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Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd is a leading manufacturer of water stills and laboratory glassware. We’ve been providing high quality glassware for customers across the globe since 1973, making us one of the most experienced suppliers in the industry. We’re proud to be long term partners of HM Government, the NHS, various education authorities, and all major selling houses.

Hamilton are able to offer an unrivalled range of standard laboratory products, from filters, flasks, bottles and  ground joints to extractors, condensers, stoppers, screw threads and  much more. Meanwhile, our lengthy production experience and in-depth application understanding enable us to manufacture laboratory glassware to almost any specification. So whatever kind of laboratory glassware you need, Hamilton’s skilled team of technicians will be able to design and manufacture it. Just send us your drawings or design ideas and we’ll get the ball rolling. We can even undertake research and development projects should you wish to outsource them.

The quality of our products is of paramount importance to us. We utilise the very best materials and the most advanced production techniques to guarantee product integrity, and all of our equipment is manufactured to British or international standards where required. These are the reasons why our laboratory products are trusted throughout the world.

So for high quality laboratory glassware, make Hamilton your first port of call.

Budget Water Stills - Visit our website


The Budget Water Still has been created to meet educational requirements. The still is a basic low cost unit with an easy drain facility.

Mounted on a powder coated metal base  that will provide four litres per hour of distillate but still  retains s safety thermostatic cut out and high quality glassware..

Economy Water Stills - Visit our website


The Economy Water Still offers the same performance as the 4 litre cabinet. The Still has a high quality boiler and condenser distillation unit mounted on a powder coated metal base with all electrics in a metal housing. 

AWC Range - Visit our website



The Aquamatic Water Still are the top of the Hamilton range producing pyrogen free distillate and the output can be either 4 or 8 litres per hour or have metal or Silica Heaters  depending on the model. They can have either metal .Our Aquamatic range provides a water and electrical shut off and can be either single or double distillation. The cabinet is powder coated and can be wall mounted if required.

WSC Range - Visit our website


The WSC Range is very popular with users and the output can be either 4 or 8 litres per hour or have metal or Silica Heaters depending on the model. The WSC range provides a electrical shut off and can be either single or double distillation. The cabinet is powder coated and can be wall mounted if required.

Vertical Water Stills - Visit our website

WSS/4 & WSS/8

A long established water still that provides a consistent reliable performance at a low cost.

A double spiral condenser is mounted on a spherical boiling chamber with a flexible joint.

RS/25 Reservoir - Visit our website


All Cabinets except WSB/4, WSS/4 & WSS/8 can be fitted and supplied as complete unit.

Aquamatic Water Still scan be used with any type of reservoir of the customer’s choice.

Aspirator Bottle - Visit our website

Another Alternative to the Reservoir is a 20 litre Glass Aspirator Bottle complete with stopcock which can be supplied with any still for easy access to distillate.

Water Still Refurbishment - Visit our website

If your water still needs updating or refurbishing, we are now able to undertake that service for you.  You simply return the still to our factory and we will carry out a complete refurbishment.  We will let you know what spare parts are needed to bring it up to date.  Following a complete refurbishment, we return the water still to you after it has undergone our thorough testing.  This is an ideal way to update your water still and to give you one that works as new.  Please note that this service is currently only available in the UK.

Laboratory Glassware - Visit our website

The industry in which we work requires products of the very highest quality, and yet it also demands cost-effectiveness; we’ve been delivering on both fronts for over 40 years. That’s why you’ll now find our equipment in educational and industrial laboratories up and down the UK and throughout the world. Over the past four decades we’ve continually expanded our range with innovative new products, so that we can now offer one of the largest collections of laboratory glassware anywhere in the world. You can browse this extensive range - which includes standard flasks, stills and general lab equipment  by downloading our product catalogue.

Remember, we also produce a diverse range of bespoke glasswork to specification, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your design ideas if you’re looking for something unique. Our skilled and experienced manufacturing staff are able to create intricate glasswork to the very highest specification.

Jointed Glassware - Visit our website

We manufacture a vast range of Glass Cone and Sockets in all sizes .All Sockets and Cones can be manufactured on any diameter and length shank to customer requirements..

