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Bedfordshire based Easi-Dec specialises in the manufacture and supply of roof line or low level access scaffolding and associated equipment. Operating since 1985, Easi-Dec forms part of the Kee Safety Group (a leading global supplier of fall protection equipment such as roof edge guardrail, roof walkway, life lines, portable man anchor systems and more) and is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide first class, reliable solutions for safe working at height.

Here at Easi-Dec we are pleased to provide the industry with a fantastic range of high quality products for roof line or low level access. All of our platforms are tested to European and North American standards for excellence in health and safety.

 Please visit our website to find out more about our products and services. Various downloads and videos are available as well as details on how to book free demonstrations.  

Roofline Parts

We are pleased to offer a fantastic range of high quality roofline parts. All of our parts are manufactured from high quality materials to incredibly high standards. Our range includes various items such as Budgie Steps, Catwalk Parts, Catwalk Handrails, Catwalk Upright Posts, Claw Foot, Corner Kit-Easi-Dec, Dec Support Struts, Diagonal Braces, Dormer Kit Padded Bars, Easi-Dec Gates, Easi-Dec Legs, End Support Frames, Horizontal Braces, Leg Ties, Toe-Board Clamps and much more. Please visit our website to view the complete range including images and prices. All items can be ordered easily online.

Low Level /Interior access

We also offer a selection of equipment suitable for safe access to areas around the house. Our range includes:

Joist Safety Matting: designed specifically for the safe laying of loft insulation between joists.

Loft Hatchway Safety Cover: designed to provide a safe and sturdy cover for protection during work in domestic lofts.

Plasterer’s Mate: an excellent safety platform designed for low level interior work to walls and ceilings. Features clever roll-up decking which can be easily carried.

Walk Thru Stairwell Access: stable working platform for use above a staircase while still allowing stair access.

Solar-Dec & Solarline Parts

We offer various End Support Frames, Solar-Dec Legs and Solar-Dec Winged Gates (pair). Please visit our website to view prices and to order easily online. If you require any further information or advice please call our friendly team at Easi-Dec who will be happy to help you.

Roof Access Equipment

Easi-Dec offers an excellent range of roof access equipment for use on industrial and domestic properties. Our range features:

Board-Walk: lightweight aluminium walkways that allow access from eaves to ridge while spreading the load on support battens. Features a mesh walkway for full visibility and all weather use.

Body Guard Domestic Edge Protection: designed specifically for domestic edge protection and suitable for resting against the fascia or on the roof edge.

Valley-Walk: this lightweight, mobile cage is designed to support one or two people. It is designed for light maintenance work such as inspection, cleaning or re-sealing of gutters.

Ladder Products

Our range of ladder accessories has been created to provide the industry with safe solutions that overcome possible dangers with ladder work. Our range includes:

Anchor Fix: designed to widen the base of the ladder for greater stability.

Conservatory Roof Ladder: is easy to assemble and provides access to all areas of the conservatory.

Hands Free Ladder: a lightweight, hands-free ladder supplied with the permanently fixed harness attachment and wall tie-in.

Ladder Spurs: designed to increase the base width of the ladder to prevent outward slip.

We also supply the Ladder Stand Off, Painter’s Mate (mini access platform) and Sign and Panel Lift.

Easi-Dec Platform

The Easi-Dec platform is perfect for small jobs and allows safe access to walls, second floor windows or soffits and gutters. It is easy to assemble in minutes and can be easily transported around the building. The Easi-Dec platform is 2 meters long and sits on adjustable telescopic legs. It is assembled on the ground and then raised to the required working height. The Easi-Dec platform is suitable for use on uneven or sloping grounds and is manufactured from non-corrosive aluminium for long term, reliable use. Please view images and further information on our website. Full technical information is available.

Solar Platform

Our 2 meter long solar platform has been expertly designed and manufactured to suit smaller, usually thermal solar, jobs. It enables users to gain safe access to roof level and is a cost effective alternative to hiring scaffolding. The solar platform features adjustable, telescopic legs and is assembled on the ground and lifted into place. It features a rolling window bar, strap operated legs and a specially designed hoist for lifting solar panels to roof level. No tools are needed for assembly and once assembled it can be easily relocated to suit the requirements of the project. It is suitable for use on uneven or sloping ground.

Roofline System

We have designed this system to provide users with simple and rapid access to roofline level eliminating the time and costs of putting up scaffolding. This roofline system is available in 2 meter, eight meter or ten meter lengths and features telescopic legs that give height adjustments in 30mm increments. It is suitable for use on uneven or sloping ground and is easy to store and transport. Additional accessories include Catwalk, End Support Frame, Rolling Window Bar, Stand-Off Kit and Corner Kit. Please view technical information and images on our website.


The Mono-Dec has been designed specifically for the solo worker to enable them to work at height in less than 6 minutes. The Mono-Dec can be assembled, erected and disassemble quickly and easily by just one person. It is lightweight and can be easily moved around the building with the height being fully adjustable. Just like our larger Easi-Dec model, the Mono-Dec can be adjusted to suit slopes and uneven heights by simply adjusting the legs individually. There are no tools required to either assemble or adjust the Mono-Dec, making it an invaluable piece of equipment for the solo worker. 

Trimline System

Trimline is an alternative solution to expensive and time consuming scaffolding and is ideal for shorter term projects. The Trimline system can be easily and quickly assembled without the need of tools by just two people and in less than 20 minutes. Should the Trimline need to be moved at any point during the project only the Catwalk needs to be removed, the rest of the structure is lightweight enough to be removed fully enacted. As with our other models, the legs on the Trimline can be easily and independently adjusted to cope with uneven ground and slopes.


Window –Dec offers the window installer a useful aid to help with the process of installing and replacing windows. The Window-Dec includes a self-locking pulley system that is able to lift up to 75Kg, a work platform that is both certified and fully protected and a opening at the base designed for raising the windows. The Window-Dec is lightweight and can be installed in under 10 minutes. The Window-Dec can is fully height adjustable and can be used on uneven surfaces and slopes by individually correcting the height of the legs according to the surface.

Plasterer's Mate

The Plasterer’s Mate is perfect tool for working on walls and ceilings that are at a low level. The Plasterer’s Mate offers added safety in these areas as well a convenient and easier transportation solution to trestles and long boards with telescopically adjusted safety rails and an anti-slip roll out decking that can be simply rolled and carried under one arm. It can be easily adjusted to suit the height and length of the space it is being used in. The casters have brakes fitted and the feet are also fully adjustable.



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