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For almost 40 years, we have been at the forefront of the EDM industry, thanks to the unrivalled quality of our graphites, the superiority of our state-of-the-art machine shop and our top-class service.

Our guiding philosophy has always been that the finest raw materials, when combined with first-class manufacturing techniques and the finest possible service, will result in a successful business.

We source the finest carbon and graphite materials from Poco Graphite in the USA and Toyo Tanso in Japan; both globally recognised as being companies at the forefront of graphite and carbon technology. The excellence of their materials is allied with our splendid manufacturing facility and skilled professionals to make us a leader in numerous applications.

Having originally obtained approval in 1991, our Quality Management Systems is ISO 9001:2008 approved for:

Stockholding of graphites, carbons and metallics for the metallurgical, semi-conductor and general related engineering applications; Stockholding of ancillary products for the electro-discharge machining industry; Manufacture of machined products for the electro-discharge, semi-conductor and metallurgical industries; and the Manufacture of carbon brushes and ancillary maintenance products.

We provide a secure e-commerce site with pre-registered authorised account access only for no-risk 24-hour ordering.

Sink Erosion

With a complete range of raw materials, including the widest choice of graphites in the industry and a state of the art machine shop, we offer a full umbrella service for sink electric discharge machining users. All our metallic electrode materials are available in wire, rod, plate and tube form.

We carry graphites from Poco Graphite and Toyo Tanso, and our metallics range includes HDHC and easy machining copper and copper tungsten. We offer a full selection of metallic EDM tubes and wires including copper and brass as well as tungsten carbide tubes, and copper tungsten and tungsten wire.

Wire Erosion

Our range of wires and ancillary products for wire erosion users demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers maximum value for money, while providing the finest quality materials and the most efficient service.

We stock the most comprehensive range of EDM wire in the UK, including brass, brass alloy, zinc-coated brass, zinc-coated copper and molybdenum.

We are the number one supplier of wear parts to the UK Wire EDM industry, with replacement parts for all types of machines. We offer filters, magnets, wire guides, ion-exchange resin, anti-rust products, nozzles, contacts and other wear parts as well as adhesives and cleaners.

Mechanical Carbon Applications

We supply silicon carbide components, vanes, packings, piston rings, mechanical seals, and radial and thrust bearings composed of carbon and graphite grades capable of withstanding the most extreme demands of high temperature, dimensional stability, lubrication, impermeability and chemical inertness.

We offer a variety of Performance Enhancing Impregnation Products with technology developed by Toyo Tanso in Japan. There is a choice of Furane (Furfuryl Alcohol), Phenolic Resin or Phosphate Salts to suit your application. We stock a full range of Extruded and Hard Carbon substrate materials and Isotropic Graphite. This technology is particularly suitable for applications where increased temperature resistance or durability imperviousness of the substrate is required.

Semiconductor Applications

We manufacture a large selection of tooling and parts for the semiconductor industries, using materials such as ultra-purified graphites, fine-grained graphites, graphite foil, vitreous and pyrolytic graphites, silicon carbide and pure tungsten. Applications for these materials include:

• Crucibles
• Gaskets
• Glass to metal sealing jigs
• Heaters
• Ion implantation equipment components in tungsten and graphite
• LTO Injector Tubes
• Silicon Carbide (SiC) dummy wafers
• SiC wafer carriers
• Silicon carbide coated susceptors for epitaxy applications
• RTA susceptors

Furnace Applications

We can manufacture extruded graphite parts for many furnace and other high temperature applications. Extruded Grades, despite having slightly lower strength than ISO Graphite, are ideal for applications such as furnace heating elements, susceptors, moulds, crucibles and sintering trays and boats, and are also used in electrolytic cell applications as anode or cathode material.

We can also supply higher graphite grades and CFC for more demanding applications.

We can provide design and development services for high-quality graphite productions solutions for the most diverse industries and applications.

Machining Services

In addition to our wide selection of stock electrode materials, we offer a superior manufacturing and machining service to include CNC milling, grinding and turning as well as multi-spindle copy milling and form grinding.

Our equipment, expertise and extensive range of materials gives us the flexibility to fulfil large batch produced repetition electrode orders as well as plastic mould and forging of one-off electrodes.

We can produce 3-D electrodes by CNC milling with CAM or copy milling with moulds designed by us or provided by the customer.

We can manufacture carbon brushes, bearings and vanes, mechanical carbon seals, hot pressing dies and semi-conductor tooling, etc. to specification.

Our inspection department utilises CNC CMM equipment with full print-out facilities.

Carbon Brushes

Our commutation system comprises a carbon commutator, brush holder and brushes, uniquely produced by one manufacturer at one facility.

We also specialise in high-volume made-to-order brushes with speedy manufacture and despatch at our daughter company, "Engineering Carbon Products", offering CNC grinding, technical expertise in grade selection, same-day manufacture with no price premiums, no minimum order charge and free standard delivery.

Design Services

We can provide a comprehensive design service which includes many aspects. Just some of the services we can provide include 2D-3D conversion, electrode design, jig and tool design/build, special purpose machinery and 3D printing. We have many years of experience within design and project management and can work with our customers to achieve the best results possible. To find out more, don't hesitate to visit the website where you can download our design services brochure.

Quality Certificate

Our quality management system has been approved and awarded ISO9001:2008. This is a universal accreditation which informs our customers about the level of quality of the products and services they will receive. If you have any further questions about our quality certificate, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.



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