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Independent Welding Services Ltd specialises in the sale and hire of welding equipment and associated accessories. We offer a range of portable TIG and MIG welding solutions as well as a full complement of pipe tools, drying ovens, fume extractors and welding screens. We can even supply welding gas. 

Our aim is to provide everything you need to get the job done – and that includes technical advice on welding processes as well as the equipment itself. The team at Independent Welding Services Ltd has a solid background in the welding and engineering industry, making us well placed to offer help and support in all weld related areas. 

We are also well-qualified to carry out maintenance, calibration and repairs on a wide range of welding devices. In fact, Independent Welding Services was originally set up to provide a welder repair and servicing facility for manufacturers and end-users alike, so we’re in a better position than most to look after your equipment. 

You can find out more about our services, including our equipment sales and hire, by visiting Independent Welding Services Ltd online. Alternatively, you can call us on 0117 935 2540 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our welding experts. 

Generator Hire

Our hire fleet now includes a range of generators suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications:

  • SDMO Generators
  • Arc Gen Hilta -15MVK Generator
  • Arc Gen Hilta – Powermaker 6DV
  • Pramac GSW22P

Our generator hire service is ideal for anyone needing portable power on a temporary basis (i.e. for special events or where mains power is temporarily unavailable). Independent Welding Services Ltd can also provide bunded fuel storage and distribution equipment to go with our generators. 

Welder Hire

Independent Welding Services Ltd is one of only a handful of companies in the UK that specialises in welder and cutting equipment hire. We have a dedicated hire fleet supported by a first class service department and delivery vehicles which give our customers access to the latest, state-of-the-art equipment wherever it is needed. As well as supplying and delivering the welders, we can also provide advice on setting-up and using them should you require it. 

Systems available for hire include:

  • TIG Welders
  • MIG Welders
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Engine-Driven Welders
  • Stick Welders
  • TIG Control Units
  • Welder Tools/Accessories

Get in touch and we’ll help you find the right welder for your particular application. 

Welder Sales

Independent Welding Services Ltd can offer some of the very best welding equipment the industry has to offer. We sell a huge range of welders and associated equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, whose products are renowned for quality, reliability and longevity. Our sales portfolio includes:

  • Petrol welders
  • Diesel welders
  • Arc welders
  • Cebora welders
  • Cea welders
  • Kempii Welders
  • Miller Welders
  • Murex Welder
  • Migatronic Welders
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutters
  • Welding Ovens

Find out more by visiting Independent Welding Services online or contacting us directly on 0117 935 2540.

Generator Sales

Customers requiring generators on a long term basis may find that purchasing a system outright presents a more cost-effective solution. At Independent Welding Services Ltd, we can offer a range of power generators to cover most commercial and industrial applications. These are manufactured by SDMO, one of the world’s leading generator companies. Their systems are characterised by their inherent strength, versatility, compactness, ease of use and exceptional performance. Models available from Independent Welding Services include:

  • SDMO R22C3
  • SDMO R66C2C
  • SDMO R165C3


The team at Independent Welding Services Ltd is fully qualified to carry out welder repairs and perform routine maintenance on a wide range of devices. This service is available on-site at your premises or within our own facility. On-site repairs are carried out by experienced field technicians working from well-equipped service vehicles. 

As well as ad hoc repairs and maintenance, Independent Welding Services can provide regular servicing and calibration contracts to meet BS7570. This includes the provision of certification documents and safety reports. 

Powermax Welder Hire

Independent Welding Services Ltd is pleased to offer its customers a range of Powermax welding products, including:

  • Powermax 85 – a handheld or mechanised plasma system for cutting and gauging metals.
  • Powermax 45 – a highly versatile, multi-purpose plasma system for cutting and gauging metals. 
  • Powermax 1650 – delivers superior cutting capabilities on 1 ¼” (32 mm) thick metals. Highly reliable and ideal for the most demanding cutting and gauging jobs. 

Full details and specifications can be found on our website. 

Weld Gas

Independent Welding Services Ltd is an established Gas Agent and carries a full range of industrial gases for BOC - the country’s largest manufacturer and supplier. We also stock a large range of welding and cutting consumables and accessories such as nozzles, hose assemblies, flowmeters, argon-savers and heaters. Just tell us what you need and we’ll provide it. Call us on 0117 935 2540 for more information.

Thermic Lancing

The Thermic Lance is a consumable burning bar used to cut and bore stubborn materials. Once ignited it will melt almost any material by thermo-chemical reaction. This versatile and cost-effective tool has many uses, particularly within ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, smelters and mills where it is ideal for opening tap holes, removing aluminium hard spots, cleaning ladles and tundish nozzles, cutting slag and refractory metal and cleaning solidified spillages. In other industries, Thermal Lances are used for cutting steel piles, cutting and severing reinforced concrete, cutting and boring quarried stone and general demolition and decommissioning work.



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