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KOTI is one of the leading manufacturers of both standard and bespoke brush solutions, combining innovation and technology to bring practical products that contribute of performance improvements and increased efficiencies.

Our customer care team are on hand to give you guidance to ensure you are in receipt of the right brush for your unique application and we can work with you to design and manufacture customised brushes to your specification. We aim to not only meet our customers’ expectation, but add value wherever possible.  

Please browse our website to view the extensive range of brush solutions we have available to you.

Antistatic Brushes - Visit our website

Antistatic brushes are a vital part of many process handling operations where the interference of fine particles such as dust can hamper processes and diminish the final quality of a product. Here at Kleeneze-KOTI we offer a range of antistatic brushes that introduce a static charge which in turn removes the intrusive particles.  Our products include Statstrip Antistatic Brushes, Antistatic Contact Brushes and Ostritch Feather Brushes, with something to suit a variety of budget and requirements.

Statstrip Antistatic Brushes - Visit our website

The perfect solution for materials handling processes that involve delicate items such as paper and film, our Statstrio Antistatic brushes are fabricated from stainless steel or carbon fibres, which are extremely fine and act as a passive static eliminator. These brushes are also effective when positioned with a 1-2mm clearance from the substrate. As with all our brushes, we offer a custom made service so if we do not have standard Statstrip brushes to suit your requirements we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Antistatic Contact Brushes - Visit our website

Kleeneze-KOTI’s Antistatic Contact Brushes are available in a choice of fine carbon or acrylic fibres and feature a spade connection through which the static is discharged.  To be completely effective our acrylic brushes must be placed directly in contact with the substrate, however the carbon fibre option will work with a 1-2mm clearance.  Please contact us with your particular specifications to find out more.

Ostrich Feather Brushes - Visit our website

For applications requiring the highest quality of finish, look no further than our ostrich feather roller brushes, which use the feathers’ electrostatic charge to remove and hold on to dust.  Due to their robust nature, Ostrich feathers give excellent longevity and are a great investment.  Mounted to a wooden roller core, these brushes can be made to your required face width and outer diameters can be changed to suit the outline of your particular application.

Brush Strip - Visit our website

If you’re looking for brush strip in a hurry, Kleeneze-KOTI stocks an extensive array of styles, sizes and profiles, so whatever your application, we have a solution ready for immediate dispatch.  Brush strip can be used to effectively reduce airflow, deter pests and limit the amount of contamination from dust, dirt and cold smoke.  If your requirements fall outside of our stock range, our team of experts are ready to make brush strip to your individual specifications.

Superseal Brush Strip - Visit our website

With an extensive stock of standard sizes, profiles and choice of aluminium carriers, the Superseal Brush Strip by Kleeneze-KOTI is ready for quick dispatch.  Made from hard-wearing, flexible filaments our Superseal Brush Strip provides an impressive solution for reducing airflow, dust, pests, noise and cold smoke and can be fixed to doors and equipment.  We offer and range of stock options, including standard, 180º Carrier, 45º Carrier, 90º Carrier and Rebate Carrier.  If your requirements fall outside of our standard range we are able to produce custom Superseal Brush strips for you with quick turnaround times.

Superseal for Entrance Doors - Visit our website

Whatever style of entrance door you have, we have a Kleeneze-KOTI Superseal to match, whether it be for a swing door, sliding glass door or elevator door.  Designed with aesthetics in mind, our Superseal solutions not only look good but are highly effective at preventing adverse air flow and energy loss. We offer three styles: TSCA, TSLA and TSEG, each of which are available for next day delivery on standard stock sizes.  If you need a non-standard size, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Superseal for Industrial Doors - Visit our website

Industrial environments require a heavy-duty brush strip to restrict airflow and limit the amount of particles entering the building.  Kleeneze-KOTI offer a comprehensive selection of Superseal door strips that have been designed specifically for this purpose, allowing you better control over your working environment and the opportunity to reduce energy wastage. Superseal for Industrial Doors is available to accommodate roll, swing, slide or folding doors and are available in a choice of profiles.  We also offer a custom-made service, providing you with Superseal to meet your exact requirements.