Spherical Ground Joints - Visit our website

We manufacture a large range of spherical male and female ground joints with numerous shank diameters possibilities and lengths for further manipulation by glassblowers.

Spherical O Ring Joints - Visit our website

We manufacture a large range of spherical male and female O Ring joints with numerous shank diameters possibilities and lengths for further manipulation by glassblowers.

Screwthreads - Visit our website

We specialise in making screw tops for a range of glass products. These tops make an airtight seal and can be made in various sizes to suit different needs. These can be supplied with caps, silicon rings and PTFE Washers.

Columns - Visit our website

We can manufacture a wide range of columns, in different diameters and lengths, sintered with different porosities, un-sintered. The necks can be plain, rimmed or jointed with a plain or jointed stem and the taps can be PTFE or Glass or have no tap.

Coils - Visit our website

We can manufacture a vast range of bespoke coils to customers drawings.

Bottles - Visit our website

We manufacture high quality bottles for use in laboratories, in industry and in education.  Our graduated laboratory bottles are made with Borosilicate glass with thread ISO-GL 45.  They are available in a range of capacities from 100ml to 10,000ml.  All our bottles are complete with screw cap and pouring ring.  Visit our website for more details, as well as information about our line of spare screwcaps and outlet rings.

Condensers - Visit our website

We offer an extensive range of condensers, all manufactured to our exacting standards by our expert staff.  There is a good deal to choose from, so that you will be able to find the condensers best suited to your application.  If not, we can manufacture to your specifications.  All our condensers are available with plastic nozzles if needed.  You can see the full range., with illustrations and more details, on our website.

Extractors - Visit our website

Designed for use in laboratories, and industrial and educational applications, our range of extractors offers you a good choice of high quality products.  Our extractors are available in a selection of sizes, capacities and dimensions, and all are manufactured to our exacting standards of quality.  You can see the full range together with drawings to illustrate and further details of size on our website.

Filter Funnels - Visit our website

At Hamilton Laboratory Glass, we offer a good selection of filter funnels, all made to the highest quality by our highly trained and expert staff.  Our range of filter funnels includes funnels with interchangeable ground glass joint and those with plain stems.  There is a range of dimensions available.  You can see them all, plus details of size and porosity, along with illustrations on our website.

Flasks - Visit our website

We have an extensive range of flask styles to offer – from flat bottom flasks with varying neck types, as well as round bottom flasks with short, medium and long necks.  Multiple neck styles are available, as are distillation flasks.  Manufactured by our highly trained staff, all products on this range live up to our reputation for excellent quality.  All flasks from our large range can be seen on our website, where you will find details of capacity and size.

Gas Syringe Apparatus - Visit our website

We supply a good selection of gas syringe appliances, including 3 way stopcock, gas syringe, rubber connectors, monometer, oven, rubber caps and thermometer (0 to 360°C).  We manufacture a variety of tubes, such as silica with plugs, bent tubes, ‘T’ tubes, 6 inch by 1 inch test tubes and pinhole and drying tubes, all of the high quality you would expect from Hamilton.  You can find more details as well as illustrations on our website.

Separating Funnels - Visit our website

We supply a good selection of separating funnels.  The spherical funnels have a 15ml to 2000ml capacity; the conical range from 50ml to 2000ml; the cylindrical 25ml to 1000ml and the open top from 50ml to 250 ml.  Also available are separating funnels with pressure equalising tube, in spherical, conical, cylindrical and open top styles with cone and extended stem.  All conform to our high standards of quality.  You can see more about our range of separating funnels on the website.

Volumetric Ware - Visit our website

Our volumetric flasks come in a good selection of types and sizes.  Capacity of the BS1792:ISOR 1042 range of flasks goes from 5ml to 2000ml, and all are complete with glass or polypropylene stoppers.  Our wide neck flasks, suitable for sugar analysis, have capacities from 25ml to 1000ml and all conform with BS1792 tolerances.  We also offer Kohlrausch flasks, BS615 and sugar flasks available as BS675 Type I and Type II.  Visit our website to see the full section and further details.

Bespoke Glassware - Visit our website

Our highly skilled staff are able to manufacture items from customers drawings ,just e mail over a sketch and our technical department are available to discuss your requirements and help in your company’s research and development.



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