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We have been designing and manufacturing drive power transmission components for well over a century, and today we produce a comprehensive range of drives and components that meet modern industry's demands for increasing speeds, power, durability and precision.

As well as our standard stock products that include gears, roller chains, sprag clutches, sprockets, timing belt pulleys and torque limiters, we offer a full design and development service for custom items.

Our aim is to provide the widest selection of cost-effective, quality power transmission products, tailoring each solution to the customer's requirements with excellent customer service and fastest delivery possible.

We are continually assessing and improving our products and service, and we hold BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation for the manufacture of power transmission products.

Roller Chain Drives - Visit our website

We offer precision roller chains to both BS and ANSI standards in simplex and multi-strand forms, with several sizes kept in stock for immediate despatch. We also provide special construction chains suitable for corrosive or high temperature applications.

Our standard attachment chains include extended bearing pin chains and hollow pin chain as well as K and M plates. We can also custom design attachments.

We supply tools such as rivet extractors and a variety of tensioners. We were the original manufacturers of the Automotive Chain Tensioner, and offer 3-inch, 6-inch and 12-inch models.

We also provide a wide range of sprockets, bushes and platewheels in both standard and custom sizes and configurations.

Inverted Tooth Drives - Visit our website

Our H-V chains provide for smooth, low noise transmission of high torques with high shaft speeds of up to 12000 RPM, saving money and space over timing belt drives, gears or roller chain drives in a wide variety of applications.

SC inverted tooth chains in ANSI standard dimensions with widths up to 16 inches are also available, with fast delivery on both standard centre guide or outside guides.

Inverted Tooth Conveyor Chains provide smooth transportation of glassware, castings, mechanical components and many other products. As well as improved synchronisation and timing and the resultant faster production rates, the hardened links offer the advantage of high wear resistance.

Overload Clutches - Visit our website

Designed to give overload protection of high torque values with a compact unit, our Safeguard Overload Clutches provide precision and long service life with minimal maintenance for a low cost. They are available in the Standard series that provides optimum torque and speed, as well as the Mini series for slower speed drives. Both series are also available as Overload Shaft Couplings. We also offer Series CZ/CN Zero Backlash Safeguard Overload Clutches in a range of types and sizes, as well as pneumatically operated overload clutches.

For applications requiring shaft synchronisation and accurate torque control, we offer prompt availability on Cross Shearguard Overload Couplings, which provide for transmission of torques as high as 125,000 Nm in a low inertia, compact unit. The standard Shearguard coupling combines with the Chain Coupling to create a flexible coupling that can accommodate shaft misalignment.

Freewheel Clutches - Visit our website

We provide a wide variety of freewheel clutches, including sprag clutches and industrial ratchet freewheels in standard sprocket or drilled flange. We also provide steel adaptors for IRFs to conventional keyed shafting.

Our extensive selection of sprag clutches includes our "M" Series of sprag clutches, clutch couplings and adaptors.

Other types of clutches include:

  • Sprag clutches, shaft mounted sprag clutches for backstop, and ball and roller bearing sprag clutches
  • Roller ramp clutches
  • End flange and torque arm end flange clutch assemblies
  • Overrunning clutch couplings
  • Compact freewheel clutches
  • Combined roller bearing / roller ramp clutch
  • Single revolution clutches
  • Backstop clutches
  • Contact-free overrun clutches

Shaft Clamping Elements - Visit our website

Providing the latest innovation in drive connection, our shaft clamping elements enable transmission of both axial thrust and torque loads with no backlash. Incorporating simplified designs that offer cost reduction and easy assembly and disassembly, Cross shaft clamping elements offer an alternative method of connecting hubs to shafts to fine-bored hubs, heavy press kits, hydraulic clamping systems, tapered brushes and welded components.

We offer a comprehensive range of shaft clamping elements to cover number of uses such as applications with high bending loads, use with standard or large pulleys, sprockets and gears, connecting to small shaft diameters or soft materials, and connecting to more than one shaft as a rigid shaft coupling.

