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Hydraulics2u is an online store specifically designed to be the only place you will ever need to visit for all your Enerpac hydraulic and pneumatic components, parts and maintenance needs. We have a huge selection of products available, one of the most comprehensive selections on the market, which includes cylinders, pumps, everything you will need for basic maintenance as well as a whole of host accessories that include hoses and gauges. 

For specialist industry use in such areas as marine, mining, water treatment, off-shore, pulp and paper production, power plant generation and fire and safety, we stock diaphragm and pinch valves as well as the associated flanged ball valves and swing check valves.

We also offer a full design and manufacturing service and can build machines with full control systems to client specifications and in a range of materials. 

If you need any help in selecting the correct products for your needs, we also supply in-depth technical information contained within the product descriptions for each of the items on our site. In addition, we have an experienced and skilled team of staff on hand to answer respond to any queries or questions relating to any of our products. 

Hydraulic Cylinders - Visit our website

We have a huge choice of hydraulic cylinders on offer for use in all kinds of industries including marine technology.  Our hydraulic cylinders are hugely adaptable and work on different tonnages and with a full range of strokes. We can specially make bespoke cylinders to order to fulfill our customer’s exact requests.

Our range currently consists of:

  • 210 & 350 BAR Standard Range Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Telescopic Cylinders
  • Enerpac Single Acting Cylinders
  • Enerpac Aluminium Cylinders
  • Enerpac Double Acting Cylinders
  • Enerpac 350 BAR Workholding Cylinders

We are also able to provide swing cylinders, positive clamping cylinders, pull down clamps and collect locking cylinders on request, please contact us for further details.

Hydraulic Pumps - Visit our website

With hand pumps, air pumps and electric pumps available there is one to suit every type of application. Our hand pumps come in a range of light to heavy duty styles and feature ultra high pressure and multi fluid varieties. Depending on the type of pump they can be single or double acting and work with various different BAR and reservoir sizes. Our air pumps feature 700 BAR working pressures and are, again, available with different reservoir options. We now stock Enerpac’s new XVARI True Foot Operation pump. Our electric pumps come in 210 and 700 BAR working pressure ranges and the Enerpac compact pump can offer a choice of valve and reservoir options in 110V or 240V.

Hydraulic Valves - Visit our website

Used to ensure the proper direction of liquid flow, hydraulic valves are normally divided into three main categories, directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves. Depending on the type of application you need, we have a wide selection of valves available and if you can‘t find what you are looking for, simply give us a call and we will help.

Our hydraulic valves include:

  • Aron CETOP 3 Directional Valves (AD3E) and Modules (AM3)
  • Aron CETOP 5 Directional Control Valves (AD5E) and Modules (AM5)
  • CETOP Manifolds and Bases
  • Aron In-Line System Control Valves
  • Enerpac In-Line Valves
  • Aron CETOP Valves and Modules
  • Hydraulic Ball Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Pilot Operated Check Valves
  • Hydraulic Non-Return Valves
  • In-Line Swivel Connectors

Process Valves - Visit our website

Our process ball valves are come with electric or pneumatic actuators and as either single or double acting valves. Manufactured in high grade brass or stainless steel, our process valves are designed to be hard wearing and long lasting. 

We have separated the valves into three types with multiple options under each category, these are:

  • Ball Valves with Electrical Actuators
  • Ball Valves with Single Acting Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators
  • Ball Valves with Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

Quick Couplings - Visit our website

Our quick couplings are available to buy individually as a female carrier and a male plug, so you only have to buy the part that you actually need.  Made to adhere to interchangeability requirements, all our quick couplings meet ISO standards. There are options to buy quick couplings made from brass, carbon or stainless steel.

Our quick coupling range includes: 

  • Enerpac Quick Release Couplings
  • Stucchi ISO 'A' Quick Release Couplings
  • Stucchi ISO 'B' Quick Release Couplings
  • Stucchi Flat Face Quick Release Couplings
  • Screw Type Quick Release Couplings

Hydraulic Accessories - Visit our website

We have a various accessories on offer to aid in the easy, daily, smooth running of your hydraulic system.  Our stock consists of hoses, gauges, Enerpac manifolds and many types of hydraulic fitting and washers. We also carry a range of various ISO standard hydraulic oils and Enerpac oil, all in 5 litre quantities. Additionally, should you require different connections or bespoke scales or dials, we will be able to make them to order for you, please contact us for a quote at [email protected]

Flanged, Diaphragm and Pinch Valves and Tools - Visit our website

We can provide a selection of the most common type of valves, including gate valves, wedge valves, flanged ball valves and diaphragm and pinch valves. Our valves are available in a range of sizes and materials making them suitable for all kinds of uses, furthermore, we also stock air operated pinch valves. Our diaphragm and pinch valves are manufactured in the UK to the highest standard and can be either threaded or flanged and lined as required. To assist with the maintenance of our valves, we also carry Enerpac hydraulic torque wrenches, as well as both mechanical and hydraulic flange and bolting tools.

