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GTech Surveys Ltd is a broadcast and telecommunications consultancy providing a variety of services for clients throughout the UK. We specialise in RF surveys, television reception surveys, TV and radio interference investigations and digital television switchover support. We also provide support in telecommunications planning, a service often required by wind farm developers, construction companies, architects, broadcasters and Local Planning Authorities. 

As well as the broadcast services outlined above, GTech Surveys Ltd are able review and prepare ES and EIA Telecommunications Chapters (also known as Electronic Interference Chapters) and documents, liaising with telecommunication providers and providing planning advice for developers (based on the requirements and planning conditions outlined in the Town and Country Planning Acts, 1990 & 1997). 

All of our services are fully insured and are carried out by an expert team of broadcast engineers with a wealth of industry experience.  If you would like to find out more about GTech Surveys and the services we provide, please head over to our website. For enquiries, please call us on 01926 744771. 

TV Reception Surveys

GTech Surveys specialises in radio and television reception surveys and broadcast reception impact assessments. These services are often required prior to large-scale development. Assessments are carried out in accordance with EIA guidelines, starting with a baseline condition survey, prediction of likely impacts and assessment of the effects these might have on sensitive receptors. We also conduct an analysis of residual effects before identifying suitable mitigation measures. A standard report will contain detailed maps that indicate possible areas of interference and the locations of surveyed areas; a discussion of the baseline reception conditions; analysis of the broadcast services available; and detailed advice on mitigation measures.

ES and EIA Telecommunications Chapters

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are typically required in the planning process for wind farms and large developments. The Telecommunications Chapter of an EIA requires an investigation into the impact of all broadcast platforms and often requires a baseline study of the pre-construction reception conditions. We are able to conduct these assessments for television, radio and other broadcast and telecommunications services, including mobile telephone networks. Each assessment includes a comprehensive analysis of potential impacts and effects – this forms part of the EIA Telecommunications Chapter, which can be written in any required technical style and to any chapter template provided.

Microwave Link and Line-of-Sight Link Impact Assessments

GTech Surveys are regularly asked to conduct microwave link and line-of-sight link impact assessments in order help developers meet the requirements of national, regional and local area planning procedures. This includes a full investigation into the potential impact of obstructions on existing telecommunication networks and wireless infrastructure (typical obstructions include construction cranes, wind turbines, building and trees). In most cases the directional nature of radio links means that interference can be avoided by defining clearance zones or by moving the link to avoid obstructions. If you would like to find out more about microwave link and line-of-sight link impact assessments, please head over to our website.

TV Interference Investigations

Development projects can often cause unexpected interference for television viewers in close proximity. Our engineers are able to draw upon a wealth of experience in order to determine the cause of such interferences and can advise developers on suitable mitigation measures. 

GTech engineers can also assess antenna installation work and signal distribution systems, providing an expert, independent opinion on quality, safety and suitability. For more information, please contact us directly on 01926 744771.

Digital Television Switchover

GTech Surveys are able to verify both analogue and digital terrestrial television coverage and carry out field strength assessments at heights of up to 10m AGL. We can also assist with UHF coverage surveys, investigate viewer transmitter preference and analyse coverage quality and availability in marginally served locations. 

Since 2007, GTech has been involved in one of the most complex transformations in television broadcasting history: the Digital Switchover. We’ve conducted technical studies on behalf of both Ofcom and the BIS. To find out more, please head over to GTech Surveys online.

TV and Radio Desktop Based Reception Impact Assessments

Small wind farms or construction projects do not always require a full Telecommunications EIA. In fact, a desktop study or desk-based investigation by a team of qualified consultants is often enough to meet planning conditions on smaller projects. GTech engineers are able to carry out such investigations to satisfy television and radio related planning conditions on almost any small development. This includes an analysis of potential impacts on reception and in-depth advice on suitable mitigation measures. For an overview of what the Chapter typically covers, please visit GTech Surveys online.

Line-of-Sight Panoramic Photography

Using a specially modified survey vehicle with two pneumatic masts and a range of state-of-the-art digital cameras, we’re able to capture line-of-sight panoramas from a height of up to 21m AGL. With this equipment, GTech engineers can take 360° photos from almost any spot in less than half an hour – without need of cherry pickers or other aerial platforms, which tend to come with a host of additional health and safety issues.

Broadcast and Telecommunications Survey Vehicle

We also have a specially modified vehicle for RF survey work. Built around a Ford Tourneo, it has one 12m Clarke and one 20m AP2000 pneumatic mast, allowing extensive RF surveys to be carried out at 10m AGL (the height used for network planning). GPS, 2.4GHz, DAB and VHF antennas fitted to the vehicle enable drive surveys to be carried out and for vehicle computers to gain GPS location data for field studies.

Digital Radio Upgrade

86% of the UK is currently able to receive Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) through a DAB digital radio, which is fitted with a specific DAB aerial.  There is a handy postcode checker on our website to help you identify if you have coverage in your area and which stations are currently available to you.  DAB has the advantage of being less prone to interference and reception issues, such as hissing and crackling, however any problems are usually associated with a weak signal, which most DAB radio displays can alert you to. Ensure you choose equipment featuring the DAB logo.

Radio Drive Testing

If you need detailed testing reports for VHF FM radio (Band II) or DAB radio to determine coverage and performance then please contact us.  We can identify areas where optimisation may be appropriate for VHF FM radio broadcast services and can also record and analyse DAB field strength values, bit error rates and signal-to-noise ratios to provide a performance overview.  GTech Surveys Ltd are also adept at conducting 2G and 3G network investigations, which provide network owners with in depth reporting of the performance of their networks as well as coverage. 

Telecommunications and Planning Policies

We are familiar with and work to the most up-to-date guidelines, frameworks and policies issued by local and regional planning authorities in respect to telecommunications planning.  These include the National Planning Policy Framework, Ofcom Guidance, ODPM (2004) Planning for Renewable Energy: A Companion Guide to PPS22, Renewable UK – Best Practice Guidelines for Wind Energy Development, Renewable UK – Planning Guidance: Small Wind Appendices, Appendix 7 – Electronic Communications, Nov 2011 and Sustainable Development Commission – Wind Power in the UK – A guide to the key issues surrounding onshore wind power development in the UK.  Full details of the points relating to communications can be found on our website.

4G TV Interference - at800

We have been working with Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd, in collaboration with the UK’s mobile phone operators, to conduct an in-depth transmission survey within a pilot area in West London.  The work was undertaken to test and ascertain the potential impact on Freeview reception from the rollout of fourth generation (4G) mobile networks.  4G services that are broadcast on the 800MHz band had the potential to interfere with the Freeview reception and the aim of this study was to determine the extent of interference, if any, and to highlight households where assistance may be required.



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