Custom Made Brush Strip - Visit our website

Our stock of standard brush strip is extensive and ready for immediate dispatch.  However, we know that each of our customers’ requirements are unique and cannot always be met by our standard stock items.  As such we offer a custom-made service to accommodate non-standard requests.  We will can build brush strips with or without aluminium carriers, with a choice of fill materials and finishes.  We can also fabricate brush strip s in cup-shape form either with or without carriers to suit your preference.

Brush Strip with Integral Flange - Visit our website

If you have an application that doesn’t allow for a brush strip with carrier but you still need to be able to mount it, then consider our range of brush strips with integral flange. Available in two different flange shapes of 90º or 180º, the stainless steel flange allows for simple installation and is available custom made to your specifications with a choice of synthetic, wire or natural fill.

Escalator Safetystrip - Visit our website

The presence of a safety strip brush on escalators acts as a physical deterrent, inhibiting passengers from entering the dangerous area between the moving walkway and sidewall.  This is an important feature in keeping passengers safe by avoiding entrapment accidents. Kleeneze-KOTI are able to supply escalator strip for factory fitting as well as kits for retro-fitting to existing escalators. Available with the option of LED lighting to further highlight the hazard zone, all of our escalator safety strips are fabricated to conform to both European EN115 and American A17 safety code requirements.

Industrial and Technical Brushes - Visit our website

KOTI are renowned as experts in our field and have a wealth of knowledge in the development of brushes to fulfil a variety of applications across numerous industries from agriculture to aerospace.  Our range of industrial and technical brushes includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brush Plates
  • Disc Brushes
  • Lath Brushes
  • Quick Seal
  • Roller Brushes
  • Belt Brushes
  • Special Models

You can find out more about each of these brush types below.

Brush Plates - Visit our website

Used to prevent damage whilst moving, cleaning, guiding or supporting fragile components, our brush plates are all made to order allowing them to be customised to the specific requirements of your application.  Customised brush plates allow you to not only select the fill material (synthetic, abrasive, wire, natural, mixed material) but also to determine the brush height, density and stiffness required. We can custom make brush plates to your particular requirements in sizes up to 2500mm x 1200mm.

Disc Brushes - Visit our website

We offer a wealth of choice when it comes to our Disc Brushes, each of which is fabricated to your exact specification.  Our disc brushes are the ideal solution for cleaning and surface preparation and customisation allows you to select different options for core material, fill material mount options, choice of bore configurations, fill material and tuft density, dependent upon your specific application.

Lath Brushes - Visit our website

Lath brushes are used across such a diverse range of applications due to their outstanding versatility.  And, with the unparalleled choice available from KOTI, we’re certain to have what you need - if not we can design and make it for you to your exact specifications. Our customers use them in cleaning and handling processes, for deterring vermin and to act as a seal against dirt and debris.  Choose from plastic profiles or aluminium carriers in a range of sizes with natural or synthetic fills to suit your requirements.

Quick Seal - Visit our website

Quick Seal is our simplest, most adaptable brush strip and can be fitted to almost anything.  It comes in a roll meaning you just simply cut it to the size you require and affix.  We have several different options to choose from, each of which features a thermostatic core and offers the option of synthetic or horsehair fill.  Choose from:

  • Standard Profile
  • V Profile 
  • 90º or 180º Profile
  • 90º or 180º Rebate Profile
  • 90º or 180º Clip-On Profile


Roller Brushes - Visit our website

Roller brushes from KOTI combine performance and durability to offer a solution to a range of materials handling and processing operations. Brushes come in an extensive choice of sizes and fills making selecting the ideal brush a doddle.  Some of the options we have available include: tufted, quick snap, spiral strip (standard, DBS module, DBS welded module), Axial strip (standard or aluminium core) and the KOTI axial strip roller brush machine.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website then please contact our customer service team who will be happy to discuss our bespoke brush design service with you.

