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Hampshire based Groove Associates Ltd specialises in the supply of high and medium voltage accessories to customers in the utility market alongside the supply of high performance underwater connectors to customers in the subsea market.

Here at Groove Associates Ltd we have many years experience in the industry which enables us to provide only top quality equipment to our customers. We are dedicated to providing first class products combined with first class customer services.

Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our excellent range of equipment. We strive to meet all of our customers needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please give us a call at Groove Associates and we will do our best to provide the most suitable and cost effective solutions.

Underwater Connectors

We are pleased to provide the industry with an extensive range of high quality Electromek connectors. These connectors are used with a wide range of applications such as on ROV’s, underwater imaging, ploughs, buoys, lights and communication equipment. We largely supply Electromek connectors to clients in the defence sectors as well as for major commercial projects. Many of our clients have been using our equipment for a number of years; a true reflection into the reliability and quality of our products. Our connectors are designed and manufactured to be tough and robust for long term use.

33kV Three Core Oil to Three Single Core XLPE Transition Joint.

This three core oil to three single core XLPE transition joint is an excellent piece of equipment designed to connect three core oil filled cables to three single core extruded cables. It has been used in industries for many years and can be supplied with on-site or base training if required. The 33kV transition joint takes an approximate 16 hours to install and features compact joint-reduced civils. Previous clients that we have worked with include Network Rail, Western Power, United Utilities, Scottish and Southern, Northern Ireland Electricity, EDF Energy, Scottish Power and Central Networks.

33kV Oil to Oil Stop Joint with XLPE Tee-Offs.

The oil to oil stop joint with XLPE tee-offs provides users with an excellent method of connecting two separate three core oil filled cables by acting as an oil stop joint and providing three single XLPE tee-offs. Benefits of this system include great service history, reduced joint bay space and the provision of XLPE tee-offs. This equipment has previously been supplied to customers including United Utilities and EDF Energy. Please contact us at Groove Associates Ltd for further information and advice regarding the suitability of this equipment to your project.

33kV Three Core Gas to Three Single Core XLPE Transition Joint

The three core gas to three single core XLPE transition joint is a tough and robust joint that has been manufactured using tried and tested technology for three core high pressure gas cable to three single core XLPE cables. This equipment is small and lightweight and uses proven pfisterer connectors. It is manufactured to IEC standards and features a stainless steel body (just over 1m long).

132kV Mechanical Shrinkage Joint

This mechanical shrinkage joint features outstanding shrink technology in order to create maximum reliability. It is extremely easy to install with 132kV XLPE and EPR cables. It is factory tested, meets IEC 60840, 62067 and IEEE 404 specification, and a shield break facility is available. Training can be provided on request. Please contact us for further information regarding the 132kV mechanical shrinkage joint.

9 Way 33kV XLPE (Breeches) Joint

The 9 way 33kV XLPE joint provides users with a quick and easy way of teeing-in XLPE cables as well as obviating the need for overlaying. This joint is ideal for diversion work and can be supplied with training if required. It features separable XLPE elbows range from 95 to 630mm and meets IEEE 386 specification. Please visit our website to find out more about the 9 way 33kV XLPE joint. Or, alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Groove Associates Ltd with your enquiries.

Solid Dielectric Switchgear (Trident)

Our Trident switchgear features outstanding solid dielectric insulation qualities with tried and tested rugged and reliable switching designs. It can be adapted to automatic operation and does not require routine maintenance. It features fully encapsulated vacuum interrupters, fully shielded, void-free construction and is 100% factory tested for partial discharge. Surface and underground designs are available and can be supplied as a load break or fault interrupting switch.

Current Limiting Protector

We also supply the CLiP which is an excellent device used to electronically sense and trigger overcurrent protection. This type of device has been used globally for a number of years. The CLiP features arc flash and arc blast reduction, network protection, is SCADA adaptable and is easy to install and maintain. It is available in three phase units for voltages from 2.8kV to 38kV and features continuous current up to 5kA and factory set triggering up to 120kA rms symmetrical. We can also provide on-site or base training if required.



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