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With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we provide a wide range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) from our factories in the UK and Romania, as well as Managed Supply Chain Service for products and assemblies from manufacturers in China and Southeast Asia.

Our goal is to establish long term client relationships by delivering focused, high quality services and facilitating sustainable manufacturing and supply chain partnerships.

Our Head Office, UK factory and central warehouse are located in Basingstoke. We have our own scheduled transport operation of regular transfer of materials and finished products between our UK and Romanian factories.              


Electronic Design - PCB Design and Layout

With our PCB Design & Layout service, we can project manage the introduction of your new product from the very beginning. Modern new product development practices utilise computer aided design (CAD) software that facilitates the progression of your design from concept through to finished design with firmware and hardware.               

If the design is very complex, our engineers will work with a specialist electronic design house to ensure your product receives the highest level of electronic design skills possible.               

All new PCB designs with which we are involved receive input from our skilled engineers by our Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services. We can also provide DFM advice on existing designs.

PCB Assembly – Surface Mount and Through Hole

Both our UK and Romanian factory sites have extensive facilities for the assembly of ESD protected Printed Circuit Boards. This gives us the ability to fulfil even the most demanding requirements for Plated Through Hole and Surface Mount Technologies.

Each site has state-of-the-art wave soldering and convection reflow equipment that facilitates controlled PCB component soldering following either hand or automatic placement. Solder paste printing is done via our Sigma AX400 solder paste printers. We use high speed Philips/Assembleon pick and place lines configured with large component sequencers (LCS). Reflow soldering is done with our Essemtec convection reflow solder oven.

Our fully trained operators assemble all boards to IPC-A-610D Class 3 Standards. Efficient and responsive quality assurance is enhanced by Yestech F1S equipment that provides Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly – IPC/WHMA – 620 Class standard

Our highly skilled and experienced staff carry out cable and wire harness assembly to IPC/WHMA - 620 Class 3 standard using the latest cable assembly preparation equipment.

We have fully automatic Kodera and Komex wire processing machines that feature crimp force analysis and digital crimp height for precision and consistency. We supplement these machines with a range of semi-automatic equipment that we use for crimping, preparation and marking for lower volume assemblies.

Our Cable Assembly Services include: 

  • Cut and prepared wires: strip, tin dip, crimp (single and multi-core)           
  • Crimped assemblies: we have automatic connector and crimp tooling for all major manufacturers to include Cannon, Deutsch, JST, Hirose, Molex and Tyco                    
  • Cable Looms and Harnesses for applications ranging from panel wiring to industrial interconnect harnesses

Test and Inspection

Full in-house AOI inspection is carried out as standard on assembled PCBs with YESTech's F1S Automated Optical Inspection (AIO) equipment. We can perform further electronic testing including BGS placement X-ray, flying probe and full functional testing with client-specified equipment and test procedures.

Our cable testing team, using the latest computerised testing methods, and perform full circuit testing, insulation breakdown testing and high voltage flash testing.               

Our test-engineering department can provide solutions to the most challenging testing requirements. Our dedicated Inspection and Test Teams operate under the leadership of our Group Quality Manager. Their operation encompasses all disciplines at our factories.

Quality Assured

We have held ISO 9001 approval since 1994, and hold ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design and manufacture of electrical products, surface-mount and through hole PCB assembly as well as cable, overmoulded lead and harness assembly, and the distribution of electronic components and enclosures.               

We have a strong commitment to Total Customer Care, as is reflected by our Quality Policy and Quality Management System. It is our policy to provide the our customers with professional service, adopting the principle of "right first time" and performing all work cost-effectively to the highest standards. We also invest in the latest technologies and maintain a workforce of the highest calibre through continual personal development opportunities.

Low Pressure Overmoulding Service

Low pressure overmoulding is an innovative encapsulation process positioned between traditional potting and injection moulding technologies. It is a complimentary technology. It does not replace all potting applications and typically doesn‘t compete with traditional injection moulding. Virtually any product that has a need to seal and environmentally protect its electronics can benefit from low pressure overmoulding. The moulded material often forms the housing for a wide variety of applications.

Complete/Full Product Assembly

We have the manufacturing skills to produce and deliver fully assembled products to your customer’s location.  Our dedicated single source service enables us to do everything from PCB assembly through cable and mechanical assembly to testing and packaging.  Special manufacturing cells can be set up to meet your requirements, with dedicated workspace and staff.  Our engineers have considerable experience in the manufacture of control panels for various applications and industries.  We can build the complete package for you, including PCN mounting, power and electrical equipment, cabling and wiring, component marking and electronic testing.

