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Lingwood is a leading supplier of food processing plant and equipment. We represent 12 major European manufacturers whose products are known throughout the world for exceptional levels of performance and reliability. Whether you are a farmer, grower or food manufacturing company, we have everything you need to fulfil your processing, production and packaging requirements.

Unlike other suppliers, we take time to appreciate your needs, and we go beyond the call of duty to ensure you get a product or products that meet those needs. And we don’t just supply our products: we install them, train your staff how to use them, and provide technical support for them over their entire lifetime. 

Our ultimate aim is to deliver quality, high performing equipment that achieves the results you expect, and does so in an efficient and cost-effective way. But we know that in this age of constantly changing customer taste and trends, equipment must be flexible enough to adapt and change. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our ranges with new, innovative food processing plant and equipment that can be seamlessly integrated into production lines. 

Our products fall under the following categories:


  • Salad, vegetable, fruit and herb processing
  • Meat, poultry and fish processing
  • Cooking and mixing
  • Weighing and packaging

Lingwood also offers a custom process line design and manufacturing service for those who require  a new line or a more efficient one. We have a great deal of experience in the implementation and integration of food processing lines and individual machines. 

In the sections below you will find some examples of the food processing and packaging equipment supplied by Lingwood. To discover the full range, please visit Lingwood online. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to call. Our expert sales advisors are available on 01449 771202.


Fruit Processing Machines

Lingwood has been supplying processing plant for salad, vegetables, fruits and herbs for a number of years, and can provide expert advice and guidance on product selection and use. For each machine we offer installation, training and comprehensive after-sales support, helping you to get the most from your investment over its entire lifetime. 

We have equipment for baton cutting, coring/floretting, coring and peeling, dicing, cooling, drying, slicing, shredding, grating, trimming, washing, dipping, sanitising, wedging, segmenting, sorting, inspecting and many other processes. We can also design and install complete processing lines. For more information, please visit Lingwood online. 

Meat,Poultry,Fish Processing Machines

We also have a range of machines for the preparation of meat, poultry and fish, including those for coating, breading, crumbing, dicing, flattening, forming, grinding, mixing, slicing, shredding, teasing, tenderising, frying, freezing and cooking. All of our equipment is supplied by leading manufacturers whose machines are recognised worldwide for their inherent quality and reliability. To discover the range, please head over to our website. There you’ll find a full inventory of machines with details and specifications.

Cooking & Mixing

As you would expect from one of the country’s leading suppliers of food processing plant, Lingwood has an extensive, almost comprehensive range of cooking and mixing equipment. This includes a large selection of boiling pans, braising pans, frying equipment, pasta cookers/blanchers, mixers and paddle mixers. You’ll find a full inventory of the products we supply at Lingwood online. If you would like to discuss your cooking and/or mixing requirements with one of our experts, just give us a call on 01449 771202.

Weighing & Packaging

Whatever your food weighing and packaging requirements, Lingwood can provide an efficient, accurate and effective solution. We have a great range of high quality weighing and packaging equipment to cover all process requirements. This includes:

  • Filling/dosing equipment – volumetric
  • Filling/dosing equipment – weighing
  • Multi-head weighers
  • Tray sealers
  • Vertical form fill and seal bagging machines
  • Weigher-baggers

Find out more by visiting Lingwood online. 


For more than a decade, Lingwood has been working with local fabrication experts Mistan to deliver unique food processing solutions for any environment. Mistan are vastly experienced in all aspects of welding and fabrication, and over the years have worked on all manner of special projects within the food processing industry (as well as in a number of other sectors). Their portfolio includes canopies, ductwork, acoustic booths, kitchen equipment, stainless steel one-offs, batch work prototypes, aluminium work, conveyoring, equipment modifications, pipework and much, much more.


As well as a range of standard plant and equipment, Lingwood can also provide fully customised solutions to meet special requirements. Drawing upon a wealth of experience in the food processing industry, we’re able to design, build and install entirely new process lines, as well as integrate new machines into existing lines. In recent years we’ve invested heavily in CAD software, giving us the tools we need to design systems in exact accordance with your requirements. If you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss with a member of the Lingwood design team, just give us a call on 01449 771202.

