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Everyvalve Limited is a flow control specialist and one of the UK’s leading suppliers of valves, pumps, hose and pipe fittings. Over 25 years of experience makes us one of the most trusted providers of flow control solutions in Europe. 


We offer an extensive range of products, parts and components in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, brass, cast iron, gunmetal, PVC, PP, ABS, HDPE and PVDF. Many of the valves we supply are manufactured by ourselves and sold under the ‘EvE’ brand. The rest come from leading manufacturers such as BD, Kraft, TEFEN, Irritec, ASV, Durapipe, Spears, Valterra Safi, Siarie, LVF and many others. 


Types of valve supplied include gate, globe, check, ball, relief, butterfly, needle, penstock, knife, reducing, sustaining, solenoid and actuated. Types of pump include submersible, centrifugal, drum and hand type (in stainless steel and various plastic materials). Also available are great range of hose and pump fittings for a variety of industrial uses. 


Our products are used across a number of industries, but mostly in chemical processing, engineering, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and water and wastewater treatment/removal. 


In the sections below you’ll find some examples of the products we supply. Only by visiting Everyvalve Ltd online will you be able browse the range in its entirety. On our website you’ll also find full technical data and specifications. If you would like any further information on our products or services, please contact our helpful, friendly sales team on 01707 642018. 


Threaded PVC Fittings

Please also visit our website to view our top quality threaded PVC fittings. The range includes: Sockets, Tees, Elbows (90 degrees), Elbows (45 degrees), Plugs, Unions, Caps, Nipples, Backing Rings, Full Flange Gaskets, Stub FL Gaskets, Back Nuts, Tank Connectors, Bush Concentric Plain Male X BSP Female, Adaptor Reducing BSPF x BSPF and Bush BSP M BSP Female. All products are manufactured to incredibly high standards and offered at competitive prices.

Angle Globe Valves (Pneumatic) SS &BRZ

Here at Everyvalve Ltd, we are pleased to supply the Angle Globe Valves (pneumatic) SS &BRZ. This pneumatic control valve is useful for a range of purposes, particularly in the chemical and process industries. Various sizes are available (please see details on our website) and right angled versions are available up to 150mm in size. A wide range of associated accessories are also available to order. Please visit our website to find out more about our Angle Globe Valves (pneumatic) SS &BRZ or contact our friendly team at Everyvalve Ltd to discuss your requirements.

Plastic Valves, Pneumatic Diaphragm - GLOBE - CHECK - AIR VALVES

We are also pleased to offer an excellent selection of plastic valves.

Examples of the range include:

  • Diaphragm Valves: these are manually operated, spigot ended valves with removable key and standard inlet connection for electrical position indicators.
  • Mini Ball Plastic Valves: feature a simple tap design for water usage in OEM applications, female thread depth of 10mm and black in colour.
  • Swing Check Valve Plastic Valves: these PP swing check valves feature PN16 flanges and are suitable for various water and chemical applications.
  • Dynamic Air Release Plastic Valves: these valves vent air under pressure or when a pipe system is filling with water.

Please visit our website to view full product specifications.

Polypropylene Pipe Fittings (Beige Standard)

Please head over to our website to view our excellent range of polypropylene pipe fittings. Various types are available to suit different application/ industry requirements. All items in the range are manufactured to incredibly high standards and offered at competitive prices. Sizes and prices are available to view online. If you would like assistance with product selection or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly at Everyvalve Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Metal Bodied Valves

Please also take a look at our fantastic range of metal bodied valves.

Examples of the range include:

  • Ball Valves Brass
  • Mini Ball Valve Brass
  • 3 Way Port Ball Valve Brass
  • Ball Valve SS
  • Ball Valve C.S/SS
  • Check Valve (spring) Brass
  • Swing Check Valve Brass
  • Foot Valve Type 140 Brass
  • Gate Valve Type 155 Brass 

To view the range in full, please visit our website. Full product descriptions, including images and prices, are available. If you would like to find out more about our metal bodied valves, please contact us directly at Everyvalve Ltd.

Electric - Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Everyvalve Ltd supplies top quality electric – pneumatic valve actuators.

