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Formerly known as MEC International, MECI Ltd are market-leading distributors of high quality electro-mechanical electronic components and plastic Printed Circuit Board hardware, such as Plastic Insulating Bushes and Transistor Mounting Pads. Our aim is to provide the market with a broad choice of top-drawer components, as well as to offer a comprehensive, customer-centric service – we put you first!

Founded back in 1974 to supply electronic components to a growing clientele of plastic moulding customers, MECI Ltd has quickly grown into a thriving supplier of electro-mechanical components, PCB switches and interconnect solutions. We've built strong partnerships with some of the world's best manufacturers so that we can offer high-class products at affordable prices. For many years we have distributed interconnect components on behalf of Keystone Electronics – their product range includes coin cell clips and holders, battery holders, fuse clips and fuseholders, phono jacks, LED spacers and screw connectors. MEC Switches are another of our long term partners, so we can provide their MULTIMEC, NAVIMEC, UNIMEC, ILLUMEC, AQUAMEC and VARIMEC PCB switches.

More recently we have improved our portfolio of switches by adding low cost miniature switches from Amega, as well as high end switches from Otto Controls, a world-class manufacturer of highly reliable sealed and rugged switches and control grips.

LEDs, indicators, PCB terminal blocks, relays, buzzers, sounders, and other such components are distributed on behalf of IMO Electronics, while we also offer crimp terminals from our long term partner, Collett Terminals.

As already stated, our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of electro-mechanical components, and we believe we’re close to achieving this. We'll continue to build our portfolio so that our customers can get all that they need without having to go to multiple distributors. Below is just a small selection of the products that we offer, so make sure you head to the MECI Ltd website to view our full range.

Aluminium Oxide Insulators

Our portfolio of insulating washers includes mica washers, silicone insulating washers, and aluminium-oxide insulating washers. Aluminium Oxide as-fired parts have a tolerance of <0.2mm on dimensions of up to 10mm and >2% over 10mm. They have a maximum bow of 0.15mm per 25mm. Ground parts with a flatness greater than 0.012mm per 25mm are available for an improved thermal contact. Information on density, porosity, thermal conductivity, resistivity etc. can be found in our data table on the MECI Ltd website.

Tgard 500 series Silicone Rubber Insulators

These medium performance thermal insulator pads consist of a ceramic-filled, high-temperature silicone rubber, coated on electrical grade fibreglass. Tgard 500 has been specifically designed for applications that require sufficient thickness to prevent electrical shorts from stamped aluminium heatsinks used in SMPS. It is used in applications that require an interface of 2.5ºC/watt or higher on a TO-220 mounted at 50 psi pressure. Full specifications can be found by following this link to the MECI Ltd website.

Transistor Mounting Pads

At MECI Ltd we offer a fantastic range of transistor mounting pads suitable for popular package sizes and equivalent to various Jermyn and Milton Ross Transipad transistor pad types and Fischer parts. Various spreader and converter pads are also available. Our transistor mounting pads are moulded in polyester, white/ black glass-filled nylon 66 and polypropylene. We can also source top quality original Milton Ross types from the USA if required. Please visit our website to download and view technical data. Or, alternatively, please contact us at MECI Ltd with your requirements or for further information and advice.

Neon Indicators

We also supply high quality neon indicators in a range of sizes requiring outputs from 6mm – 13mm. Self-locking lenses or threaded versions requiring a panel nut are available. Our neon indicators feature a range of voltages from 6v, 12v and 24v up to 110v, 250v and 400v. The body and the lens are made from tough and resilient polycarbonate material and high-temperature neon indicators are available on request. Termination styles include wire leads or 6.35mm faston tags. Please visit our website for further information and to view images.



Registration Number: 01195675
VAT Number: GB211 1696 00
Registered at Companies House:7 January, 1975 (49 years and 1 month ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Amega Tech Tactile switches, slide switches, push switches
  • Assmann Connectors
  • Collett Terminals Solder tags, Solder Lugs, solderless terminals, crimp terminals, push-on terminals, ring terminals, fork terminals, cabble assembly, cable kitting
  • ElBag Din Rail mounting housings, plastic enclosures for DIN Rail mount
  • IMO Electronics
  • Jermyn
  • Keystone Electronics Corp Battery Holders, Coin Cell Battery Holders, Fuse Holders, Fuse Clips, PCB Screw Terminals, Computer Brackets, Test Points, PTFE Terminals, Terminal Strips, Terminal Boards
  • Klauke
  • Laird Tech Ltd Silicone rubber transistor insulators, transistor pads, K177NA, K228NA, K230, T-gard 500, TG500
  • MEC Denmark Multimec, Unimec, Foilmec, illumec, Aquamec, Navimec, 3FTL6, 3ATL6,3CTL6, 3ETL9
  • Milton Ross Transistor mounting pads, transipads
  • Moulded Electronic Components
  • Ross Courtney Alternatives to R-C Solder Tags, Solder Lugs, Ring terminals, fork terminals, wire end terminals
  • SLIM Neon Indicators, Panel Mount neon indicators
  • Tajimi Connectors Metal circular connectors, push-pull connectors, waterproof connectors, R03, R04, PRC05, 1108
  • TMW Connectors Metal circular connectors, push-pull connectors, waterproof connectors, R03, R04, PRC05, 1108
  • Utilux
  • Warth Silicone rubber transistor insulators, transistor pads, K177NA, K228NA, K230

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