Trimming,Inspection & Conveying

Lingwood has a number of trimming, inspection and conveying systems which cover most processing requirements. This includes several stainless steel-framed trim tables (with or without waste removal belts), Vertigo vertical lift systems, and the JFPT KNKB 3000 foreign body removal system. You can find out more about each of these systems by visiting Lingwood online, or by calling our sales team on 01449 771202.

Coating,Breading & Crumbing Machines

Our coating, breading and crumbing equipment is supplied by Alco, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. We have several fully-automated machines for you to choose from, including:

  • Alco flour coaters
  • Alco liquid coaters
  • Alco top coaters
  • Alco top crumb coaters

All machines have been designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Find out more by visiting Lingwood online. 

Boiling Pans

We offer a number of high quality boiling pans from Firex, another leading manufacturer whose products are used in processing plants throughout the world. The range covers most typical food boiling requirements. 

  • Firex Baskett
  • Firex Easybaskett
  • Firex Easypan
  • Firex Firfast
  • Firex Fixpan

All Firex boiling pans are made in Italy using the finest materials and the very best electronics. Visit Lingwood Food Services online for more details and specifications. 

Multi-Head Weighers

Our multi-head weighers are supplied by Bilwinco of Denmark, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of food weighing and packaging equipment. Their range has most of your typical weighing and packing requirements covered. It includes:

  • Bilwinco automatic weighing solutions for fresh chicken
  • Bilwinco filling tools for preformed trays
  • Bilwinco high speed multihead weighers
  • Bilwinco low height weighing and bagging lines
  • Bilwinco mobile weighing stations
  • Binwilco pay as you way solutions
  • Bilwinco Revolution RW series multi-head weighers
  • Binwilco standard series multi-head weighers

Coring & Peeling Machines

We offer several different coring and peeling machines to cover most fruit and vegetable processing requirements. These are supplied by Kronen of Germany, a world-renowned manufacturer of process equipment for the food industry. Kronen products available from Lingwood include:

  • Kronen HGW manual wedging, peeling and coring machine
  • Kronen KSB cabbage corer
  • Kronen multicorer

Please contact us for more information. 

Meat Freezers

Alco “Quick Freeze” freezers give quick and even results across the entire belt. Conveyors are supplied in either stainless steel or plastic, depending on the application you have in mind. Alco “Quick Freeze” conveyors are fitted with energy-saving low power fans and have a closed bottom tub made entirely of stainless steel. They are compatible with all the usual refrigerants, including R 404a, R 507, R 22, NH3, CO2, ice water and brine, and have multiple thawing capabilities (circulating air, hot gas, water, electricity, etc.). Find out more about Alco “Quick Freeze” freezers by visiting Lingwood Food Services online.

Tenderising Machines

Alco “Top Tender” tenderising machines allow quick and easy adjustment of product thickness/cutting depth and conveyor speed, giving you complete control over the process. The outfeed conveyor can also be adjusted for optimal transmission. The “Top Tender” has a stainless steel construction that makes it extremely easy to clean. All bearings are made with food approved materials. 

The system is mounted upon four heavy load wheels which have 360° movement for enhanced manoeuvrability. 

Flattening Machinery

The Alco “Equal Flat” is an adjustable flattening machine that gives you full control over flattening distance and conveyor speed. Its features include an integrated spraying pipe to prevent products sticking, an adjustable outfeed conveyor for optimal transmission and quick release belts for easy cleaning. The “Equal Flat” is made entirely from stainless steel and food approved synthetic materials. For more information, help or advice, please contact the Lingwood sales team on 01449 771202.

Wedging & Segmenting Machinery

Our specialist wedging and segmenting equipment is supplied by Kronen of Germany. It includes a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic installations to cover a variety of wedging and segmenting tasks:

  • Kronen HGW manual wedging machine
  • Kronen multicorer
  • Kronen PGW pneumatic wedging machine
  • Kronen Tona Rapid
  • Kronen Tona Rapid 3D
  • Kronen Tona Rapid XL

Dicing Equipment

The Kronen KUJ dicer is a 3-stage cutting system with the option to dice, slice, strip or julienne. It can process virtually all types of fruit and vegetable, and its gentle operation makes it suitable even for delicate products like apples and melons. It comes complete with specially designed blade removal tools that allow quick, easy and safe blade changes. The KUJ has a throughput capacity of up to 2000kg per hour.

If you would like to find out more about this product, or any of the products listed above, please visit Lingwood online or contact us directly on 01449 771202.



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