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When you need independent mechanical inspection or product verification, you can count on Inspek Services for a first class service. With a range of accurate and traceable measuring devices and nearly 20 years worth experience in the field, we have the skills and facilities to offer a variety of services, including dimensional inspection of production batches, first article inspection reports, design verification, prototype inspection, mould and tooling measurement, reverse engineering, CMM inspection and training, and much more.

All of our services are undertaken with speed and precision, ensuring the least disruption to your timescales and project plans.  To find out more about what Inspek has to offer, please visit our website, or simply give us a call!

Platinum Faro Arm - Visit our website

Our 8ft Platinum Faro arm offers a 0.001" inspection accuracy, allowing us to inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD to Part comparison on components, fixtures and assemblies with unprecedented precision. When you combine this with our highly versatile 3D measurement technology and customised Softcheck tools, the Faro Arm becomes the perfect solution for forming, moulding, and fabricating casting and assembly facilities that require GD&T and SPC output.

FARO EDGE ScanArm® ES - Visit our website

The FARO EDGE ScanARM ES is a highly specialised and accurate tool which is suited to tasks which involve the probing and scanning of materials with challenging surfaces. The device itself is a combination of the FARO EDGE Measuring Arm and the FARO Laser Line Probe ES, which is the smallest laser line probe available to buy. This combination offers both flexibility and functionality, with efficiency and a user-friendly experience. Further information can be found on our website, alternatively you can contact us directly. 

REVscan - 3D Laser Scanning - Visit our website

This state-of-the-art, self-positioning handheld scanner marks a revolution in the way reverse engineering, design and 3D inspection is undertaken. The REVscan, the world's first high-accuracy handheld scanning solution, enables Inspek to capture data from small, detailed cultural artefacts, right up to large, bulky items such as entire car bodies. These highly effective portable 3D laser scanners are ideal for projects that require accurate modelling of low curvature objects, without the need to set up tripods, tracking arms and photogrammetry rigs.  The REVscan can scan and check your product to accuracies of up to 0.05mm. If you would like to find out more about our devices, all you need do is follow the link to the Inspek Services website.

Johansson Saphir CMM - Visit our website

The Johansson Saphir Coordinate Measurement Machine has been designed and developed to withstand the common problems of shopfloor production environments, guaranteeing optimal accuracy even at high speeds. It is fitted with an innovative absolute scales system that keeps a constant track on the probe position, as well as a real time compensation system that offsets the effects of temperature variation. Built to handle components measuring up to 700mm x 450mm x 450mm and weighing up to 500kg, the Saphir offers a solution for virtually all requirements. Find out more by visiting the Inspek website.

On-Site Inspection - Visit our website

We are pleased to now be able to offer our customers an on-site inspection service for both the Faro Arm and 3D Laser Scanner. On-site surveys are a highly convenient way to utilise our leading edge technology without the need for dismantling machinery and sending parts away for measurement.  Our Faro Arm is an 8ft device that when combined with CAM2 software can allow the measurement of complex parts and generation of reports onsite, in situ.  The 3D Laser Scanner enables portable onsite scanning of small, complex parts right up to whole cars.  Please contact us now to find out more information on this service.



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  • Johansson Saphir CMM The Johansson Saphir is designed to withstand the problems of shopfloor production environments. The Saphir rewrites the rules of CMMs, providing measurement of guaranteed accuracy at speed. The Johansson Saphir has a unique absolute scales system that keeps a constant track on the probes position. The Saphir also has a real time compensation system for the effects of temperature variation accurate to 35°C.
  • Platinum FARO ARM The 8ft Platinum Faro Arm’s 0.001" accuracy allows Inspek Services to inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD to Part comparison on parts, fixtures and assemblies with previously unheard of precision. When you partner that accuracy with its adaptable 3-D measurement technology and customized zero-training Softcheck Tools (with or without CAD), it is ideal for forming, moulding, fabricating, casting and assembly facilities needing GD&T and SPC output.