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E/M Coating Services are able to apply a comprehensive range of coatings and finishes to components used in a variety of industrial sectors. Design engineers who need cost-effective, capable methods of ensuring their component’s critical performance requirements are consistently met look to us for a first class service based on years of experience and expertise. We use a range of sophisticated coating processes to deliver components with surface properties that offer; -

-           High Lubricity/Low Friction

-           Resistance to Erosion and Galling

-           High Release/Anti-Stick

-           Low Noise/Anti-Squeek

-           Resistance to Corrosion, Chemical and Environmental Attack

-           Shielding against EM/RF Radiation

Whatever the shape or size of your components, we can apply the required finish – from the smallest fasteners to large fabricated assemblies.

Past and Present

E/M Coating Services was a pioneer in the original use of dry film lubricant coating products and has remained at the forefront of the materials treatment industry for over 40 years. Today E/M has the facilities to develop and apply a variety of innovative technical coatings to virtually any component from any industrial sector.

In fact, we’ve provided coating services to manufacturers operating in the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, medical, food, motorsport, marine, railway, mining/quarrying, printing, power generation, chemicals, electronics, telecommunications, military, arms, and textiles industries, as well as many others. We’re active in supporting all of these markets, helping companies bring the ultimate product to market.

The UK arm of our business has been established for over 30 years, and during that time we have applied coatings to a range of components from customers up and down country and throughout the Continent. Today we operate from a first class facility with the very latest, state-of-the-art technology and a decided workforce of expert engineers. This enables us to offer the very highest levels of quality, service and technical support.



Our customer base ranges from small specialist engineering and manufacturing companies right through to multi-national and OEM organisations.

Bespoke Coatings

E/M Coating Services operates its very own laboratory facilities in which an expert team of product chemists regularly develop new, innovative coatings. With these capabilities, we’re able to design bespoke high performance coating products that meet individual customer requirements. So, if we do not already have the solution, we’ll manufacture one! Just give us a call to discuss your needs with one of our in-house experts.


The quality of our coatings is of paramount importance to us. In order to maintain the very highest levels of customer satisfaction, we do everything within our power to ensure that our products reach “best in class” standards. Our effort to guarantee product and process integrity have helped us gain approvals from the automotive, aerospace, medical and offshore industries – some of the most demanding sectors out there.

Get in Touch

Below you’ll find a full summary of the coating procedures that we offer. All of these are undertaken by experienced professionals who are dedicated to the provision of top quality finishes.  You can find out more about each of these processes by visiting our website or getting in touch directly with the E/M Coating Services team.


Coating Pre-Treatment Services - Visit our website

E/M Coating Services carry out a number of pre-treatment procedures in order to prime components for coating. They include:

-           Vapour and Aqueous Degreasing

-           Abrasive Blast Cleaning – (Aluminium Oxide, Chilled Iron / Steel)

-           Phosphate Conversion Coating – (Manganese, Zinc)

-           Post Phosphate Oil / Organic Sealing and Protective Treatments

-           Titanium Anodising (Sulphuric)

Dry Film Lubricant Coatings - Visit our website

We offer a number of dry film lubricant coatings, including Ever-Slik®, Everlube®, Lube-Lok®, Microseal®, Perma-Slik®, Molykote®, and Gleitmo®. Remember, our range of coatings can be applied to virtually all components, whatever their shape or size. Whatever industry you work in, we can provide the component coating solutions.

Anti Corrosion Coatings - Visit our website

E/M Coating Services’ has a range of erosion resistant coatings, including various elastomers, special urethanes, epoxies and more. Erosion resistant coatings can significantly increase a component’s serviceable lifespan. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Rubber & Plastics Coatings - Visit our website

We’re able to apply a range of coatings to rubber and plastic components of virtually any shape or size. These include Flurene™, Everlube® and Xylan®. All of our work is carried out in a state of the art facility by highly experienced technicians using the very best equipment.

EMF/RFI Shielding Coatings - Visit our website

E/M Coating Services can apply a variety of EM/RF radiation resistant coatings using various nickel based, copper based and silver based solutions. Evershield® is one of the most effective coatings we have available. For further information or advice, please contact us directly.

Coating Applications - Visit our website

E/M Coating Services employ a variety of coating application processes depending on the materials being used and the desired effect. They include;

-           Hand Spray Coating – conventional and electrostatic

-           Automated Spray Coating Processes – conveyor / spindle line / overhead

-           Tumble Spray Coating – a unique quadrant coating technology

-           Dip Coating – using various methods, including automated dip spinning

-           Electrophoretic Coating

-           Impingement Coating

Coating Development Service - Visit our website

E/M Coating Services offer a complete engineered coating development service using our brand name of  Everlube® Products. We use formulas developed by our own skilled in-house chemists to offer our customers from a diverse range of industries new coatings and surface technologies. Our coating products are able to increase temperature performance, load bearing performance, chemical or corrosion resistance, improve adhesion, reduce weight, or improve mechanical performance. 

Laboratory Testing - Visit our website

At E/M Coating Services are able to offer our customers a complete range of testing services on-site from our specialist laboratory. We appreciate that our customers want to be able to quantify, evaluate and examine their entire coating process and we offer a range of services that include:

  • Corrosion and Weathering
  • Surface finish and dry film thickness
  • Tribology/Wear testing
  • Adhesion
  • Holiday testing
  • Mechanical properties

Everlube® Products - Visit our website

One area of our expertise is identifying the coating products that our customers need in order to fulfill their needs. It is this need that led E/M Coating Services to develop Everlube® range of branded dry film lubricant products. They are widely used across many industries and can help to enhance and improve the performance of critical components. Our team of specialists works closely with our customers to help find the product most suitable for your needs and if we don’t have one available we will work to develop one for you.

