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Greenwood Electronics Ltd have been involved in the electronics industry since the 1970s and have traded in our current form since 1991.  Experience tells and Greenwood is recognised as a leading value added distributor who really knows the business.  Our years of experience and expertise means we have an unbeatable knowledge of the products we sell and are able to offer highly informed assistance to our customers regarding components and suitability, as well as invaluable advice when it comes to application.  Our own label products are manufactured to the strictest standards and no effort is spared to ensure that high performance and superior quality are produced every time.  We offer a comprehensive range of hardware for the MIL-STD-1553B databus and know just about everything there is to know about these products.  Over the years we have developed into a leader in the field of custom design and replication of connectors.  In this area, we have worked closely with the Ministry of Defence, replicating many obsolete, but essential, connectors.   Additionally, we work with the Trompeter Electronics franchise in adapting connectors for specific uses.   Unrivalled quality, expertise and experience have made our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Greenwood Connectivity

At Greenwood Electronics, we manufacture obsolete connectors for the UK Ministry of Defence, as well as customised existing connectors in conjunction with Trompeter Electronics.  We can also provide many remanufactured connectors from the Greenpar range of inter-series adapters.  Have a look at our website for more information about the products available.

Military and Industrial Connectors

We offer a comprehensive range of cables and connectors to suit military and industrial applications.  In particular, we supply PANAVIA and EUROFIGHTER specified parts to many MOD prime and sub-contract suppliers.  We have the full parts libraries for these ranges and can cross-reference from PANAVIA 75.6XXX and EUROFIGHTER JN part numbers.  You can see more about these products on our website.

Military and Industrial Circular Connectors

For high performance application in industrial and military installations that require highly specified circular connectors, we offer the D38999 series from Conesys (Aero).  Further, we can provide circular connectors from other manufacturers.  This type of connector finds its use on ground in vehicles and labs, as well as in the air in aircraft.  We can usually supply series 3 connectors on a 3 to 5 day delivery basis.  Please call us for a quotation.

Greenwood Boxed Bus Couplers

Greenwood boxed bus couplers have been used extensively over the last decade in the lab and on field testings.  These couplers reduce reflections and maintain signal impedance levels.  A wide range is available, from the built-in terminator type to higher impedance models with any number of studs up to 8.  Stub jacks are also available and supplied as 3 lug TRB concentric twinax connectors.  2 lug and 4 lug and threaded versions are also available to special order.

1553B Data Bus

Greenwood Electronics offers a large stock of MIL-STD-1553B range connectors.  These military connectors are used on vehicles, ships and aircraft and ground stations throughout the world.  We predominantly supply the TRB twinax concentric type, best known as the PL75 series.  Also in stock are the twinax cables for flight and lab use, as well as a range of ready made cable assemblies, available in various lengths.  See more on our website.

Triax Connectors and Cable

Triax connectors and cables are used in a wide range of medical and scientific establishments, such as hospitals, university research labs and instrument manufacturers.  We supply these connectors and cable assemblies to both original equipment installations and for upgrades.  Our extensive knowledge of this range can help you select suitable adaptors for use on test equipment, such as that from Keithley and Agilent.  Have a look at our website for more information on our these products.

Twinax Cables and Cable Assemblies

Greenwood Electronics stocks a wide range of high performance and high temperature cables and cable assemblies for use in testing and in lab applications.  The high temperature MIL specified cables are used in ships, vehicles and aircraft.  We offer a low minimum order of 10 metres for these cables and sometimes shorter off-cuts are available.  Further, we can provide custom cable assemblies to any required length.  See our website for more information.

HD and SDV Connectors

Trompeter was the first connector manufacturer to supply high performance 75 ohm BNC cable plugs for High Definition and Digital Video use.  We supply the Trompeter UPL range, which is the predominant 75 ohm broadcast quality connector for coax cables.  The range includes the popular PCB-mounted BNC jacks – the UCBJE20 and UCBBJE20.  These connectors are used extensively by router and rack frame manufacturers who require high performance panel mount jacks.  You can see more about HD and SDV Connectors on our website.

Industrial Products

Transformers – Greenwood Electronics can supply replacement transformers for many products in the GARDNERS range, to NSN numbers and MOD sub-contract drawings.  These transformers are built to meet the original specifications.  Please contact us with your requirements.

Soldering Equipment – We stock a limited range of GOOT soldering irons and solder pots.  GOOT is the brand name of Taiyo Electric Ind. Co. Ltd, a leading soldering equipment manufacturer in Japan.

Contactors – In support of past Joslyn Clark/Ward Leonard clients, we also provide a range of the Clark/Leonard 5DP contactors.  We will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

TRB Connector Tools

We provide the full crimp tooling process for the Trompeter TRB PL75 connectors.  This connector requires two hand tools and two die sets.  One set is used to crimp the connector shield or bush and the other to crimp the centre contact.  We offer a range that includes 3 handles and 6 dies.  The parts are usually available from stock.  Visit our website for more information and illustrations.

Custom Connectors

We are pleased to offer a selection of connector couplers, allowing virtually any two connector types to be coupled together.  These couplers, originally part of the Greenpar GE55009 kit, include 50/75 ohm versions for mixing these connector types.  We have remanufactured 19 connectors from the original range.  Further, because we have a complete Greenpar kit, we are able to remanufacture other items in this range on request.  Minimum order quantities vary, but generally start at around 500 pieces.

Surplus Stock

Please check out our website for the current list of surplus stock, or email us for details and pricing.  Our current stock of surplus connectors includes a wide range from such manufacturers as Antex, Belden, Glenair, Greenpar, Harting, Lumberg, Microplastics, Philips and Wahl.  Stock quantities vary, so please contact us for specific stock details.



Registration Number: 02616969
VAT Number: GB569 9228 80
Registered at Companies House:4 June, 1991 (30 years and 5 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor


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  • Goot Lead-free Soldering equipment
  • Trompeter Electronics Inc Miltary, Aerospace & Broadcast Connectors; 1553B Twinax & Triax, & Cables.

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