S20 Streamline seal incorporates Chesterton advanced seal technology into the cassette feature and uses a high flow pumping device to assist in efficient heat removal.

442 Split Mechanical Seal

The 442 Split Mechanical Seal uses high performance split technology to operate from vacuum to high pressures. The 442 seal is ideally suited for use with equipment that is time-consuming to disassemble such as large pumps, vertical pumps and horizontal split case pumps. It has a compact design that allows for easy installation and can be used in a variety of equipment and process materials. The 442 has ball and socket O-rings that provide a quick and easy, leak-free seal that does not require adhesives. Captive screws cannot fall out, making installation straightforward and reliable.

SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controllers

The revolutionary SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controllers improve seal reliability and ultimately contribute to the smooth running of production. SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controllers are suitable for a variety of applications; split designs are designed specifically for the 442 split seal while solid, stainless steel designs are suited to conventional cartridge seal installations. SpiralTrac™ environmental controllers can also be designed for specific stuffing box/back cover arrangements. Please contact us, or visit our website for further information regarding SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controllers.

Chesterton Technical Products

We supply a range of Chesterton Technical Products. These include:

Chesterton 421 clean protective coating: a general duty acrylic coating that provides a clear, impermeable, flexible film to protect against air, water, oils, chemical and corrosion up to 80degC.

Chesterton 438 Teflon coating: The best combination of a clean, dry, Teflon-based powder lubricant with a tough, long-term, protective coating that resists water and chemicals.

Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty rust guard: Long-term corrosion preventative coating provides heavy-duty metal protection for all areas constantly exposed to humidity and corrosive fumes without critical surface preparation.

We also supply various mechanical seals, packings and gaskets, technical products and polymer seals.


We supply a wide range of high quality adhesives for use on a variety of materials. Our extensive ranges of adhesives are grouped into the following categories: Delta Anaerobic AdhesivesDelta Epoxy, Delta Sealants, Delta Cyanoacrylate adhesives, Delta Misc. All of the adhesives in these ranges have different specifications and qualities to suit different applications. For advice on the suitability of glues to suit your applications, please call us at Midas Engineering Supplies where we will be happy to help.

Bellows Seals

Our range of bellow seals features 186 – Metal Bellow Cartridge Single Seal, 186HT – High Temperature Metal Bellow Cartridge Single Seal and 286 – Metal Bellow Cartridge Dual Seal. These balanced nesting ripple rotary metal bellows seals are widely used in the petrochemical and chemical industry. They feature a twelve convolution bellow core for a controlled spring rate, lower heat generation and greater seal reliability. The design of the rotary bellows enables self cleaning in process fluids that contain solids. Please see images and information on our website.

Slurry Seals

We also supply a fantastic range of slurry seals. The range includes:

156 – Slurry Cartridge Singe Seal: this seal features a non-clog design for effective shaft motion and a flush-free service for a wide range of slurry applications.

170 – Slurry Cartridge Single Seal: this model has been designed to operate in slurry environments to remove the cost of external seal flushes. This seal reduces product dilution and increases production rates.

ZF – Zero Flush Seal: the innovative ZF seal has been expertly designed for use in the pulp and paper industry. This advanced seal works effectively in tough applications such as stock preparation, paper machine and stock transfer.

Mixer Seals

Our range of Mixer Seals includes:

442M – Mixer Split Seal: Chesterton mixer split seal for high performance, reliable results.

280M – Mixer Cartridge Dual Seal: designed for high reliability in demanding conditions.

4410 – Slow Speed Gas Cartridge Dual Seal: this seal has been designed for use with a range of applications and features an ‘in gland’ control system enabling it to be installed like a standard cartridge seal.

HVS – High Viscosity Cartridge Seal: the high viscosity cartridge seal is recommended for use with applications that go beyond the performance limits of conventional seals. This seal features an engineered polymer sealing element to withstand torque, shear and frictional heat that are common in sealing in viscous and dry run environments.

Speciality Seals

We also provide an excellent range of speciality seals. This range features:

180PR – Cartridge Pumping Ring Seal: a high performance and reliable seal for heavy duty cartridge sealing designed specifically for handling demanding, high torque applications.

DFS – Direct Fit Single Seal: designed to fit the Sulzer APP/APT and NPP/NPT series process pumps and incorporating the latest seal face design technology for minimising heat generation and optimising performance in demanding applications.

DFD – Direct Fit Dual Seal: also designed to fit the Sulzer APP/APT and NPP/NPT series process pumps. The direct fit qualities are ideal for paper stock, hot condensate, liquors, solvents and evaporation services in various industries.

MRO Chemicals

For all your cleaning and maintenance requirements, we carry a complete range of MRO Chemicals to improve the overall running and life span of your equipment. Our range includes, Cleaners and Degreasers, Maintenance Specialities, Metal Working Fluids, Corrosion Control, Metal Rebuilding Systems and other accessories. All our products have been designed to speed up daily cleaning and maintenance duties whilst still ensuring maximum performance and safety of the worker. Additionally, we are conscience that none our products have an adverse effect on the environment and try to minimise the impact wherever possible.

Industrial Lubricants

Our greases and lubricants are used to maintain the optimum performance level and reliability of your equipment, which helps to save on energy costs over a long period of time. To make sure that the correct amount of Chesterton grease is dispensed we also supply a selection of automatic single-point lubricator dispenses, that remove any concerns about under or over greasing.

Polymer Seals

We have a wide range of selection of polymer seals available for use in hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotating equipment. As you would expect from Chesterton, all our seals are manufactured to a high standard and we offer Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals, Rotary Seals, Spring Energized Seals as well as specially engineered custom seals. We are also able to offer service programs, which includes a cylinder upgrade program that can be designed within the specific needs of the customer and a SpeedSeal® Program that provides increased service to the end use by localising production facilities.

Composite Coatings

Our ARC Concrete Composite Systems (CCS) and ARC Metal Composite Systems (MCS) provide a strong resistance to erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Our Concrete Composite Systems can be used on concrete structures to repair, build and protect them, whilst our Metal Composite Systems works in the same way on industrial metal equipment. Ideal for industries that often face harsh environmental conditions, using our systems can help improve the performance and longevity of buildings and tools.

PTFE Chemical Packing

The Chesterton 328 offers users many benefits as it has been designed to stay inert to the chemicals packed in it, with the exception of molten alkali metals. It contains our revolutionary blocking agent which means it is able to handle high shaft speeds and due to its soft PTFE form, shaft scoring has been practically eradicated. The fibres on the Chesterton 328 have been pre-shrunk and we have integrated other lubricants into them to resist migration. The interbraid construction of the Chesterton 328, allows it to have give greater dimensional stability, even at the highest temperatures.



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