Sealmaster Bearings - Visit our website

We offer an extensive selection of Sealmaster Bearings products, including:

  • Pillow blocks and expansion pillow blocks (two-bolt base)
  • Pillow blocks (four-bolt base)
  • Take-up units
  • Flange units (two-bolt and four-bolt)
  • Cylindrical flange cartridge units and expansion units
  • Textile pillow block bearings
  • Paver bearings for most paving machines
  • Bearing inserts
  • Rod ends
  • Y Studs
  • Spherical and heavy duty spherical bearings

Sealmaster Roller Bearing products include:

  • Rollerbearing pillow blocks
  • Flange and piloted roller bearing flange units
  • Air handling roller bearings for HVAC use
  • Sealmaster Ball Bearing Products include corrosion-resistant bearing units and high
    temperature / industrial furnace units.

We also offer Sealmaster Gold Line beverage bearings as well as hanger bearings and rubber mounted pillow blocks, flange blocks and cartridge units.

Shaft Couplings - Visit our website

We can fulfil the requirements of most drive applications with our flexible shaft couplings:

  • Roller Chain Couplings - for steady load, moderate speed applications
  • Delrin Chain Couplings - corrosion proof; needs no lubrication
  • Jaw Couplings with spider inserts- accommodation of high-speed misalignment
  • Elastomeric Couplings Type KE with spider inserts - for dirty or oily environments
  • Elastomeric Couplings Type GE with spider inserts - accommodate high-speed
    misalignment; low levels of backlash
  • Morflex Couplings - high-speed misalignment accommodation, suitable for high torsion applications
  • Polymer Sleeve Gear Couplings Type GF - economical, low maintenance couplings in 10 sizes
  • Gear Couplings Types GFA and GFAS - provide torsionally stiff connections while accommodating axial movement and mis-alignment
  • Crossflex Disc Couplings - low maintenance with no lubrication requirements; all steel construction with several configurations possible

Torque Limiters - Visit our website

When the torque demand exceeds a preset limit in a drive system, the Morse Torque Limiter automatically slips to protect the system from damage until the torque overload has passed, then re-engages automatically with no re-set requirement. The simple design of this economical yet durable limiter means minimal maintenance and ease of adjustment, and can prevent expensive downtime and equipment repairs. The Morse Torque Limiter is flexible and has a torque range of 3 to 8540 Nm.

Gears - Visit our website

We stock an extensive range of standard gears, and with our short lead time capability on custom gears, we can fulfil any open gear drive requirement.

Our standard stock gears include straight cut bevel and mitre gears in medium carbon steels. We also offer a new range of 20 deg PA spur gears with up to 120 teeth in medium carbon steel. We supply straight racks for combining with standard spur gears for an economical conversion from rotary to linear motion.

We can modify our standard gears by the addition of heat treatment for use in rigorous conditions or reworking the faces and bores. We can also manufacture custom gears and racks.

Timing Belt Drives - Visit our website

Our Classical Timing Belt Drives are available in three sizes, are particularly suited to applications of up to 25 KW. We stock an extensive range of belts and pulleys, and we can supply open ended and double-sided belts.

The Metric Series of Hight Torque Drive (HTD) Belt Drives that utilise a new parabolic tooth profile with increased tooth contact between pulley and belt, offers reduced noise, increased power and greater shear stress resistance.

Our Polyurethane Timing Belts are well suited to applications involving food production and paper transportation systems.

We also supply V belt pulleys as well as a comprehensive range of timing belt drive ancillaries.

V Belt Pulleys with pilot bore - Visit our website

SPA, SPB, SPC & SPZ series.

SPA available from 40mm to 630mm PCD number of grooves from 1 to 6 please enquire.

SPB available from 63mm to 630mm PCD number of grooves from 1 to 6 please enquire.

SPC available from 100mm to 630mm PCD number of grooves from 1 to 6 please enquire.

SPZ available from 50mm to 315mm PCD number of grooves from 1 to 3 please enquire.

Manufactured according to ISO 4183 and DIN 2211-3 norms. Material: cast iron EN-GJL-200 UNI EN 1561 Treatment: phosphate

V-belt pulleys with taper bore - Visit our website

V-belt pulleys with taper bore are manufactured according to ISO 4183 and DIN 2211-3 norms.