The range includes:

  • Electric 90/180 degree turn actuators: these are designed for 2/3 way ball, butterfly and plug valves where remote operation is required. We offer the HQ range (100% rated on standard mode and 80% rated on modulation mode) and the EL range (75% rated on standard mode).
  • Pneumatic 90 degree operation: these are also suitable for 2/3 way ball, butterfly and plug valves where remote operation is required. We offer the pneumatic actuator (to IP67) and the limit switchbox (to IP67).

Please visit our website to view technical data.

PVC Imperial & Metric Plain Bushes

Everyvalve Ltd also supplies a wide selection of PVC imperial and metric plain bushes. These are available in a range of sizes to suit different application requirements. We also offer: BSP Reducing Bushes and Sockets PVC, PTFE Sealing Tape, PP Pouring Funnels (6 inch diameter), Cement PVC, Cement ABS, Worm Drive Hose Clips, Unex Clips, Flat Rubber Gaskets (plain type and pipped type) and Maclow Pipe Clips. Please visit our website to view the range in full. Sizes and prices are displayed online.

Quick Release Hose Coupling - Cam Action

Please visit our website to view our range of quick release hose coupling. The range includes: Coupler Male Thread, Coupler Female Thread, Coupler Hosetail, Adaptor Male Thread, Adaptor Female Thread, Adaptor Hosetail, Dust Cap (Coupler) and Dust Plug For Coupler. These items are supplied as standard in EPDM, however other materials are available. They feature a maximum pressure from 5 bars to 17 bars depending on the size and material of the item. Please see details and descriptions in full on our website.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, including PP, PVC and ABS. Most of these are available with plain or threaded sockets and EPDM or FPM seals. All PVC valves can be fitted with Full Faced Flanged connections as required. 


All of our ball valves are supplied with the same end connection at each end, though this can be changed where needed. Valve actuation can be electric or pneumatic, depending on your requirements. For full details and specifications, please head over to our website, where prices can also be found for each valve size. 



Everyvalve Ltd is an approved UK distributor of the TEFEN range of valves, connectors and fittings. The Tefen brand is recognised throughout the world for highly reliable products and an outstanding after-sales services. All of their manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality control procedures certified to ISO 9001:2008. Everyvalve is pleased to be able to offer an extensive range of Tefen valves, connectors and fittings in a variety of materials, including Nylon, PP and Acetal. You can find a full list of the products we have available in stock on the Everyvalve Ltd website.

Hose Adaptors

At our warehouse in Potters Bar (Hertfordshire) we stock a huge range of hose adaptors and fittings, including tees, ‘Y’s, elbows, crosses, 90° bends, male/female adaptors, hose menders and hose reducing menders in a wide variety of sizes. You can find all of the sizes listed on the Everyvalve website. Most of our hose adaptor products are made from Polypropylene (PP) and are available in black or grey. Visit us online to find out more.

Plastic & Metal Valves : PP / UPVC / NYLON / BRASS

We offer a range of PVC gate valves with EPDM seals and BSP or plain sockets. These can be used in a range of water and chemical processing applications, since the materials used to make them are highly resistant to aggressive materials. Fluid temperature, however, must not exceed 50°C. Sizes range from ½” to 4” – you can find full details on size availability (with corresponding prices) on the Everyvalve Ltd website.  For all other information, please contact our sales team on 01707 642018.

Petro Chemical Valves

Everyvalve has been supplying the petrochemical industry with high quality valves and associated products for over 25 years, and is one of the most trusted suppliers in the market. Companies throughout the world look to us for reliable, long lasting products at competitive prices. Our range of petrochemical valves includes threaded-end gate valves from ½” to 2”,  threaded-end globe valves from ½” to 2”, threaded-end check valves from ½” to 2”, and a number of flange-end gate, globe and check valves in a variety of sizes. For full details and specifications, please visit Everyvalve Ltd online.

Threaded Fittings

Everyvalve offers a wide selection of threaded fittings, including PP threaded sockets, threaded long bushes, threaded nipples, threaded reducing nipples, threaded plugs, threaded F/F elbows, threaded M/F elbows, threaded tees, threaded reducing bushes, threaded caps, threaded backnuts and PVC risers. A list of sizes can be found on our website.


Please contact our sales team for more information on our plastic fittings. 