Supply Chain Solutions

Working with our Hong Kong facility, we can pass on to you the benefits gained from offshore supply.  The principle benefit is, of course, cost reduction, but the advantages don’t stop there.  We have staff in both Hong Kong and China to micro-manage your projects.  These experienced staff have considerable understanding of export/import law, shipping and logistics, and can ensure the smooth and efficient introduction of your project into production.  We can select the best suppliers at the best prices to ensure you have the optimum components in our high quality supply chain.  Confidentiality of critical data is managed in the UK before orders are sent out for quotations and all our suppliers have signed Non-Disclosure agreements (NDA).

PCB Bare Boards

Most types of bare boards are available through our Hong Kong suppliers.  These include both rigid and flexi PCBs as well as combination rigid-flexi PCBs.  Many other options are available, covering such areas as layer count, copper type and thickness, lead-free, gold/silver tin immersion and surface treatment.  In addition, we can provide LED PCBs to your specifications.  Unlike many other suppliers, we can supply quantities that suit the stage of development an manufacturing of your product.  Orders can range from prototype quantities right through to mass production.

PCB Assemblies

Our fully audited suppliers can utilise a variety of assembly technologies to produce the best in class PCB assemblies.  In addition to providing a clean room should you need precision assembly testing, we have a wide array of equipment and services to deliver exactly the high quality fully finished PCB assembly you need and expect.  To complement the usual surface mount pick and place machines, we have work stations for thru-hole assembly, with stations for wire bonding, reflow, optical inspection, as well as x-ray equipment for BGA inspection.  We can also provide Flying Probe testing if needed.  All work is done with lead-free solder, and our high quality testing procedures ensure you never have a ‘dud’ PCB.

Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

Another aspect of our Hong Kong supply chain is the ability to supply you with custom designed cables and wire harnesses.  These can be anything from single specific use cables to complex custom wiring looms.  We offer design, prototyping and production services for many different types of cable, covering the vast majority of market sectors.  With such a huge range it is impossible to list all sectors here, but included are computer, optical, electronics, audio, video, military, automotive and power.  Send us your specifications for the cables you need and we will get back to you with full details.

Metal and Plastic Fabrications

Our South East Asian suppliers can manufacture a wide range of both metal and plastic assemblies to your requirements.  Full metal work equipment and facilities are available, using the latest CNC and automated equipment.  We can also provide finishes such as single and double step injection, silk screen/hot stamping and IMD/IMR injection.  High precision or thin wall moulding is also available, plus UV or PU spray painting.  You can see more about our metal and plastic fabrication facilities on our website.

ESD Consumable Items

As you will be aware, electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the ever-present enemy of anything electronic.  This is why we supply all the items you need for electrostatic protection and for your clean room environment.  Our full range of ESD consumables includes body wear, such as masks, coats and shoe straps.  Further we provide everything you need for packaging, including shielded and moisture barrier bags.  For the clean room we have a large range of equipment and instruments to minimise contamination and keep the clean environment to the highest standards.  View the range of ESD consumable items on our website.

Product Sourcing

With our vast network of contacts and suppliers in South East Asia, we can supply just about any product you require.  This wide range includes both consumer and business markets and is not limited just to finished products.  We can also source individual components from a wide net of suppliers spanning a huge number of technologies, materials and processes.  A few of the main areas we cover are industrial, consumer, automotive, security, medical, scientific, computer and telecommunications.  You can see more information about product sourcing on our website.

Complete Product Assemblies

With our Asian suppliers we can produce a fully manufactured and tested electronic assembly, which is a turnkey product.  All our suppliers are fully accredited with the appropriate international standards.  The rich core of our supplies includes a huge range of services and components.  We mine the very best to produce a final product that is fully packaged.  Further, we offer the option of delivery.  Besides PCB manufacture and testing, the services include such areas as component procurement, cabling, testing, enclosure design and manufacture and metal stamping.


Ensuring you have the correct components and materials on time and in the quantity you need to meet manufacturing deadlines requires a care and attention to detail that is second to none.  Our experienced materials team will ensure that you get the best price available.  With the aid of the Uniplan MRP system, the team will also make sure that each and every part is carefully tracked from order to despatch.  We offer a tailored solution to fit your requirements.  We can provide a full or part-time procurement service, as well as stock buffering with free issue as needed to ensure you make the best use of inventory stock.  All this gives you full control of the procurement and stocking systems.  We offer a solution that reduces your overall costs without sacrificing control, predictability and traceability.



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