Hydraulic Clamping - Visit our website

Our hydraulic hollow clamping cylinders work in seamless partnership with our air/oil boosters but can be used with any hydraulic pump. Our cylinders come in sizes ranging from 1.4 ton right through to 8.6 ton. The can be used on an assortment of push/pull applications and are available with or without an internal spring, depending on the strokes required. 

Our air/oil boosters are supplied complete with a glass reservoir bottle and the hydraulic output is produced by the intensification of the compressed air, which varies from 30:1 to 92.2:1, depending on the model. All models return one shot of oil to the reservoir and the volume of oil output can be up to 31.5cc on the micro boosters to up to 437cc on the extended airo-matic boosters.

Hydraulic Jacks - Visit our website

We have every conceivable kind of hydraulic jack, from low height hydraulic jacks in 10 ton and 20 ton, hydraulic toe jacks in 2 ton to 50 ton and heavy duty air hydraulic bottle jacks from 12 ton to 500 ton, that are suitable for any application. Our Enerpac cylinder and pump sets are available in a hand held 5 tonnes version to a larger 23 tonne version. All models are easy to assemble and the 10-23 ton versions are supplied with everything you need, including force gauge, gauge block, hose and couplings.

Marine & Stainless Hydraulics - Visit our website

Manufactured with the demanding marine industry in mind, Hydrualics2u carry a range of products that are suitable for this kind of specialist use as well as stainless and corrosion resistant products that are also water resistant and can withstand extreme conditions. Our product list in this niche area is ever growing and out current list of marine hydraulics includes:

  • Hydraulic Mast Jack Kits, Enerpac and Economy Versions
  • Hydraulic Rigging Cutters available to buy online up to 100 Tonne - Specials available on Request
  • Hydraulic Rod Rigging Cutters - Designed to Cut Nitronic 50 Rod Rigging
  • Hydraulic Marine Tools including Nut Splitters and Hydraulic Torque Wrenches for Vessel Maintenance

Hydraulic Tools - Visit our website

Our hydraulic tools are designed to make every day life a bit easier and also to help with the daily maintenance of your equipment to ensure its longevity. Our heavy duty, hydraulic lifting tables are incredibly sturdy and come in either a 1500Kg capacity, single lift or a 500Kg capacity, double lift. We also have 10 tonne bench or 23 tonne free standing hydraulic presses as well as a made to order 100 tonne special press. We also carry a vast assortment of hydraulic cutter heads and manual hydraulic cutters with options in scissor and C frames, each one able to cut different materials and sizes. Other tools in our range include Enerpac torque wrenches and mechanical and hydraulic flange and nut tools.

Torque Wrenches & Tools - Visit our website

Our Enerpac torque wrenches boast an innovative pinless wrench construction, as well as featuring quick release cylinders and an automatic crank engagement. Their nickel plating makes them ideal for resisting corrosion and they have a small nose radius. The full range of low profile, hexagon cassettes come in sizes from 30mm to 115mm. The Enerpac square drive torque wrenches are also nickel plated as well as being lightweight with a single 360 degree hydraulic swivel manifold for increased manoeuvrability. We also sell torque wrench pumps for specific use with our wrenches.

Air Service Units - Visit our website

With a selection of air service units, in sizes 1 – 3 on offer, Hydraulics2u can supply a full kit or just the parts you need. Each size range contains separate filters, lubricators and regulators or you are able to purchase a unit that is already pre-assembled with a reinforced technopolymer body design. There are options available for the filter pore size and all units have bowl protection and auto-drain where necessary. We also carry a variety of accessories for each unit size that includes progressive start-up valves, shut-off valves and high sensitivity pressure regulators.

Pneumatic Cylinders - Visit our website

We stock some of the leading brands in the manufacture of pneumatic cylinders; with the complete ranges from Pneumax, Festo and SMC available to buy through our site. The cylinders each have distinct benefits that depend on the application but all are durable, long lasting and constructed in high quality metals. We also carry a full selection of complimenting accessories for each brand including pneumatic cylinder mountings and reed switches.

Pneumatic Valves - Visit our website

We have a full range of pneumatic valves in stock from Pneumax, Festo and SMC. In both the Festo and SMC range we carry pneumatic solenoid and pilot valves, mechanical and manual air valves as well as specialist pneumatic valves, manifold mounted valves and all the necessary accessories. Our Pneumax range comprises of air pilot valves, manual valves and ancillary valves and relevant accessories with solenoid valves coming soon.

System Monitoring - Visit our website

Our system monitoring equipment is provided by Hedland and we have both digital pressure gauges and flow meters available. Our flow meters come in three types, air flow, oil flow and water flow, depending on the type of application. All meters come in basic, flow alert and multi readout versions and can therefore be used either to just monitor flow or provide full data acquisition. All of our flow meters can be bought in sizes 1/4" BSP to 1 & 1/2" BSP.



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