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Microdex is a UK based company specialising in product design services for the electronics industry since 2001. Our company provides concept design support to a diversity of industries not only in the UK but also on a worldwide scale. Our services are used by businesses that lack certain resources or specific design knowledge and we can supply a full service from concept through to final product prototyping.

Our design services are extensive and include hardware and software design for a number of sectors including lighting systems, robotics, energy monitoring, video systems, automotive and aerospace, to name just a few. Microdex offers qualified engineers with over 15 years of experience in the electronics and software design field.

Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of the design process including specification, circuit design, schematic capture, PWB layout, component sourcing, embedded software design and front end Windows based applications. Visit our website to view more information on our product design services offered with competitive prices and a quick turnaround time.

Electronic Design - Visit our website

Microdex has over a decade of experience in the design of electronic products using Altium. Our highly qualified team of engineers have experience in all aspects of electronic design including embedded micro-controller, data logging, video and image processing, USB interfaces, power supply design and lighting systems. We can also offer high speed digital, DSP, FPGA, DRR2, DDR3, analogue sampling, battery charging and precision monitoring as well as motor control and robotics. Microdex also specialise in wireless systems WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, and we have in depth knowledge of system level and board level electronic design.

Embedded Software Development - Visit our website

Microdex offers a complete embedded software design process and we boast a large subset of in house software modules giving us the ability to create full application software rapidly yet efficiently. Whether you are looking for simple micro-controller embedded systems or complex DSP architectures, our company has the experience, technology and qualified engineers to help. At Microdex we understand platform architecture and the software needed to harness code optimising techniques that are specific to CPU core, memory and peripherals. For more information on our embedded software development processes please visit the Microdex website.

EMC and Compliance Testing - Visit our website

Microdex fully understands the importance of EMC and compliance testing. We work closely with one of the UK’s largest certification companies and in doing so we have access to a diversity of environmental testing facilities. This includes testing facilities for accredited commercial and defence services, and for designers evaluating and qualifying the environmental behaviour and performance levels of electronic products. Our services include pre-compliance and full EMC testing specifically designed to ensure your product or installation meets the industry specific required EMC standards. This includes EMC standards for legislative, national and international approvals.

PCB Layout - Visit our website

At Microdex we understand the challenges faced when designing PCB’s for today’s markets and we have continually invested in state of the art equipment and software to help face those challenges. Our Altium Designer allows a flexible design concept, which means our engineers can create first concept or prototype designs while minimising board respins. Our PCB layout engineers are fully experienced in high speed digital electronic design as well as design for EMC. Our Altium Designer is an invaluable tool for our engineers to ensure we supply our clients with the highest quality PCB products available as well as the most cost effective design processes.

Concepting - Visit our website

Microdex has the qualified engineers and technology to support your design idea. Our company can create cost-effective concept hardware, which can include low cost custom designed modules or modules that are based on manufacturers evaluation boards. For larger applications we can utilise our Altium NB3000 for complete applications by running soft core processors on the on board FPGA. We also hold a stock of Altium NB3000 tile connectors, which means we can design custom boards to provide additional functionality for your system. Visit the Microdex website to view more details and prices of our product concepting process.

Rapid Assembly - Visit our website

Small batch rapid turnaround is a problem for some assembly house but Microdex has invested in technology to specifically address this issue. We boast a mini oven that allows us to assemble small surface mount boards and we can easily assemble initial prototypes as soon as PCBs and components become available. With our in house hot air rework tools we can also change components and fix boards immediately. Our company has partnered with MPE Electronics in order to offer our clients a full UK based mass production process. With quality assurances set in place our clients can conduct business with us safe in the knowledge that their orders are being handled by experts in this field.

Design for Manufacture - Visit our website

Microdex has the technology, qualified engineers and methods to ensure that your product will be ready for mass production. We use clear and concise production test procedures in order to help eliminate failures and board errors. We can perform in house production testing as well as including built in test functions and end of the line testing. Our Altium NB 3000 also offers your assembly house the ability to perform functional testing of your product; this is a cost effective test solution via minimal hardware costs. Visit the Microdex website to view more details of our in house testing for mass production and our Altium NB 3000 custom test solution.

Industry Sectors - Visit our website

Over the last decade Microdex has built an enviable client list across a diversity of industry sectors. Our clients have come to rely on us to provide cost-effective design services as well as high quality products to meet their requirements. We have built many long-term business relationships with clients from the consumer sector, the renewable energies sector and the defence sector as well as the medical, scientific and automotive sectors. For more information on our range of services and products please visit the Microdex website.



Registration Number: 04184903
VAT Number: GB770 5293 23
Registered at Companies House:22 March, 2001 (22 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 0-200k

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