NACE Inspection Service - Visit our website

NACE International have long been recognised as being the world’s most respected authority in corrosion control solutions, which is why, we at E/M Coating Services are proud be to able to offer their service to our customers. Using NACE can help customers to recognise and deal with any problems that occur in the pre-treatment, application or curing phase of coating. NACE carry out and document a number of tests as well as all the final coating tests. The level of NACE inspector required will be determined by the specific job and our inspectors are available to travel worldwide. In the long term, having a NACE inspection can save you both time and money.

On Site Service Work - Visit our website

In order to help our customers move large, impractical components or equipment E/M Coating Services have dedicated field crews at their disposal who can be ready at short notice in any location across the world. We can also provide our customers with a range of on-site services that include coating applications, maintenance and repairs, coating and paint stripping, pre and post applications and NACE Inspection Services. Our on-site work and our in-house work meet our same high standards of quality. Using our field crew can help reduce the downtime of your equipment and save you valuable money on shipping costs.

Coating Consultancy Services - Visit our website

In the ever-changing world of surface technologies, sometimes our customers need a little help and advice knowing which product, coating or pre or post treatments are the right ones for them. That’s where E/M Coating Services come in; we are able to offer our customers a tailored consultancy package suited to their own requirements. Our advice is completely impartial and our team of in-house chemists is happy to discuss all queries you might have pertaining to the coating of your products.

Anodising Service - Visit our website

Titanium anodizing has many benefits; the protective oxide layer builds up on the component’s surface and this helps to improve both wear and chemical resistance. Using titanium anodizing in conjunction with a dry film lubricant will also help to reduce surface friction on components. Not only does titanium anodizing give the component a nicer overall finish, we are also able to offer a number of coloured effects that have provide to be invaluable for industry use in areas such as aerospace, motor sports and the medical devices.  All our titanium anodizing meets current aerospace and military specifications.

Surface & Powder Coating Removal - Visit our website

Coating removal services are a vital if you need to restore you component or fabrication to a condition that closely resembles its original one. Our service ensures that the component, fabrication or surface is thoroughly cleaned and that no residual rust or coating is left over. There are a variety of techniques used to ensure total removal of the surface or powder coating, these include; burn off, localised high temperature removal, grit blasting, selective blasting, sponge blasting and chemical stripping. We are happy to advise you which would be the most suitable for your individual requirements.

Engineered Coatings Range - Visit our website

Our coatings range is extensive. We supply our own range of  Everlube® coatings, that come in 13 different types; including:

  • Everlube®
  • Microseal®
  • Flurene®
  • Lube-Lok®
  • Lubri-Bond®
  • Ecoalube®
  • Ever-Slik®
  • Esnalube®
  • Perma-Slik®
  • Kal-Gard®
  • Electrobond®
  • Formkote®
  • PROCOAT100™

We have also been licenced to aply a range a coating that includes the following:


  • Whitford Plastics – Xylan® / Xylar®
  • Sermatech® – Sermagard®, SermaTel®, Sermaseal®, Sermabond®
  • Dow – Molykote®
  • Halar®
  • Teflon®
  • Rilsan®
  • Ceram-kote®
  • Zinga®, Zinga Ceram®
  • Zinc / Aluminium flake coatings consisting of:
  • Deltatone®, Atotech® Zintek®
  • Subsea paint systems such as:
  • Norsok M-501 System 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 

Although this list is fairly comprehensive, we are able to provide other coatings on request.

Procoat100™ - Visit our website

Procoat100™ is a revolutionary system that provides an anti-corrosion coating at its highest level. E/M Coating Services were hugely influential in helping to develop this easy to apply, stable, water based coating. The system can be used either as a primer or as a one coat system that bonds chemically to the surface and provides a coating that resists corrosion creep, chipping and water penetration. In extensive testing Procoat100™ has outperformed traditional coatings in testing for both harsh cyclic salt spray and SCAB tests. Fully compatible with virtually all OEM topcoats and finishes, it both meets and often exceeds the OEM and fleet performance requirements.

Subsea/Marine Coatings - Visit our website

E/M Coating Services understand that the Oil and Gas industry face the harshest of environmental conditions and operational challenges. Our years of experience have led us to develop coating solutions that are especially designed to address these difficulties, including wear, abrasion and deep-sea corrosion. We offer this industry a range of engineered coatings and subsea paint systems that have been designed to help improve the lifespan and increase productivity of components and critical parts used in this  industry. Our team is able to advise you on the most appropriate coating and application for your specific requirements and we also offer an aftercare service of ongoing support and technical advice. 

Wear Resistant Coatings - Visit our website

Material losses occur when there is removal of materials from a solid surface.  The types of wear that can cause the elimination of surface materials include; sliding, rolling, erosion and galling. Although the losses may be small they can still be serious and if they go untreated, can result in mechanical failure and unnecessary machine downtime. E/M Coating Services offer our customers a vast array of wear resistant coatings that have specially formulated to protect the surface, improve the performance and most importantly help in the longevity of the critical components. 



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