Knife Gate Valve

Also available are a range of quality knife gate valves in manual and pneumatic configurations. Both types are made from cast iron and are available in a range of sizes. Optional extras include resilient EPDM seats, deflector cones for grit/slurries, extra duty resilient seats and special shaped orifices. Both versions are also available in Heavy Duty models. You can find more valve data on the Everyvalve website. For any further information, please contact our sales team on 01707 642018.

Expansion Joints

Our rubber expansion joints are typically used for Water Services. They have a temperature range of - 15°C to + 75°C and a pressure rating of 16 Bar at ambient. They feature PN10 and PN16 connections, neoprene sleeving and dip galvanised steel flanges. A full breakdown of sizes and corresponding prices can be found on the Everyvalve website.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. The range includes cast iron wafer-type butterfly valves up to 600mm with a nominal pressure of 16 bar and a temperature rating of - 20°C to + 90°C, as well as a number of Kraft aluminium wafer-type butterfly valves with various nominal pressure ratings. Both types are lever operated. Cast iron butterfly valves have an epoxy coated body and an EPDM or Buna seat. For full details and specifications, please visit Everyvalve Ltd online.

Check Valves

Check valves are available in PP and PVC with EPDM or FPM seals. Both types have a pressure rating of 0-10 Bar and a body length of 80mm. Temperature rating for PP check valves is - 10°C to + 90°C, whilst the rating for PVC check valves is 0 to 50°C. A stainless steel spring ensures a strong, reliable closure (note that PP valves are also available with a coated PTFE spring). Full details and specifications can be found on the Everyvalve website.

Pour Taps

EvE angled pour taps are ideal for OEM equipment requiring a dispenser for the outlet of water or chemicals. Standard applications include water tanks, bowsers and chemical drums. They have EPDM seals and a threaded connection, but can be supplied with FPM seals upon special request. EvE pour taps have a simple pour down design and are operated using a simple push mushroom hand knob. Their unique design makes them favoured amongst many OEMs.

Diaphram Valves

Our range of diaphragm type valves include:

  • Aquamatic diaphragm valve –  an angle pattern valve for pneumatic on/off control or use with a solenoid for actuation from service line pressure. Ideal for water and chemical processing applications. PPO body and nitrile seals. 
  • Pressure relief valve – a manually adjustable pressure relieving valve for use with clean chemicals. Features are large PTFE diaphragm. 
  • Pressure reducing valve – a manually adjustable valve designed to reduce upstream pressure to downstream. Suitable for use with clean pumped chemicals. Features a large PTFE diaphragm for even control of in-line pressure. 

Flow meters

Everyvalve stocks a huge range of flow meters in all sorts of configurations, covering virtually all applications. All of them are listed on our website with size availability and corresponding prices. You can find all of the information you need on our range of flow meters at Everyvalve Ltd online. If you’re unsure as to which type or size of flow meter you need, just give our sales team a call on 01707 642018. As experts in flow control we can provide all the information and advice you need to make the right decision.

Compression Fittings

As well as a full range of ball, gate, check, butterfly and solenoid valves, Everyvalve Ltd can supply a comprehensive selection of hose and pipe fittings. You can find these listed on the Everyvalve website with prices and specifications. Compression fittings are available in a wide variety of sizes. If you would like to know more, please contact our sales advisors on 01707 642018.

New Products

At Everyvalve Ltd, we’re constantly expanding our ranges to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. The industries we serve are continuously developing, which means we have to continuously develop new products in order to keep up. But sometimes we develop products that create change themselves by improving operations and streamlining processes. 


 You can find all of our latest designs on our New Products page. Visit us online and find out more. 


Solenoid Valves

We supply four main types of solenoid valve, each of which has many permutations: 

  • Plastic Valve 'K' Type (Servo) N. Closed – suitable ONLY for water and irrigation applications. Maximum pressure rating is 8 Bar. Made with Nylon body and a stainless steel plunger.
  • Plastic Valve PPS Direct Type BSPm N.Closed (D132, D332, D144, D344) – suitable for aggressive chemicals processing. Maximum pressure rating is 1.6 Bar. Made with PPS or PEI body and FPM seals. 
  • Nylon Washing Machine Solenoid Valve – for water use only. Maximum pressure rating is 10 Bar. Available in various sizes.
  • Steam Solenoid Valve (L145) – designed to shut off liquid and gaseous fluids. Maximum pressure rating is 8 Bar. Made with a brass body and PTFE seals. 




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