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Instromet specialises in the design of weather monitoring equipment for use across many commercial and domestic applications. For more than 20 years, we have been providing top quality handcrafted systems designed not only for enhanced reliability and functionality, but also for a classic, attractive appearance. 
Our weather stations retain the traditional look given by mechanical dials and are backed with proven analogue electronic circuitry to ensure the most accurate, reliable readings. Because all of our systems are handmade, Instromet customers have much more choice when it comes to display configuration. With two decades of design and manufacturing experience to draw upon, we can almost always deliver a tailored solution that meets your weather monitoring requirements.
Instromet products are used in schools, universities, sailing clubs and weather centres throughout the UK and beyond. Esteemed customers have included Cambridge University, Welsh and Anglia Water, BBC Weather Centre, the Met Office, and hundreds of domestic users.
Whether it’s a domestic or commercial application, Instromet can provide a quality weather monitoring solution. Visit our website today to discover our exceptional range of handcrafted weather stations. 

Atmos Weather Stations

The Atmos range includes several entry-level weather stations which are ideal for most domestic and some commercial applications. They include:
  • Atmos L Model – Measures and displays wind speed (in MPH, MPS, KPH), wind direction and barometric pressure.
  • Atmos LT Model – Has the same measurement parameters as the L model, but with the addition of an Instromet MWD (Multi Weather Diplay) for temperature, rainfall, time and date.
  • Atmos N Model – Measures and displays wind speed (in MPH, MPS, KPH) and wind direction only.
  • Atmos NT Model – As above, but with the addition of an Instromet MWD (Multi Weather Display) for temperature, rainfall, time and date. 

Executive Weather Station

Introducing the Executive Weather Station (EWS), Instromet’s latest commercial weather station. It comes complete with wind and temperature sensors as standard, and can be upgraded with sensors for rainfall, sunlight, pressure and humidity thanks to an integrated Multi Weather Display. The EWS is built within a sapele cabinet with a stainless steel bezel, making it one of our most attractive units to date. For full technical specifications, please visit Instromet online.

Wind Sensor

As well as complete weather stations, Instromet can supply a range of individual sensors for the measurement of wind, rain, sun, temperature and humidity. Standard wind sensors are available for both the Atmos and Climatica ranges of weather station. These are supplied with a 25m, four core cable. Wind/temperature sensors can be used with most of our commercial application stations, and are supplied with 25m of six core cable. Both types of wind sensor come with mounting instructions and a compass for alignment purposes.

PC based Weather Station

The MetPlus weather monitoring system is a package supplied with Met4Net software for optimised use on a PC. A newer version of the software is due shortly, but all the hardware - MetPlus control box with 12V ACA and an Instromet wind sensor basic, including 25m of cable - can be supplied in advance, with bespoke software written for the meantime. While the standard PC connection is via a 5m RS232 cable, we have USB adaptors (480 0000 150/489 0000 150) if preferred, or if your PC is lacking a RS232 port. If you require a barometric pressure reading an additional sensor can be supplied to be attached via the PCB. The device is easily expandable with a plug and play feature for various other sensors that we can supply - rain, sun, temperature, and humidity sensors, and wet and dry bulbs - creating an all encompassing weather reading station from a PC.

Stand Alone Sun Duration Sensor

One of our most popular products, the sun duration sensor is used by the Met-Office and amateurs alike. The application of these standalone units - outdoor sensor, control box and twin counter display - by professional bodies and hobbyists is because of their ease of use, low maintenance whilst providing accurate and reliable readings. The sensor should be placed on a mast or rooftop for the clearest outlook possible and for the most accurate daily and accumulated readings to be relayed via the twin counter display. To protect your data gathering - a datalogger is also available in our online store - a battery backup of four AA batteries is supplied within the control box. 

Stephen Burt reviews and rates highly this device in his From The Weather Observer's Handbook (Cambridge University Press, 2012), a guide we would recommend to any enthusiast. 

Climatica Weather station

This our most versatile and customisable weather station to date, with a choice of display cabinet finishes - cherry, maple, oak, rosewood, sapele. and walnut - you can have a traditional nostalgic station, or a slick modern appliance, but no matter which finish you choose, the station uses the latest technology, and is able to pick up any sensor within its radius (rain, sun, temperature, and humidity sensors, and wet and dry bulbs). The entire package includes a sensor box to which all of your sensors are connected as well as your PC. We will tailor the system to your specifications and requirements, so please do not hesitate to get in touch, detailing what it is you are looking for on our handy online form.

0-10V and 4-20mA wind sensor

Industrial and commercial wind sensors measure both speed and direction automatically feeding into a PLC, and are ideally applicable when wind is of crucial importance to operations, such as automatic window and vent opening, awning retraction and construction on high level building projects. The two wind sensors that are available, a basic and pro, the difference being the bearing, the basic is bronze within its cup assembly and the pro, to deal with harsher conditions has a ball bearing. Each unit comes supplied with the wind sensor (anemometer), output control box - which requires a 12V DC and 24V AC power supply - 2 x 25m of connecting cable, and finally a wind sensor alignment compass.

If you only require wind speed measurement then we can supply an all-in-one assembly unit that just needs connection via a single three core cable. 

Wind Switches

Wind switches are growing in popularity rapidly because of their wide and extremely useful application possibilities to activate and deactivate a device of your choosing in particular wind speed - up to 90mph - and/or direction conditions - eight selectable switches for each main compass point - that can also intuitively delay responses when the change is only a small gust. Thus far they have been used for de-odourisors, water fountains, inflatable outdoor products, lighting rigs, air recirculation fans, but there are many more applications where an automated response to changing wind conditions would prevent damage to a device or system. They come requiring a mains power supply as standard but there is a 12V DC port, making the device mobile if required. As with all our packages, the operating control box, appropiate wind sensor including 25m of cable (extendable up to 100m on request), and wind sensor alignment compass, comes as standard. 

As we manufacture these switches in house we can tailor the scales and time delay parameters to your application and specifications, just contact a member of our team. 

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