The material used for the construction of these pulleys is cast iron EN-GJL-200 UNI EN 1561 and after the machining all pulleys are phosphated. All pulleys are statically balanced and suitable for peripheric speed up to 35 m/s.

Four types are available: - SPA, SPB, SPC & SPZ series

SPA available from 63mm to 1000mm PCD, number of grooves from 1 to 6 please enquire.

SPB available from 100mm to 1250mm PCD, number of grooves from 1 to 10 please enquire.

SPC available from 200mm to 1250mm PCD, number of grooves from 2 to 10 please enquire.

SPZ available from 50mm to 800mm PCD, number of grooves from 1 to 8 please enquire.

Rivet Extractors - Visit our website

Essential when disconnecting roller chains from bulk length, as well as for chain repair and alteration, our Rivet Extractors require very little maintenance.  They are tough and robust, with all parts being made of high grade steels.  Further durability is guaranteed as all moving parts are hardened, providing unbeatable strength and resistance to wear.  The products are available in a range of sizes so you can choose the best one for your application.  You can be assured our Rivet Extractors will provide a long and rugged working life.

Tensioners - Visit our website

Spring loaded Tensioners from Cross and Morse are particularly useful on long centre distance drives, providing a very effective way to extend the life of roller chain.  Tensioners can be used for both simplex and multistrand applications.  Our Rotary Tensioner provides automatic 90° tensioning action; the Linear Tensioner has automatic linear adjustment and; the Fixed Tensioner is manually adjustable and has UHMW (Ultra-high Molecular Weight) polyethylene guides.  Have a look at our Tensioners to significantly increase the life of roller chain.

Clamping Elements RCK13 - Visit our website

The RCK13 Shaft Clamping Elements, used to transmit medium torques, are compact and flexible.  The RCK13 boasts good concentricity between hubs and shafts, with no other means of location required.  Safety is an important factor too and optimum safety, as well as minimal axial length, is achieved as these units can be installed completely within the hub.  Visit our website to learn more and to download our extensive Shaft Clamping Elements catalogue.

SC Inverted Tooth Chain - Visit our website

A standard for Inverted Tooth Chains has been in place for more than 50 years, enabling effective interchange between various manufacturers.  Adhering to this standard, we provide standard Chains up to 1” pitch.  These are stocked in our warehouse so you can be assured of fast delivery.  Note that the 3/16” Pitch Chain is available in 304 stainless steel for food industry and pharmaceutical applications.  Additionally, we manufacture Sprockets for the standard chains as well as for special configurations.  You can see a lot more detailed information about the SC Inverted Tooth Chain in our catalogue, which can be downloaded from our website.

M Series Sprag Clutches - Visit our website

Within the M Series, we offer four types of Sprag Clutches for various applications.  All products in the series use precision cams manufactured from high chrome alloy steel.  This is hardened and honed to ensure an accurate shape.  An innovative finishing process ensures a smooth cam surface, resulting in even load distribution and a longer working life for the clutch.  Briefly, the Series comprises: the standard clutch MG Series, designed for general overrunning, backstop and index applications; The MI Series with sprag assembly for high speed indexing; the MO Series, with labyrinth seals producing minimal drag on higher speed overrun and backstop allocations; and the MR Series, with sprag cage arrangement which facilitates high speed overrunning of the outer race.  You can see more about the M Series on our website, which also has information about Vertical Shafts and High Speed/High Temperature Operation.



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  • McGill Cam follower bearings provide an antifriction solution for translating rotation to linear motion or supporting either pure radial or combination thrust loads depending on the rolling elements types. Machined race needle bearings provide an antifriction solution when supporting rotating shafts with radial loads. Spherical Roller Bearings. The range includes CAMROL®, TRAKROL®, CAGEROL®, GUIDEROL®, SPHERE-ROL®
  • Rollway® Rollway® Cylindrical radial roller bearings facilitate ease of mounting and dismounting, particularly where both races are an interference fit on their seating. Rollway® Tapered radial roller bearings create a line of contact between the raceway and rolling element distributing loads across a larger area and can accept heavier X & Y load capacities. Rollway®Spherical roller bearings create an elliptical shaped contact area that is larger than a ball bearing making them ideal where static and dynamic misalignment is present.

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