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Leighmans are a UK supplier of promotional products and corporate business gifts branded and personalised with your logo. Our range of merchandise ideal for conferences, exhibitions, advertising, product launches, staff incentives and events includes promotional pens, bags, umbrellas, folders, ring binders, mugs, clothing, mouse mats, lanyards, leather gifts, diaries, calendars, keyrings, calculators and eco friendly products.

Audio & Visual

Finding creative and memorable ways to ensure your brand is remembered is challenging, especially given the huge amount of competition out there. Corporate gifts are all well and good but in order to really cut through a crowded marketplace, the category of gift you select is crucial. Audio and visual equipment like speakers, stereos and headphones are a great choice, given that they are useful and easily slot into someone's lifestyle. The chances of them using the gift (and therefore remembering the brand name) for a considerable amount of time are much higher than if they've been given, for example, a pen or stationary set.


Putting your stamp on something is a vital way of cutting through to make sure you (and the products or services you provide) spark attention and curiosity - key triggers for people wanting to find out more. We produce a wide range of promotional and printed badges that do just that - and working with you to produce the right design is also an option, thanks to our customised service that produces badges tailored to your exact needs.


Promotional gifts are all well and good but in order for your brand to cut through and be noticed, these have to actually serve a purpose or be useful. Promotional bags are one way of meeting this requirement - not only do these allow a space for businesses to create eye catching imagery to draw users in, but they are also likely to be used more than once. Add to this our wide range of bag designs where your logo and chosen imagery can be clearly and colorfully printed and you have a formula for success!

USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are probably one of the most useful and 'of the moment' items a modern professional has in their possession. The mobile and often remote nature of modern working means this has fast become a 'must have'. Opting to give these out as promotional gifts can therefore be very beneficial - given the frequency of usage, the fact that your logo will be seen every time the drive is taken out undoubtedly keeps you at the forefront of potential customers' minds - we produce a wide range of designs that can be branded with your logo and imagery, making this a route well worth considering.

Bling Bling

The ability to make an impact quickly is at the heart of any promotional gift choice, so why not guarantee this by opting for a 'bling bling' cover motif - these can be applied to almost any gift, pens, usb flash drives, cuff links, you name it. And our stylish selection strikes exactly the right balance - the intricate designs are eye catching and help turn a practical object into an essential accessory. Furthermore, we treat each order as individual, so can incorporate specific branding or imagery with our designs in order to create the perfect promotional gift.


If you're looking for a gift that is cheap to purchase in high numbers but is used very frequently, then a promotional calendar might be the right choice. They not only provide an opportunity to include a range of imaginative branded designs and corporate information, but their use will go beyond the workplace. The usefulness of calendars mean that as gifts, these will also be used within people's homes and personal lives, meaning that your brand goes with them - a powerful way of getting your name across.


Getting your brand out there is what promotional gift choices are all about and in choosing clothing as a medium through which to do this, customers are opting for a category that not only provides a practical use for a gift, but is one of the most varied out there. Caps, t-shirts, sweaters - almost any clothing can be branded and here at Leighmans, we pride ourselves on being able to source high-quality materials on which to apply a tailored and customised design.

Computer & IT Gifts

Tapping into the importance of IT in the professional space is a very powerful way of getting something across when it comes to selecting a promotional gift. Mouse mats and other IT accessories can all be branded in creative and eye catching ways and there is a high likelihood that your gift choice will be used frequently, as these kind of items slot effortlessly into people's busy working lives. Take a look at the computer and IT gifts section of our website to view our selection - as ever, our team are on hand to work closely with you to customise your design to your exact needs.

Confectionary & Drinks

Although practical usage can be important when looking at promotional gifts, an element of fun is equally important. Our selection of personalised sweets, confectionary and gifts provide this - we stock a wide range of items within this category that can all be customised with your own imaginative motif and branding. It's also an opportunity to show the lighter side of your brand by including jokes or catchphrases that make you memorable.

Corporate Gifts

Tying in with professional lifestyles are one of the key ways of successfully breaking through in the promotional gifts market. Our range of corporate gifts include desk sets, clocks, photo frames, pens and even awards. Come and look at our website to view our full range which our flexible team is on hand to discuss and work hard to develop the right design for your specifications. Making an impact is what this process is all about and we are committed to making sure your choice works for you.

Crystal Awards

Corporate awards and trophies are fast becoming part and parcel of any successful business, whether at a regional or national level. Here at Leighmans, we provide a customised engraving service to ensure that any award carrying your name is clearly and attractively marked with your brand. The impact this has within formal ceremonies and meetings means that your brand has a great positive association - design is therefore crucial in ensuring this happens, so call our team to discuss your requirements.

Desktop Gifts

The desk is one of the most frequently used spaces used within professional life, so tapping into the items that are most commonly used at this station can be lucrative - the sheer amount of times that these items are either used or looked at means that your brand is on constant view and will subconsciously become a potential contenter if an individual ever needs the services you offer. We offer CD holders, plaques, memo holders and calculators, to name a few.


Much like calendars, diaries are used all year round and break through professional spaces to be used within people's personal lives. By ensuring they take your brand with you, you guarantee that they are subtly reminded of your services every time they use the item. And there are a range of ways in which to get your brand name across - printed, embossed, or foil blocked. We provide all of these options, as well as a wide range of diary sizes, so come look online to find out more.