Belt Brushes - Visit our website

Exhibiting superb flexibility for effective movement across differing contours, lend themselves perfectly to applications where space limitations prevent the use of a rigid brush.  All our belt brushes are available in either continuous or open belt configurations with a choice of synthetic and natural fill materials with different tuft patterns, density and profiles.

  • V String belt brushes - featuring a flexible V shape core in widths of 8-22mm 
  • Toothed belt brushes - featuring polyurethane core in widths of up to 150mm
  • Flat belt brushes - featuring either synthetic or leather core in widths of up to 200mm
  • Quick chain belt brushes - our most versatile belt brush available in widths up to 2000mm.  Any length can be achieved by combining links together.

Special Models - Visit our website

Making brushes is our expertise and as industry experts we can work with you to manufacture any style of brush to your exact specifications. We’re happy to work outside of the box as we know there are times when a standard tufted product may not be the best solution.  Imagination is the only limitation, with a diverse range of materials and tuft options at our disposal, allow us to design the perfect solution for you.

Power Tool and Finishing Brushes - Visit our website

Our comprehensive choice of surface finishing brushes has been developed to try and accommodate as many different application requirements as possible.  Our standard stock range includes circular and pipeline brushes, bevel, cup and end brushes, interior and tube cleaning brushes and hand scratch brushes, each of which are available in a wealth of sizes and fill materials.  One of KOTI’s assets, however, is that we are not solely limited to our available stock and have a skilled team who will work with you to create a bespoke solution that matches your needs perfectly.

Circular and Pipeline Brushes - Visit our website

Providing optimal versatility for a host of uses, our circular and pipeline brushes have been designed to either be used on their own or in conjunction with additional brushes, allowing you to create the perfect combination for your specific application. The pipeline brush with its ultra twist knot fill offers the ultimate in performance, whilst the circular brush can be obtained in a choice of Alpha, Multicord, Record or Ultra fill.  We also manufacture shaft mounted circular brushes for attaching to drills and air tools.

Bevel, Cup and End Brushes - Visit our website

Cleaning and finishing in hard to reach areas can be tiresome and time consuming, often needing to be carried out by hand to get the best finish.  We’ve developed a range of brushes for use with machinery such as power drills, angle grinders and machining centres, that access awkward places, removing paint, rust and providing a polished finish.  Choose from Bevel Brushes, Cup Brushes or Shaft-Mounted Cup Brushes, each of which are suited to different applications.

Interior and Tube Cleaning Brushes - Visit our website

KOTI manufacture a wide range of Interior and Tube Cleaning Brushes featuring hardened wire or graded abrasive fills that take the hard work out for tasks such as rust and scale removal.   We provide options for both manual use or for use with machinery such as drills, flexible drives and machining centres.  Please follow the link to find out more about the different options available.

Hand Scratch Brushes - Visit our website

A quality hand finish can be achieved by using our Hand Scratch Brushes with a choice of fills that make light work of cleaning, descaling and polishing.  Spark Plug brushes feature a classic wood handle with a choice of steel or brass fills and have been designed for the cleaning of spark plugs and electrical contacts. Standard hand scratch brushes are also fabricated with a wooden core and boast a choice of fills and widths making them ideal for a variety of  cleaning and preparation applications.  Finally our SSHB brushes are designed with a slender spine allowing greater control over profile surfaces and narrow spaces.

