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Any company which designs or manufactures products needs to be certain that their wares can cope with the demands which they will face during their working life. Environmental Test Limited provide all the equipment and services you require to ensure that your products are rigorously and appropriately tested before they reach your customers.

Tests are available to every standard method of accreditation (such as DEF-STD, BS EN and so on), or if you already have established in-house testing procedures, we’ll happily concur with these. We can find the right test house or activity (whether it be altitude, mechanical, corrosion or something else altogether) for your particular circumstances.  If it’s equipment you need, from dust chambers to thermal shock chambers, our extensive contacts with leading suppliers mean we’ll get you the right option at the best possible price. Once you’ve signed up with us, every decision you make about testing choices will be the correct one!

Acceleration - Visit our website

Testing under conditions of acceleration generally takes place on such items as components of aeroplanes, military equipment and weapons, and even missiles. The intention is to assess reaction to the immense gravitational forces which would be faced while in motion or during an emergency. The main elements are a structural test, which stages acceleration as it would be experienced on a day-to-day basis, an operational test to assess the object’s functionality and ability to avoid warping or breakage, and a crash safety test, which provides reassurance that all sections of the product will remain intact during a crash acceleration scenario.

Altitude - Visit our website

Altitude testing is commonly carried out on elements which regularly move between different altitudes in the course of their usual routine. However, this is not simply confined to aviation or parts of missiles. Any item which is likely to be part of an aeroplane’s cargo will travel through variable atmospheric strata, and consequently needs to be tested in advance for such journeys. Alterations in altitude imply corresponding fluctuations of humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. It is essential that you know what the reaction of your product will be to such variations in conditions. Our testing meets such standards as IEC 60068-2-13:1983 and BS EN 60068-2-13:1999.

Corrosion - Visit our website

The corrosion test which we use most regularly is the ‘salt mist’ (or ‘salt fog’) test. By speeding up the corrosion process within a controlled environment, this gives a realistic picture of how your product would corrode in the outside world. A 5% sodium chloride treatment is applied onto the item, with the resulting mist and ambient temperature being controlled to make testing consistent across intervals. The salt mist test can be helpful in demonstrate how likely your product is to corrode, while also permitting analysis of varying surface finishes and manufacturing materials. We also employ such acid-based tests as the Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray test.

HALT & HASS - Visit our website

Highly Accelerated Life Testing is fast becoming established as the best way of reducing money and time spent when testing products. The test subjects are exposed to extreme fluctuations in temperature and vibration up to failure point. This will rapidly highlight the item’s more fragile aspects at a relatively early stage. Available evidence suggests that the transition to HALT usage has caused product failure in the field during the first 12 months of usage to fall from around 10% to under 1%. Highly Accelerated Stress Screen is an analogous process which is able to identify product deficiencies caused by aspects of the manufacturing cycle.

Humidity - Visit our website

The presence of dampness in the air may be highly damaging to your product’s components. Possible undesirable results are electrical malfunctioning, the growth of fungus and the initiation of corrosive activity. We generally carry out humidity testing at high temperatures, which accelerates the progress of such effects and is helpful in displaying flaws in product parts and surfaces which in theory have been protected against moisture! One option is to apply power to equipment to assess reaction, which is a test that can legitimately be done in unison with altitude testing. The humidity testing we offer reaches BS 2011-2.1Cb:1990 standards.

Ingress (IP) - Visit our website

The IP classification of a product quantifies the extent to which its enclosing elements will stand against ingress and give a certain level of protection. The letters and numerals in the IP acronym show the degree and nature of ingress protection, ranging from 0 (no or minimal protection) to 6 for solids and 8 for liquids (no ingress possible).  Representative tests against ingress include those against solid material and objects, dust and moisture, although we also offer testing at a higher level, which blends wind with sand, dust or rain to replicate those especially difficult conditions! Compliant with BS EN 60529:1992 specifications.

Mechanical - Visit our website

Environmental Testing Limited provide a variety of mechanical tests, such as bump, drop and topple, and shock. We apply swept-sine vibration to illuminate areas of resonance in the product which might eventually lead to its breakdown. Sometimes product design will be modified to reduce the resonances or shift their range of activity. Subsequently, we’ll carry out a fixed-frequency dwell test for observing electronic and mechanical reaction and to replicate the impact of transportation (drop and topple testing is similarly helpful for assessing this). Our mechanical testing comes up to BS 2011-2.1Fda:1973 and BS 2011-2.1Fdc:1973 benchmarks.

Temperature - Visit our website

It may be that your products are regularly stored or transported in extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) for long periods. If so, we can test for temperature effects in a number of ways, such as fluctuating between two temperatures to replicate the aging process, thermally shocking for identifying issues of product stress, or using Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen are also available options, or you could even commission combined testing (such as fusing exposure to temperature and vibration). All these tests match such standards as IEC 60068-2-2:1974, IEC 60068-2-1:1993, BS EN 60068-2-1:1993 and BS EN 60068-2-2:1993.


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  • Ascott Salt Spray chambers and cyclic corrosion chambers
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  • Purite Water deionisers

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