Folders & Ringbinders

Despite living in the technological age, folders and ring binders are still in common usage, a note taking and file keeping live on in parallel with tablet and laptop use. Here at Leighmans, we recognise this, and offer a wide range of items within this category where your logo can be attractively printed on the cover. We offer basic folders, as well as multi-function folder solutions that allow users to attach pens, calculators and other accessories to.

Fridge Magnets

Frequency of use is often the first criteria that our customers need covered off when selecting corporate gifts - the more often something is used, the more your brand logo is seen. As well as this, if a gift has use within the personal life of a professional, this can make them more likely to choose your product or service over another. Fridge magnets are a fun way of doing this - they are quirky enough to be kept but are also fun and if designed in the right way, could appeal to everyone in the home.

Full Colour Digital Print

Successful promotional gifts are all about impact - here at Leighmans, we utilise full colour digital print to ensure this happens as a priority. No matter what gift or design you go for, poor quality print can seriously let you down at the last hurdle. After all, the gift itself is only part of the successful formula for making sure your gift does its job sufficiently - without the right imagery and creative license, the whole process falls apart, so make sure yours gets the right platform when it comes to colour and resolution by choosing Leighmans.

Gadgets & Boyz Toyz

The element of fun is as important as practical usage when it comes to promotional gifts so its well worth considering items in our wide range of gadgets and boyz toyz. Whether its funky desktop items, music accessories or exercise gadgets that float your potential customers' boats, we can satisfy every need. Add to this our tailored service that customises every solution we offer to your exact specifications and you have a formula for success.

Health & Fitness

Health & fitness regimes seem to go hand in hand with the modern professional lifestyle, so promotional gifts that help support this kind of lifestyle can really hit the mark. Measuring speed is a vital part of improving performance and our range of pedometers are not only useful but stylish and attractive. Even our first aid kits are customised and attractive, so when your personalised branding is added, these gifts can really make an impact - must have accessories for any fitness buff out there!


Although key rings are a more traditional choice when it comes to corporate gifts, by choosing the right one, you can really make an impact. We stock a wide range of attractive key rings waiting for your logo to be added, with a variety of material choices on offer - leather and metal, to name but two. For most people, most key rings get thrown away, leaving just one or two in regular use. We understand this, and ensure that our designs are classic and eye catching, to increase the chance of being the one people go with.

Leather Gifts

There's one thing that remains a constant in corporate life - leather is a classic material that never fails to impress. We've been sure to remember that in planning our wide range of leather goods, including embossed filo-faxes, personal organisers and diaries, business and credit card cases, passport holders and key rings (to name just a few!) Check out the rest of our range online now, if this taster has wet your appetite.


Practical use is a key element of promotional gift giving, but as well as this, it's important to think about the amount of people who will get to see an item, and subsequently, your logo. Mugs are a great way of reaching out to the maximum amount of people - after all, it's not only the recipient that sees it, but those that make drinks and also sit in the same area. As well as this, the surface area of a mug allows a creative and extensive design to be used, ensuring the end result is as eye catching as possible.

Paper Products

Promotional paper products are a great way of cutting through a noisy marketplace to be heard, as the regularity of the usage means that your brand is on show constantly. This not only helps reach the user, but the many people the come into contact with during working hours. It is well worth taking a look at our wide range of memos, personal organisers, notebooks and diaries to really see how marrying up your logo and branding design with our great quality paper solutions can equal a recipe for success.

Pens & Pencils

Promotional pens are one of the most cost-effective promotional gift choices around and given the low cost outlay, the impact they can have in terms of your brand being remebered is substantial. They are one of the most practical and compact gift choices on the market, so coupled with the creativity of our design team who can make sure your logo and branding looks as attractive as possible, this can really help make an impact. We stock a wide range of metal and plastic pens, so vist our website or call the team direct to find out more.

Personal Care & Beauty Gifts

Personal care and beauty products are another great way to get your name out there. Once again, by choosing items that are frequently used, this helps re-enforce your brand every time their taken out. We stock a wide range of products within this category that really help spark imagination - candles, incense, compact mirrors, lip balms and make up sets, to name a few. Visit our website to peruse our full range.

Personal Organisers

Personal organisers are probably one of the most popular promotional gifts, given their close link to professional working lives and the likelihood of it being used by a recipient frequently. As well as this, the ample surface area they have provides plenty of space on which to add your logo a creative design and key message that succinctly sums up your brand. We stock a wide range of leather bound and plastic covered personal organisers, so visit our website to peruse our selection.


One guaranteed aspect of the changeable weather in the UK is that sooner or later, it will rain! Although many would see this as a negative, when it comes to selecting promotional gifts, it's a clear advantage. Umbrellas are an essential for anyone venturing outside which represents a great opportunity to ensure that your logo goes with them. The huge amount of surface area this product supplies means that you can add an image based logo and messaging to the item that really makes an impact when someone sets out! Visit our website to check out our wide selection.

Stress Toys

One guaranteed aspect of professional working life is that at some point, it's going to get stressful! A great way to tap into this is by selecting stress balls as promotional gifts, items that have got very popular in recent years. And despite being available in over 700 styles, we still have the creative capacity to source bespoke, customised stress balls - our prices are favourable, so it's well worth considering the tailor made route, but even where you've picked a generic model, our team have the ability to turn this into something bespoke, using your approved branding.


Promotional stationary is probably one of the most frequently used categories of promotional gifts, given teh wide range of items that can be branded in an imaginative and creative way. Our design team are squarely focused on helping you make an impact and you can rest easy in the knowledge that once they have the specifics of what your looking for, they can pro-actively create a solution that will amaze you - visit our website to find out more about our capabilities in this area.



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