Sweeping and Cleaning Brushes - Visit our website

Whatever your cleaning requirements, we have a range of brushes to meet your needs and our wealth of experience means our brushes are relied on by companies across the globe.  Brush categories in our sweeping and cleaning range include:

  • Ground Care Brushes
  • Sweeping Roller Brushes
  • Runway Brushes
  • Gutter and Weed Brushes
  • Brush Rings

Ground Care Brushes - Visit our website

Ground care brushes are used to keep sports pitches, parks and gardens in the best possible condition.  All our ground care brushes are custom made to your requirements, for either manual or machine operation, and are available in a range of options to suit applications such as:

  • Seeding and over seeding
  • Grass removal and stripping
  • Dew and debris removal
  • Artificial sports surface maintenance
  • Shoe and boot cleaning

Sweeping Roller Brushes - Visit our website

For sweeping large areas such as roads, pavements and car parks, our sweeping roller brushes offer the flexibility of being used singularly for smaller areas or together for efficient clearing of larger areas.  Capable of tackling a diverse range of debris including leaves and mud, these heavy-duty brushes include drive holes enabling them to be easily attached to a full spectrum of mounting systems.  Choose from synthetic fills or a combination of synthetic and steel depending upon your sweeping requirements.

Runway Brushes - Visit our website

Through innovation and product quality, Kleeneze-KOTI have become market leaders in the field of runway brushes, with airports of all sizes across the world relying on our products to keep their runways clear of snow and debris.  Our brushes come in the form of a cassette system which makes them simple to change and is built to the exact specifications of your machine.  We know how vital these brushes can be to the smoothing running of your operation and we are committed to supplying these quickly to wherever you are in the world. Please contact us for further information on this item.

Gutter and Weed Brushes - Visit our website

The build up of debris and weeds in roadside gutters can lead to blocked drainage systems, which can be costly to clear.  Regular maintenance with a roadsweepers is essential in the prevention of this and Kleeneze-KOTI manufacture hardwearing gutter brushes that are available with a choice of synthetic, wooden or quick change cores, dependant upon your requirements.  We offer a range of standard stock sizes for speedy delivery, which are compatible with the most common cleaning vehicles.

Brush Rings - Visit our website

Kleeneze-KOTI manufacture a range of Brush Rings that have been designed to offer a combination of high performance with longevity and  come in a choice of sizes to accommodate the majority of popular sweepers. Choose from flat, wave or tufted profile brush rings, which feature both synthetic core and fill materials, or Steel brush rings that offer a flat profile with synthetic brush and a steel core making them ideal for clearing dirt that is harder to shift and snow.

Twisted Brushes - Visit our website

Twisted brush styles are one of the original styles of brush shape and are extremely versatile in their application.  KOTI have developed a range of standard twisted brushes for general use, as well as taking the traditional twisted brush style and thinking outside the box to provide a solution for gutters blockage and rodent damage to wires and cables.

General Twisted Brushes - Visit our website

KOTI offers a comprehensive selection of twisted brushes that are made in a variety of sizes and materials and a perfect for the effective cleaning of bottles and tubes across a wide range of industries including automotive and medical.  Categories of brush that we manufacture include: Tube Cleaning Brushes, Interior Brushes and General Twisted Brushes, the latter of which are available in a choice of  materials.  Alongside our range of standard items we are also able to custom make twisted brushes to your specifications.

Superseal Gutter Brush - Visit our website

Protect both your gutters and your property from damage cause by overflowing gutter water with our Superseal gutter brushes.  Designed to act as a barrier to items such as leaves and twigs from entering and building up in your gutters, gutter brushes enable water to move freely into and through the drainage system. KOTI gutter brushes are fabricated from hard-wearing synthetic material and require no maintenance.

Rodent Brush - Visit our website

Our rodent brushes have been designed to prevent damage to important cables and wires cause by rodents, which can cause major disruption and be costly to repair.  Our Rodent Brushes are made from a fill material that rodents do not like the feel of, therefore they provide and simple and effective way of keeping rodents away. The brushes are hardy and made with fire retardant materials and an insulated core. They are simple to install and easy to move for routine maintenance works.



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